Noble House & Paramilitary Regiment of the Argent Crusade

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Guild Type

Argent Crusade Military/House Guild

Guild Leader and Co-lead

Victus Ravenshield & Veros Gradwin

Guild Website


Lawful Good


December 3rd, 2013


May 28th, 2020



Base(s) of Operations

Argent Embassy in Stormwind


Medium/Heavy RP


Approach during recruitment drives.

"I, (Your name), hear her. Azeroth beckons and I shall answer the call.

I answer to the thankless job. I answer to the scores of enemies. I stand against the looming shadow.

I shall be the light that guides the lost, I shall be the hammer that fells the wicked.

From this day forth, I serve the Argent Crusade and bring hope to those who doubt.

I, am a Raven... I, am an Argent Crusader.." - The Ravenshield Regiment Oath

Background Edit

Ravenshield was made an official regiment of the Argent Crusade in the last months of the cataclysm, leading into the early days of the war in Pandaria during the Alliance-Horde war helmed by Garrosh Hellscream. Victus Ravenshield led it for several years before it eventually dissolved into many parts, not all of them loyal to the Crusade.

Originally comprised of half the might of the Duchy of Alerland, the deployed Ravenshield army numbered roughly 8,000 foot soldiers and 250 mounted forces. It adopted the Crusade's methods of recruitment, reaching out to Quel'thalas to end the ages-long dispute between the elves of the North and Alerland's humans, and began accepting elves which traveled there to enlist.

Ravenshield once solely functioned as a noble house in isolation, past the mountains North of Hearthglen, but was now at the forefront of the Argent's interests - of course, not without issue. Rebellions and disputes back in Alerland needed tending to, and several uprisings led to a depletion of reserve forces for the Regiment going forward.

In recent years Ravenshield has fallen from grace and now must rebuild.

Ranking SystemEdit

These basic ranks are shared with many of the world’s militaries. The Highest rank a Crusader could receive is Commander, just beneath Grand Crusader, who in turn is just beneath the Highlord himself.

In Ravenshield a member joins following the statement of the oath. They begin as a Crusader and are later promoted to the rank corporal, where they are given assignments in the division of their choice. The following ranks are as follows:

Crusader Corporal

Crusader Sergeant

Crusader Sergeant Major

Crusader First Sergeant

Crusader Lieutenant

Crusader Captain

Crusader Commander

Units and Officer Ranks Edit

Many of the units of Ravenshield are split into varying numbers of sub-units picked specifically for differing rolls, depending on the situation and circumstances of the mission.

Ordo Militari: Edit

Generally infantrymen, cavalry, close-quarters fighters, the Militari make up the backbone and majority of Ravenshield’s militant strength.

Justicar - The Paladins, light wielding infantry of Ravenshield Regiment.

Vigilants - The simple, everyday infantry of the Crusade - the backbone of the armed forces of Ravenshield Regiment and Crusade as a whole.

Ordo Auxili: Edit

Healers of any kind that make their way into the house and Crusade – they are generally the most sought after in Ravenshield next to Vigilants. Menders are expected to be willing to learn, teach and heal any and all if given the order - they are never to hold prejudice or animosity on or off the field.

Medica - The healers of the Ravenshield Regiment, exclusively non-combatant. Arguably the most necessary members of the Regiment.

Clerica - The field medics of the Regiment. They are dedicated to supporting the vanguard, driving into the lines to pull out the injured, and smite anyone who stands in their way.

Ordo Umbrari: Edit

Scouts, assassins, rangers, spies – those who cling to the shadows, meld into the background, and strike without the enemy even knowing of their presence. They are all collectively known as the Umbrari, and are the Ravenshield equivalent of SI:7, and make up a smaller portion of Ravenshield, but are arguably Commander Ravenshield’s most useful members.

Rangers - Rangers are field stealth assassins trained to aid from a range and close-quarters combat. Almost exclusively utilized in field operations for infiltration, subterfuge, and assassination.

Operatives - General operatives used for service beyond the field, be it long-distance surveying of enemy forces, infiltration, and/or spying. Operatives are used off the field specifically to train for domestic and hostile environment infiltration, among other things in that vein.

Ordo Scholari: Edit

For those who do not only fight, but desire a more measured approach to understanding the enemy. The Scholari pride themselves on researching culture, secrets, and investing in magical solutions of a less volatile nature to ensure victory did not mean destruction along the way.

Arcani - Magic users which are utilized heavily for on-field combat and acquisition of magical artifacts for the use of study among the Scholari later. Often called upon to aid the Scholari in their research efforts.

Scholari - The non-combatant research division. It is encouraged for its members to refrain from field operations, but it is not a rarity for its members to take an active role outside of their offices and labs.

Ravenshield Chain of Command Edit

- Lord Ravenshield - Crusader Lord, and Grand Commander of the Ravenshield Regimental Forces - Edit

1. Lord's Hand - Crusader Commander - High Commander of the Ravenshield Regimental Forces Edit

a. Ordo Militari Commander and Lieutenants

i. The Lord's Hand - General commander of the infantry divisions, as well as High Commander of all division forces. Held by the ranking captain of the Regimental forces.

ii. Arch Justicar - Commander of the paladin forces in Ravenshield.

iii. Lord Vigilant - Commander of the basic infantryman, leading squads and coordinating with the Lord Marshal.

b. Ordo Umbrari 

i. Shadewalker - Maestro of the Operative forces and head of all intelligence operations - works closely with First Ranger and Cursader Lord to coordinate efforts.

ii. First Ranger - Commander of field intelligence forces and Ranger division. Acts as the second in command to the Shadowmaster and answers to them, though still largely autonomous.

c. Ordo Scholari

i. Archmage - Master of the arcani division, and headmaster of the academy which teaches the many mages and casters.

ii. First Chronicler - Organization, order, alignment, and balance. Qualities the First Chronicler must have to lead this paramount division. Head of the research team, the Chronicler is responsible for orchestrating the effort of research of magic, the care of cultural and historic artifacts, and application of new ways to combat the foes of Azeroth, and the Argent Crusade.

d. Ordo Auxili

i. Auxili Prime - the Surgeon General of Ravenshield - the Auxili Prime is the foremost on medical practices, and essentially the first and last word in any medical or health situation.

ii. Lord Cleric - Field medic commander. On the field, they call the shots of who is worth saving, and who is too far gone. A hospital is a bloody place, and it takes a strong soul to run it.

2. Elite Divisions Edit


A captain of the Crusade and knighted individual may ascend to the personal guard of Lord Ravenshield. They are given privileges of command, trusted with the most important of tasks.


Comprised of members of the Clerica and Justicars, these are highly trained light wielders and are held to honor a deeply secretive code of ethics. The templar are the elite, and are tasked to aid in researching secrets of the Light to achieve a better understanding of its applications in the field.

Commanders: High Templar - The High Templar leads the elite priests and paladins of Ravenshield Regiment to take on the most difficult military tasks.

A (very brief) HistoryEdit

Ravenshield Regiment formed following the Cataclysm and grew during the war for Pandaria between the Alliance and Horde, amidst the Sha Crisis. It was Commander Corwyn Cromwell which inspired Dilan Ravenshield to take his officer duties more seriously in that time, and his ex-wife, Scarlet LeClaire, who convinced him to use his noble resources, bringing a great army into the control of the Crusade, and under his command.

Many campaigns followed, and Ravenshield has fought on many fronts, disbanding due to betrayal and conflict of interests among friends. Dilan has recently returned to reform the Regiment by John Kilvas, his appointed Lord's Hand.

With their presence now becoming more widely known, Ravenshield aims to travel around the Kingdom of Stormwind first, aiding whomever they can on their journey south, through Stranglethorn.

The Everlast Accord Edit

A unity of most of Ravenshield's allies. the Everlast Accord is a means of bringing the allies together under one name but separate banners. It is through the Accord that each organization shall meet their goals, but with allies at their backs.

Disbanding Edit

Amidst an ironic upheaval of political discord, the Accord has since disbanded in its original state - Dilan Ravenshield takes much of the blame for this, citing his own stubborn nature for the failure of a once pure idea.

Present Events Edit

Ravenshield is currently reforming its armies, preparing for a campaign against its enemies and to retake the land once held by Ravenshield to establish another foothold for the Crusade, hoping to rekindle ties with Kalimdor in the process.

Allies of Ravenshield Edit

The Argent Bulwark Edit

Led by Lantos Swiftsong, the Bulwark is among the oldest and most decorated branches in the Argent Crusade, next to the Brotherhood of the Light. Since its founding, the Bulwark has stood as a symbol of Argent pride on Azeroth. Their ties with Ravensheild are more closely tied with how Dilan and Lantos are related as cousins, it has been up until recently that the two branches have fought together on the same field.

The Argent Onslaught Edit

Led by Rease Stoneheart, the Onslaught is a hardened military regiment of the Crusade dedicated to fighting evil in all its forms. Tight-nit and deeply dedicated to the Crusade, the Onslaught is a great example of what a long-lasting regiment of the Crusade could aspire to be. Regardless of Dilan's rocky past with the Onslaught, he has always respected them and their tenacity and counts them among his allies.

The Fire Watch (Inactive) Edit

A group of skilled fighters, treasure hunters, and mercenaries, led by Zineera the mage, the Fire Watch came to be friends with Ravenshield during the Gorgrond Campaign where a dispute over who would hold an Iron Horde officer came about. Jax, a prominent member of the Fire Watch stepped forward and stood with Dilan and his Argents to watch the orc during their time in Gorgrond, from there the two groups fought in many battles, even shared in hardships during their short time as friends. The two support each other so long as the other remains true to their goals of protecting Azeroth from all manner of dark things. Since its disbanding, the Fire Watch's members have remained close friends of Ravenshield, some of the membership even joining Ravenshield later on.

The Ardent Inquisition (Inactive) Edit

Led by The Council, the independent organization of wholly neutral Ardents who have abandoned their past ties in search of a higher calling known as the Ardent Code. The Code is a life-long guide on central enlightenment, on how to battle back corruption and preserve peace in both the world and one's inner self. Morgrim has helped Dilan on various journeys of self enlightenment and brought the Crusader Lord from the brink of oblivion more than once. The ties between the Ardents and Ravenshield are extremely strong for how often they fight and socialize among one another. The Inquisition has since disbanded, flocking to the far corners of Azeroth, though any of the Inquisition are considered friends of Ravenshield.

House Aronu (Inactive) Edit

A house lead by Countess Halivh, it was dedicated to aiding the Accord many times. In the end, House Aronu's soldiers and servants scattered all over the Accord orders, mostly Ravenshield.


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