Quillarsh "Quill" Alanmorn
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Year of Birth

598 K.C.

Place of Birth



Paladin of the Alliance
Reservist (Formerly)


Defender of Azeroth


Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance


Church of the Holy Light


Marcus Alanmorn (Grandfather)
Lucas Alanmorn (Father) (Deceased)
Kara Alanmorn (Mother) (Deceased)
Crillaidie Alanmorn (Sister)



Lawful Good




Quill has messy Jet Black Hair, his walk is heavy as if there is something that weighs him down. His face is narrow and his eyebrows show of someone who has been through a lot even from a young age.


He wears armor that is unique for him and he crafted the armor himself


Light of Hope was originally created by Marcus Alanmorn, a Paladin of the Order of the Silver Hand, the sword was later passed down, from the time of its creation it was infused with the power of the Light and was one of the blades that looked identical to that of the Ashbringer but was not as powerful as the Ashbringer. It is now the preferred weapon of Quill Alanmorn and he used it during the Fourth War in the Final Days of the War


Induction Ceremony into the Order of the Silver Hand

Born in Stormwind to two bakers, Quillarsh Alanmorn wanted to be a soldier. During the attack on Icecrown, Marcus Alanmorn his Grandfather went missing after being attacked by Death Knights at Ice Crown Citadel.

Since then, he had a distrust of Death Knights. His sister became a mage of the Kirin'Tor, while Quill became a Paladin, to protect the people of the Alliance using the power of the Light. 

Quillarsh kneels before the casket of his fallen King

He fought in many battles, including the battle of the Broken Isles (His first battle). He saw as King Varian Wrynn, the Leader of the Alliance sacrificed himself to save himself and others. He was once part of a division in the Alliance Military but he left after it became a more medical division. He then fought in the final battles of the War against the Horde but did not participate at Orgrimmar. Now the scourge run rampant across all of Azeroth


When he was young he would watch the Soldiers fight, then one day a paladin spotted him and asked Quill to be his apprentice, he accepted and he was indoctrinated into the Order of the Silver Hand.

Born into the Alliance

Being born in Stormwind has it's advantages, being born into the Alliance, he would know every street of each part of Stormwind by heart, and even he knew in his heart that if Stormwind falls, the Alliance falls and he would make sure he people were defended. Even if his life would be sacrificed through his own free will and through the Light's grace.

Paladin of the Alliance

The title was given to him by the people of the Alliance as he walked among the people in the Alliance far more times than he would like to admit. He had earned through protecting his people and bring retribution on the wicked that bring crime onto its streets.


He has a prejudice against Death Knights and that might bite him in the end. He has a bit of arrogance however he can be humble more often than he would be as an arrogant person, he is actively trying not to give in to his arrogance. But at times it is hard but he perseveres. He also has very little time for romance unless the right person comes into his life. He constantly goes to the Light for answers at times it does not answer at times it does.


He serves the Light but he also believes that the Alliance is better than the Horde, he believes the Horde are savages but understands the necessity that the Horde are needed in the defense of Azeroth


He prefers to be by himself when not in a battle, when in battle he follows the orders of his superiors. That has slowly started to change as he has become more and more aware of the people. 


Quill and his father didn't see each other much because of his father's job and in secret him practicing to become a warrior but when he became a Paladin, he made his father proud after he passed away.

Crillaidie and Quill have very different views when it comes to the Orcs, Quill believes the Orcs to be savages that have to be put down. While Crillaidie on the other hand believes that the Orcs have hearts and believe that they can be honorable and even brave at some moments.

Marcus and Quill are not in the best relationship as Quill knows now that Marcus is a Death Knight and a Knight of the Ebon Blade. In Quill's mind, Marcus had become everything Quill hated ever since Marcus' supposed death at Icecrown Citadel.

His mother passed away some time before the events of the Legion Invasion but they had a good relationship. They had one of the best mother and son relationships in the world of Azeroth, at least from the perspective of Quill.

He never met his Grandmother, that was the worst thing. The missing piece that is there which was why he was so alone.

Theme Song

Quill's Main Theme


The Light Envelops Quill

A potential future

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