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Renatus Pritchard


Human male icon.png Tenochtri (Human)

Birth Date
- Birth Place

4 December 2012 L.A.C.;
Gracelier's Point, Kul Tiras


Waycrest Guard
Heir to the House of Itheca (Unannounced)


HouseOfItheca.png House of Itheca
Kul Tiras Small.jpg Pritchard Family


Belief of the Forest



Renatus Pritchard was a Kul Tiran man who went missing a few months after the beginning of the Fourth War. He was first believed to have been slain or seriously injured while patrolling Drustvar's eastern woods with his unit who also vanished alongside him. It was later revealed that Renatus and his unit were confronted by the Heartsbane Coven and defeated, soon after taken as human sacrifices.

As Renatus was being prepared for the ritual, a Heartsbane diviner discovered Renatus had Drust ancestry within him. This led her to spare the Tenochtri for the time being, believing he would pose as a greater sacrifice in the future as it's commonly thought slaying the descendants of Drust traitors pleased Gorak Tul and enchanted their spells.

While awaiting for his postponed fate, Renatus succeeded in warding off his enthrallment enough to escape captivity when the hexer who bewitched him perished. He proceeded to flee into the nearby village of Holmfirth where he was taken into the home of a kind village named Evie Corbyn.

Later on that same night, Octavius Partridge and the Order of Hearthfire raided Evie Corbyn's home, dragging Rentaus out of his bed and having him stand trial on the accusation of conspiring with the Heartsbane. Still recovering from his previous affliction, and caught in-between the crossfire of a brewing inquisition targeting any who were thought to be related to the Drust; Renatus was found guilty and sentenced to death.

Subsequently hanged, his remains were burned to ashes before being scattered in a nearing lake. This marked the first murder of the Order of the Hearthfire, and the start of the Hearthfire Inquisition which lasted until the end of the Blood War. Evie Corbyn was sentenced to Holmfirth's public stocks following Partrige's coup of the town of Prymead and its surrounding areas.