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Town of Raven Hill




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Western Duskwood, Dawning Wood



The town of Raven Hill is located in western Duskwood. It lies in the heart of the Dawning Wood, north of Addle's Stead and south of the Raven Hill Cemetary. It was once known as Sunnyglade.

The once large community was comprised of the finest embalmers in the all of the woodland, and the townsfolk took great pride in this. After the taint spread across the woodland, after the events of Jitters and the Scythe of Elune, many of the townsfolk's beloved ancestors rose from the ground. Although the community united and tried to fight off the deadly threat: They were ultimately unsucessful and fled to Darkshire.

Raven Hill is possibly the origin of the massive Black Riders, huge beings that suddenly appear with hellhounds at their feet to run down frantic travelers. Some nights they skirt the perimeter of Darkshire, howling loudly.

Today, after the Cataclysm, Raven Hill is occupied by a Gilnean Worgen refugee caravan.


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