Quorra Celriel Dawnsorrow


Lady of Quel'Belore


March 4th, 624 K.C.


Aeriyth Dawnsorrow (Mother)
Dareth'el Dawnfire (Father)
Orithore Dawnsorrow (Brother, adopted)
Kira Frostheart (Sister, adopted)
Aurelias Dawnblade (brother, adopted
Baelfire Dawnsorrow (Brother, twin)
Tarso Valcari (Godfather)

Quorra Dawnsorrow was born one week premature alongside her brother in complicated labour, induced by a number of stressful factors upon Aeriyth. Her middle name was given after Aeriyth's closest, most treasured friend Tarso Valcari's late, beloved wife Celriel Sunwhisper. She has dark, blue eyes and silver hair.

When she grows up, she wants to be like Malithanore Vanyali.

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