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Construct of Sun
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Construct of the Sun, Lord of Radiance, War, and the Sun


The Skies In Spirit (In Myth)
Halls of Origination As Construct

Temporal Animal:

The Desert Falcon


The Sun, Falcons, Fire Swords

Primarily Worshiped In:


Primarily Worshiped by:

Desert Trolls

Religious Population:


Rajh was a mighty titanic watcher once found within the Halls of Origination. He was created to guard a powerful titan device capable of resetting all life on Azeroth alongside other titanic constructs. Rajh was infused with the might of the sun whereas the other constructs were given alternative forms of power. Isiset was given magic, Setesh; chaos; and Ammunae, life.

During the Fourth War, it was confirmed that Rajh and the other keepers were dead. Later when N'Zoth escaped his prison, the Black Empire invaded Uldum and his body was corrupted by the Void. It's presumed his tainted construct was taken down by the heroes of Azeroth.

The Blessed Light

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Rajh (or Ra'jesh, Rahj) is the lord of radiance, war, and the Sun, considered to be the patron of warriors and fighters. He holds domain over the bright day and war, and is often depicted severing the heads off his challengers. His temporal animal is considered to be the desert falcon, a rare creature in the Tanari Desert.