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Logo-horde.png Remarian Woods

Race Nationality

IconSmall Blood Elf Male.gif Sin'dorei
Silvermoon City Emblem.jpg Thalassian


September 14 (Age TBD)
Lake Elrendar, Southern Eversong, Quel'thalas


Shan'dinoriel (II)


ThaQarDi Sigil.png Thalassi Quel’arandam Dinoriel

  • 14th Infantry Wing, 1st Chapter
  • Farstriders


Helficonnew.png Kingdom of Quel'thalas
Orcsymbolnew.png Horde


Alliance | Horde


True Neutral




Remarian Woods (Thalassian: Thas), commonly called Lucky (Thalassian: Ishna), is a woodsman serving in the ThaQarDi's Farstrider division. Hailing from a small fishing village on the banks of Lake Elrendar, Remarian lived a humble life, but dreamed of more. Using his skill with a bow and blade, he marketed himself as a mercenary guard for merchant caravans, spending his younger years traveling throughout the northern Eastern Kingdoms. After the Fall of Silvermoon, he volunteered as an archer and scout in Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider's army, following him to Outland, and later assisting in the reclamation of his homeland. He served in the Thalassian Grand Reclamation Guard since its formation in 24 LC, beginning as a simple Dinoriel (I), equivalent to a Human Private. He has slowly risen through the ranks to hold the position of Shan'dinoriel (II), and serves as Quel'dinoriel (II) Lampyris Aranduranor's adjutant, scout, and liaison to the ranks of the Dinoriel. He is known for his friendly, flirtatious attitude and relentless smile.

Author's Note: This character is presently an NPC used for leading large military events, and is not played as a full player character. This may change in the future.


This man is not particularly tall or imposing, of average height for his kind, but there is something memorable about him. Perhaps it is his fiery red hair, spilling down his back when freed but often tied in a loose ponytail or braid. Perhaps it is the radiant jade green eyes, which some suspect have begun to regain their Quel'dorei cerulean glow, or the irises behind the glow, which have never lost their sapphire hue. Most likely it is his smile, a crooked grin that tells of his many adventures and implies all the adventures you could have with him, if you would only ask.

Beneath his armor he is well-muscled, from a lifetime spent honing his skills with a longbow and trekking the span of the Eastern Kingdoms, with the scars to match.


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