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"The lands and I are one" -Common Druidic Saying

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Youth & Standing in the Highborne Empire

Born to a noble and pious Huntress 11,000 years before the Opening of the Dark Portal, on the outskirts of Suramar City. He was the second child, though his brother Ko’danil was not much older, whose father was a Highborne that separated from the Huntress before the child was born. Raelor himself has no Highborne blood in him, though the connection to someone of half nobility (though ultimately rejected by it due to impurity) and powerful indulgences filled Raelor with a hunger to advance his social station within the Highborne Empire. He and his brother were powerful mages of the Moon Guard in their earlier years, though Raelor’s motivations were not about protecting anyone. His relationship with his mother had become estranged due to his own disinterest in Elune, one among many who viewed her as a relic of inferior ancient mindsets that held the Lowborne back.

War of the Ancients

The Beginning

When the War of the Ancients started, Raelor remained within the Moon Guard. Though the scope of the War of the Ancients is truly beyond proper recount and intricate detailing, his experience was that of many Kaldorei. His love for who his people were after the development of Arcane within their society had been completely lost, replaced with a bitter hatred that created a permanent sense of loathing and caused previously held Arcane powers to feel like a venom that tainted his heart and spirit. This disgust with the Highborne only swelled with the creation of the Satyr, the knowledge of their compliance with the genocide of all Lowborne Kaldorei living within Zin-Azshari, and their demonic sorceries.

The Sacrifice of Nature

When the Ancients had been rallied to the call of the Forest Lord Cenarius, he who the Kaldorei had long ago abandoned to fixate upon the luxuries afforded by the Arcane, many powerful spirits bolstered the forces of the Kaldorei Rebellion and their allies among other races. This action did not come without a cost to the spirits themselves.

Raelor witnessed the death of the Guardians Ursoc and Ursol, those who had first answered the call to protect Azeroth. In a time where his skill in the Arcane declined due to the severity of hatred for it that swelled through his mind, he had been beaten to the floor by a Doomguard, incapable of combatting the creature with any power at his disposal. Yet when the Bear Gods charged, the creature was so insignificant that he doubted the ancients even noticed the demon among the countless trampled in seconds. So too did he witness their protective nature that kept many Mortals alive in that battle, ultimately being the source of their death.

In this same battle, Raelor would witness the valor of the White Stag Malorne, as he descended to save Cenarius from death against an endless tide of Demons. He was among those insignificant creatures standing in awe of the spectacle of the Waywatcher, perhaps the god to most embody all aspects of nature, engaging in fierce battle as Archimonde ambushed him. So too did he, like all beings that had lived to see the tragedy, hear the horrific cracking of Malorne’s neck, as the winds carried the heart snaring boom across the peaks and valleys of the continent. It was at this moment, that he had completely lost his remaining ability to use Arcane Magic, and the sound would haunt him even ten thousand years later.  

When a group of Highborne rebelled in the waning hours of the War of the Ancients, Raelor’s contempt for them only grew. After seeing so many of his own caste die for the sorcery of the Highborne, as well as the purest of spirits that could exist in the World, he had no tolerance for what he saw as cowardice and compliance. Thus as the war drew to a conclusion, Kalimdor was sundered into the continents of the world, and Raelor joined the survivors in Mount Hyjal.

The Sundering & The World Tree

"To the night elves, who have lost their hopes, I give forth the ability to Dream again. To Dream, to Imagine, for in that is the best hope of rebuilding, of recovering, of growing... And to those who follow the path of one held special by me - and mine - I grant him and the other druids to come the path into the Emerald Dream, where, even in their deepest sleep, they may cross the world, learn from it, and draw upon its own strength... the better to guide Kalimdor's health and safety throughout the future." - The Dreamers blessing on Nordrassil

As he lived amongst the remaining community of Kaldorei living at Mount Hyjal’s summit, Raelor witnessed the blasphemous creation of the Second Well of Eternity, and was also present for the Dragon Aspect’s bestowal of both purpose and power for the Kaldorei as guardians of the first World Tree, Nordrassil. He had heard the blessings of the Dragon Aspects in person, and even their acknowledgement of the Kaldorei’s fault in the Sundering and their part in trying to set it right. The power of these words was self-evident, yet Raelor was not of heart to take them. His loathing as a compliant aspect of Ancient Kaldorei culture, as one who had let a rift grow in his family and turned away from his Goddess for empty power left his heart full of bitterness and sorrow.


Time of Mourning

Raelor would wander Kalimdor for two decades, as he remembered childhood myths saying the Bear Gods themselves wandered all of Kalimdor. His self loathing was sustained by the consistency of crumbling ruins and scarred wildlands. Fields of swaying grass littered with remains, great swathes of broken tree-men, Ancients and their diminutive Treant, so vast that he walked for days before finally passing the carnage. Through all of this wandering through the land, too blinded by grief to see that the land itself was healing even in the fields of carnage and death. This decade of wandering would cease only when he found the Moonglaive of his mother, and put her to rest on the battlefield where her life was given, in modern day Azshara.

The Druid

Laying himself at the feet of Stormrage, many Ancients, and the other few capable of teaching a Druid in the days prior to the establishment of the Cenarion Circle, Raelor confessed his desire to serve the land with all his being, and find some atonement in such an existence. Raelor would develop a reputation for great commitment to the practice, putting his entire being into the path, but of great struggle that many who survived the War of the Ancients shared. Due to his reverence for the sacrifice of Ursoc and Ursol, and his lack of fortitude and wisdom in a period of constant inner turmoil and self loathing, Raelor was among the first to begin following the Way of the Claw, to better understand the tenacity and wisdom the two Bear Gods had embodied.

In his trial to gain the Totem of the Bear, Raelor was brought into conflict with a wrothful Glade Guardian, a magical bear whose mourning for the Ancient Guardians had filled him with spite kindred in nature to Raelor’s. Though it was a bond earned through great physical and spiritual suffering on his part, Raelor would return as a partly reborn Kaldorei. His hatred of the arcane and raw, meaningless strength magnified greatly as a result, but the self loathing that had wounded his spirit and hindered his bond with nature was supplanted by a will to endure and whole-heartedly follow a benign path of redemption until the moment of his death, at any cost to himself.

War of the Satyr & The Founding of the Cenarion Circle

The War of the Satyr and the subsequent feral Druids of the Pack incident had led to the foundation of the Cenarion Circle. As an active Druid, Raelor was there for its creation, and saw well the dangers of the animal totems when one fully surrendered themselves to bestial base instinct, and lost the noblest aspects of both themselves and their beast. He had a close encounter with a druid close to his own heart, incapacitating him in Worgen Form so that he could be banished to sleep beneath the dreaming roots of Daral’nir.

Following the banishment of the Worgen, Raelor lead a host of his kindred Druids into battle to finish routing the remaining forces of the Satyr. It was said that he smashed through their lands like a roaring monsoon, the skies above cloaked in a roiling nimbus clouds and nature's wrath flowing through his bristling fur in crackling sparks of lightning. He plunged deep into their ranks until he found one of their most feared commanders, wrapping his jaws around Prince Dor'anden, snapping his neck and releasing a roar that was echoed by all his kin until the Satyr had completely broken. The Sentinels who bolstered the assault declared him Endel'Anrias- The Breath of the Storm.

Raelor would continue to develop his abilities for centuries following the War of the Satyr, eventually taking disciplines under his own wing. Though he was wary of the Highborne as a caste, this did not extend to those who acknowledged the caste itself as a defunct relic. As such, he had many students of Highborne blood that had fully integrated into mainstream Kaldorei society.

Exile of the Highborne

Through these years, Raelor became known as a zealous adherent of the Way of the Claw and propagator of the Kaldorei’s way of life, and one who eagerly acknowledged the sins of the past that they strove to rectify.

When the Highborne unleashed dangerous magic in the skies of Ashenvale to protest the ban of Arcane Spellcraft, Raelor was among those keenly in favor of severe punishment. Offended by the notion that what was perceived as self proclaimed elites obsessed with hereditary power would continue to spit in the face of the Ancients who died to protect the world, including them, he was a vocal proponent of execution for their leaders.

The Long Vigil

The Dreaming

Raelor was among the Druids who would intermittently wander and safeguard the land from the Emerald Dream, though he was permitted to break from Dreaming for small periods of time. In these periods of waking, he would take on students, teaching them the Way of the Claw. Because of this, Raelor has many direct students in the Cenarion Circle and those they trained themselves. Other times, Raelor would wander the wilds of Azeroth to honor the legacy of Ursoc and Ursol, who were known to patrol the entirety of Ancient Kalimdor prior to their deaths.

Time spent bonding to the soul of the land through the Emerald Dream, a realm of contradiction to the mortal mind and truths far more instinctively understood than intellectually, caused Raelor to develop certain eccentricities.  Despite some strange views on the nature of reality due to these years, his bond with the true world was unbroken, and in fact reached far greater heights.

Physical Description

Druid. The name speaks much on it's own: a personification of nature's aspects, furious and restorative. Physically, this was well represented in the very body of Raelor. His face and chest bore fierce amber markings, signifying his connection to the Claw Totem and his reverence for Ursoc and Ursol. His chest was always bare to expose these markings proudly, for there was no shame in honoring the sacrifice of so noble beings in all moments of his life. His hair is a flowing stream of untamed emerald locks, entwined with leaves. His chin carried a beard of a similar fashion: not as impressive as a dwarven beard, though it traveled far, ending just above his abdomen. His body carried in it raw physical strength: always in peak physical condition to honor the Strength of Body.

His eyes bore an amber glow, though not one he had from birth. This glow showed the great connection he had developed with the very spirit of the Wilds. Personification of the truth that he and the land were one in the same, and the plight of the world could not be ignored by the Druid.


As if the exposed markings did not preach his path clearly enough, the Druids armor should exaggerate very well the spirits he embodied. He bore a hood of ironwood, covered on the outside with the fur of a fierce ursine beast with an unmatched intensity in its beading eyes, it's surface inscribed in faint emerald runes of power. These runes were also present upon his shoulderguards: themselves made of Ironwood, shaped like massive paws of a bear guarding his shoulder. It was covered in spots of growing leaves, each twig and branch flowing with runes just as the jagged claws tips were: all leading back to a central rune. A emerald circle with an inner dot of magic. His kilt bore the heraldry of the Claw upon his sides, diverting from the front and exposing his covered legs: providing him a measure of agility one would not find in a pure kilt. On his waist would hang a pouch, baring the symbol of the Cenarion Circle upon its opening in bright amber cloth. His gloves were Ironwood, reaching out in ending in a pair of dense, pointed claws that the Druid could draw forth or draw in depending upon what the situation required.

Bear Form

The Namesake of the Druids of the Claw, Raelor’s Bear Form is able to take a distinctive appearance baring similarities to his true form. His brown fur bares the markings of his true form in a identical amber glow, stretching from hind legs along his back to his face. His chin is marked with faintly green hairs, from the beard of his true appearance. His size, though chosen at the moment of the individual casting, was most often well over 11 feet in height. His swaying necklace persists in this form as well, though grown tightly around his neck.


  • Idol of Ursoc and Ursol: Ursoc crouched over with fangs bared in a roar, with Ursol standing upon his hind legs with a calm demeanor. The front of the platform they stand upon bares a glowing inscription of a bear's paw.
  • Melor'ne Fal (Light of Truth): The Lantern of an Ancient of Lore, storing starlight that can be shaped both as a source of light and a focus in spells invoking the power of the stars.
  • Seed Pouch: Bearing the mark of the Cenarion Circle stitched into the sealing flap, this bag hanging from his waist is always just in reach. It carries the components for many powerful druidic spells: powders, Mushroom caps, Acorns, and general seeds.


A Bear is known for it's protective nature, and varied stoicism or mirth. These traits come with this Elder Druid of the Claw, a powerful force for those he grows fond of. He has a mirthful side, though quickly buried when someone draws his ire, which is near limitless when invoked for the foulest of reasons. Though he could be considered, he is not violently so: disdain for many races is a judgement of cones cultures and it's attributes. Individuals from most races, until the War of Thorns, were treated with respect and wariness from him until trust took root in his perspective of them.

Since the War of Thorns, Raelor has chosen to regress into a more openly hostile and territorial approach to many foreign groups seeking entry into Kalimdor. Beyond the borders of Kaldorei land, the hatred he feels for the Horde is comparatively lessened and kept in check. But such is the severity of his emotions and wild fury, that he openly declares that no unwanted guest in the lands charged to the Kaldorei on the authority of the Aspects, is deserving of mercy.


Though he had rejected her for much of his youth, the vigorous Druid of the Claw rivaled many of the Sisterhood in sheer devotion to the teachings of the Goddess Elune. He is known to remember the name of his fellow Kaldorei in the same fashion of a Lorekeeper, honoring their valor as he believes the Night Warrior herself does. The Druid's severe devotion is such that the very night sky itself is a source of pride, and he can name many a fallen hero of the Land of Eternal Starlight as patterns preserved in the veil of the blessed warrior of the Night.


  • He is prone to meditation and exercise: any Thero'shan under his wings knows how deeply he stresses both.
  • As an Ancient Druid, many of Raelor's lessons come from Malfurion Stormrage. This is due to the limited forces that knew such magics in Ancient Years: his different Shan'do also consisted of Ancients, and once mastering the art of Dreamwalking, certain members of the Green Dragonflight.
  • Raelor has skill in brewing: his favorite drink is a recipe of mead taught to him by a Shaman of the Timbermaw Furbolgs while undergoing a trial of proving to the Great Bear Spirit of Moonglade, in order to unlock the art of Shapeshifting.
  • Able to speak Darnassian, Common, Taur-ahe, Nerglish, and bestial languages.
  • Rarely spends money on himself: Most of the money he has ever gained since becoming a druid has gone towards those in desperate need of it. He is known most often for using this money, as well as his own time, to help in Orphanages in Kalimdor. Among the things he will spend gold to buy, Pandaren food rank highest.