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Rae'liura Stormsong
Champion of Freya
(Found here, belongs to Shuichi Wada. I do NOT take ANY credit for this art; it is merely a reference picture.)

Full Name:

Rae'liura Kallista Stormsong


Alro2.jpg Alro'dorei


December 8th (age ~180)
Unknown, presumably in Suramar




IcePupper1.png Nufalnore
BTNPolarFurbolg.png Anu'Rethore
Winter's Curse icon.png Nu'Ashisore

Sabre.jpg Ashor'Elore

Inv misc head dragon blue.png Alorigosa




Malv.jpg Malvethar Moonblaze(Grandfather)
IconSmall Tyrande.gif Anashtharia Moonblaze(Grandmother)
IconSmall Naga Female.gif Clarion Moonblaze-Stormsong (Mother)
IconSmall Naga Male.gifRaavik Stormsong (Father)
IconSmall Tyrande.gif Veth'loria Moonblaze (Sister)
IconSmall NightElfDemonHunter Female.gif Eluurai Wraithscorn (Sister - presumed dead)


Darnassian (100%)
Thalassian (100%)
Common (~50-65%)


Novice Spellbow
The Ashor'dalore (Winter Star)
Champion of Freya
High Ranger of Ashordrassil
Ranger Conscript of the Valiance Expedition


Knight-0.jpg The Alliance
Silvercovenant.jpg The Silver Covenant
Dalaran Tabard.jpg Dalaran (Northrend)
Icerunner Symbol.png The Icerunners
StormsongCrest.jpg House of Stormsong
Mooncrest (2).png House of Moonblaze
Valiance Expedition 64.png Valiance Expedition


"The winter winds guide my arrows!"


This young woman known as Rae'liura - or, as she more simply prefers, Rae - has a body that can most easily be described as 'a work in progress'. She is somewhat tall for a young adult Alro'dorei, as, when measured from the flat of her feet to the crown of her skull, she stands just a few hands shy of six feet. Her physique is lanky and athletic, and while she possesses a decent amount of feminine curve, she is not necessarily considered as svelte, plush, and voluptuous as most women of her kind.

Due to Rae's slightly above average height, her bodily proportions provide her with a rather lengthy and willowy appearance. Her slender neck rests upon a pair of broad shoulders which further stretch into a pair of sinewy, well-muscled arms and hands calloused from a few years of handling the leather and cloth hilts of various blades. This light experience around wielding weapons has already begun to portray its effects on the young woman's body, as her shoulder blades and various torso muscles have begun to take more defined shapes amidst her physique. However, she still has a decent way to go before she could be considered very muscular, therefore, she still retains much of her subtle feminine curvature.

The bulk of Rae's curvature lay in her lower half, as her flat stomach quickly swells outward into a set of wide hips and an exceptionally packed and developed set of hindquarters. This sudden flare in outline is supported by a pair of muscular thighs and the long, shapely calves of a woman whom spends a great amount of her time on her feet, more specifically, running and lifting a decent heft of weight.

While the femininity of her features produced a rather young and pure look, Rae’liura was no stranger to hardship. While her face was round and gentle with youth, there was a subtle, almost undetectable flicker in those frosted sapphire eyes; a flicker of wisdom beyond her years, and the sadness contained therein.

A river of rich flaxen meadow hair blossomed from Rae’s scalp and fell to her lower shoulder blades in thick strands, framing the roundness of her cheeks and the careful vigilance of her eyes. Her pointed nose provided a slight contrast in the softness of her face, panning out to the fullness of her lips, only to end in more slight angles in her chin. It all seemed to tie in peacefully with the pallid, marble nature of her skin, the shade of which highlighted with darker freckles dusted about her cheeks. Pale red markings decorated the crests of her cheekbones; a pair of crescent moons pointed upwards, cupping her eye sockets before pointing downwards towards her jawline in twin arcs.

Pets, Mounts, and Companions

The path of the Huntress is marked by the symbiosis of beast and beastmaster, and Rae'liura is no different from her peers in this regard. A natural-born talent for taming animals has earned Rae the affections and loyalty of many creatures during her lifetime of travels within Northrend, and while she ultimately has total control over her beasts, she prefers to treat them more so as her comrades, rather than her minions.




Nu'Ashisore, meaning White Daughter in Thalassian, is the oldest and most seasoned beast in Rae'liura's arsenal. The Arcane Wyrmling was the girl's very first pet, and the process of taming the ethereal serpent lasted a grueling three consecutive days of feeding, handling, and various other trust exercises before the creature would even look Rae in the eyes.









"Marbles" Alorigosa