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Death knight crest
Rilennia "Riley" Shadowmist



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Elf alto icon Undead Quel'dorei (High Elf)
• Functionally a Drust-bound Banshee.

Birth Information

Born: 30 July, 11 L.C.
Died: 20 June, 37 L.C. (Age 27)


• Battlemagi (Former)
The Highguard
• Front-Lines Invoker (Former)
Armies of Legionfall
• Dalaran Guardsman (Former)
Dalaran City
• Supply Officer & Acquisitions (Current)
Knights of the Ebon Blade


HGHF Highguard
Grand Alliance Icon The Grand Alliance
Legionfall Armies of Legionfall
Dalaran Tabard Kirin Tor
Alterac Icon The Citrine Eagle
Ebonbladebanner Knights of the Ebon Blade


Mal'arbane Sunshard (Father)
Amaranthae Sunshard (Mother)
Mel'oran Rimeshard (Paternal Uncle)
Five elder and one younger brothers,
all having perished in the Fall

Nicolette Rimeshard (Adopted Daughter)
Tyrvarryn Shadowmist (Husband)

Awards & Commendations

Conspicuous Service Cross
Cross of Vanndar
Broken Isles Campaign Medal
Argus Campaign Medal
Fourth War Campaign Ribbon
Fourth War Campaign Medal
Prisoner of War Medal Ribbon
Prisoner of War Medal
• Grand Alliance Magical Service Ribbon
• Alterac Magical Service Ribbon
• Medallion of Alterac

Military Service

HGHF The Highguard
Service = 36 - 37 LC
Legionfall Armies of Legionfall
Service = 37 LC - Completion
Dalaran Tabard Dalaran Guard
Service = 36 - 37 LC
Alterac Icon The Citrine Eagle
Service =   Sporadic - Ongoing
Ebonbladebanner Knights of the Ebon Blade
Service = 38 LC - Ongoing

Notable Events


War Against the Lich King
• There is no documentation on any Rilennia Rimeshard in the Dalaran Hall of Records during the war against the Lich King, leading up to her L.C. 36 Silver Covenant registration.
• One file can be found on a similarly named Rilennia Sunshard, who is on record for failing out of the Dalaran Academy of Magical Sciences no less than three times, prior to and during the events of the Nexus War.
• There is also a Raegil Rimeshard, who was admitted into the Academy following the Nexus War, however, this student never reappeared after the purging of the Sin'dorei from Dalaran.

Third Legion Invasion

Argus Campaign

Blood War

Hiatus within Acherus


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House Crest

Shadowmist crest


Battlemage of The Highguard (Former)

"You're gonna meet a lot of sorry souls who look at you and see what they lost. They'll see things they would rather forget, and they won't know how to respond except to be angry. To lash out. Take pity on them. You're a boon, always remember that. You're still a miracle, to all who meet you and stand to benefit from what good you still have yet to bring this world.
Your legacy isn't over yet, Rimeshard.
It's only just gotten started." [1]

Rilennia (raɪ lɛn ni ɑ) "Riley" Shadowmist (née Rimeshard) was your quintessential high elven orphan turned world-class battlemage and persistently nagging, well-meaning personal assistant.

Murdered during the Siege of Tirisfal by Ivan Sibelius Felsorrow and risen into service by the Head Apothecary of the Hand of Vengeance, the necromancer Seleste Felsorrow, Rilennia is now tasked with existing as a grim reminder of what radicalized Forsaken are capable of performing if left unchecked. 

Nearly two years onward of existing in a state of death-not-death had driven the formerly peppy and bouyant Riley into a state of indifference to the means of her murder and her unliving state. What resentment she held towards the Felsorrows had, for years, burned into a galvanized self-hatred; her revenge-driven existence instead focused inwards on profiteering from either side while serving the Ebon Blade with utmost loyalty.

That shifted when she was given a new unlife as a Drust-magics bound corpse. Utilizing complex runic patterns known only to the ancient humans in service to binding souls to constructs, her dearest Brother in death tethered Riley's banshee-ripped soul to her body through a complex ritual that nearly destroyed them both. Whether or not this gives her freedom from Seleste and her husband's machinations remains to be seen, and the effects it has on her very core are yet to be determined. Riley, for all intents and purposes, seems to be Riley again. For better or worse.

Despite a former single affiliation with the Silver Covenant and Grand Alliance, she now claims loyalty to neither major faction - only to the utter indifference and inevitability of Death in all of its forms. She puts herself and what she holds dear above the whims of the breathers and even her misguided undead brethren, serving as a profiteer in the basest sense - not from war materials outright, but from any Azerothian individual's base instinct of greed; finding irresistible trinkets, baubles and 'cursed' items to barter to whittle away what time she has remaining on this planet. She keeps this lack of allegiance kept relatively close to her chest, following only the Ebon Blade's codes in interaction with the Horde and Alliance both.

After a sequested stay in Acherus during the Fourth War's multinational faction conflict, Riley has returned to active duty and animation, serving as both a supply runner and "unique" items acquisitions officer for the Blade, while running her own skimming-side business - 'Auspicious Accoutrements'; reaching out to many contacts, suppliers, markets and vendors not bound by laws of sector.

She has previously served the Alliance with honor and distinction, having been awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross and the Cross of Vanndar - earning her the self-disregarded formal post-nominals CSC and CV, respectively. These medals are two of the rare items that she will, oddly enough, not barter away, indicating that there is still at least a modicum of attachment to their sources.

"Ama noral'arkhana."Edit

Nothing is known about Riley's early history, even to her most treasured companions.

The most she will state is that she spent most of her childhood in the rebuilt Dalaran, shielded outside of Alterac's mountains, under an unknown tutor.

Those that would look into the odd elven name of 'Rilennia' may, oddly enough, trace back to one daughter among six brothers, registered in a Silvermoon census - but underneath a family tree designated 'Sunshard'. The Sunshards were a common family of no noble lineage, their eldest sons Spellbreakers in training. However, through dedication and natural talent, they were renowned as banquet hall decorators through generations of practiced ice magics; Anasterian and his son's house rarely went without at least one of the Sunshard ice-carved dragonhawks perched on a tableclothed surface, enchanted to maintain its pristine form without melting, occasionally flapping its wings and emitting a burst of flames to applauded effect.

There is no known record of the Sunshard family existing following the fall of Silvermoon City and the subsequent rise of the Dead Scar.

As far as traditional schools of magic go, Rilennia favored an offensive style of abjuration, clever slight of hand, portal-ripping and, most importantly, a burgeoning specialty in divination and runeweaving. Rilennia mostly practiced alectryomancy with her pet chicken, aptly enough named Alectryo - having had performed a strange ritual known only to her of what appears to be a cross between a tarot reading, arcane scrying and literal chicken scratch observation. That particular chicken, oddly enough, is claimed to have been covertly instrumental in the defeat of the Burning Legion's operations on the Broken Shore; what was seemingly a common barnyard fowl served as a divination tool that could go uncorrupted by the Legion while scrying on its commanders, due to its pea-sized brain and comical attention deficit. Appointed as Chief Chicken Caretaker, and after a series of escalating events and unbelievable circumstances in which the beloved chicken finally exploded in the sewers of Dalaran, Rilennia acquired her own personal 'divination chicken' - named Alectryo II, but designated Alectryo for convenience's sake - when her prior mentor artificially aged up an arcane-imbued egg with the powers of the Nightwell, in the same fashion as a Nightborne would casually age a bottle of arcwine. Post-resurrection Riley has forgotten about the events that transpired regarding the first chicken's exploding - involving a polymorphed archmage and a stolen hat - and refers to Alectryo as the first of his breed, and the one that truly assisted against the Legion. Only three people know the truth behind the real Alectryo; one is now undead, and the other two have vanished into nothingness.

Sunshard holdings

Riley's homeland - situated between Fairbreeze Village and the edge of the Dead Scar.

Rilennia has seen the most combat during the course of the Burning Legion's third invasion of Azeroth - having served a tenure as a drafted Kirin Tor Peacekeeper, she assisted the Thalassian-based Highguard in their station of the elven city of Suramar against both allies of the Burning Legion and Horde forces alike, attempting to secure the city for the Silver Covenant against the Horde-aligned Sunreavers. She was previously stationed at the Broken Shore as an Invoker, putting out fel fires with her cryomancy - and talent for seemingly unending blueberry-flavored slush summoning.

Upon her release from the service of the Highguard, following the Suramar insurgency and rebellion in which all Alliance forces were pushed from the city, Rilennia had been assigned to work in the region of the Alterac Mountains, alongside the members of the Citrine Eagle. Assigned to the mountainous region through the mageocratic city's attempts to keep an eye on a resurgance of void energies and Ren'dorei immigrants to Talongrab, near the conflict grounds between the Stormpikes and Frostwolves in concern due to the proximity of the Dalaran Crater, Riley quickly fell in step with the Eagles and, most notably, their matriarch Zaria Blackmoore. While her attitude was, at first, more uppity and holier-than-thou than the hardworking salt of the earth people of Alterac, Riley found herself wavering on ideals of maintaining a brusque, businesslike mentality towards the denizens of Talongrab after continued interactions with establishing allies and romance alike, having met her on and off partner and Brother in death Tyrvarryn Shadowmist. This conflict of interest extended to burgeoning tensions and outright participation in the war over azerite, before the elf was re-re-assigned back to Dalaran to reinforce and maintain her neutrality - and a growing concern by the Magus Senate's upper echelons that she was not embodying the staunch morals and desire to maintain peace that the organization had taken upon the Legion's defeat in the Archmage's leave of absence. This Alliance-leaning support of the Silver Covenant still burned brightly within the Quel'dorei's blood, and this was to be her undoing. Upon hearing of the news of the Matriarch's capture by Horde combatants, Riley willingly snuck into the prison camp in which Zaria was held, disguising herself with a poorly held illusion of the camp's overseer. In the midst of freeing who she was able, the illusion was broken, and, while fulfilling her mission of rescue, Riley was dispatched as though she were a member of the Alliance's own, with little regard to the Kirin Tor's involvement in the escalating battles.

After her violent murder and subsequent forced resurrection, Rilennia had been mostly sequestered away in Acherus for training and "re-education" following her admittance to the ranks of the Ebon Blade under a granted amnesty as an undead without a host. She spent scant allocated time not assisting the Deathlord's machinations furthering her Mantid amber studies to better equip herself, as to not fall again to the dreaded Last - or even True - Death, and to empower her banshee's wail through the reverberations of kyparite.

Due to a staunch refusal to be tutored in most methods of combat, Rilennia has since devoted her attention and efforts to working towards living up to her internal promotion to supply officer and acquisitions administrator, hunting down relics and items of interest to be returned to Acherus for study and dissemination to the Blade's echelons. Sometimes these relics and items of interest in question don't make it back. Sometimes they fall off the back of a corpse wagon, and sometimes Riley kicks them, whistling all the while, towards a paying customer. Who knows. Riley is quickly becoming a master manipulator and proficient trader, offering plying nonpareil wares that play on buyers' whims and dreams in exchange for their more sentimental (and often more powerful) knick-knacks, refusing to take outright coin in trade; thriving in marketplaces both shady and family-friendly - often found offering a Mind Freezy-pop in one hand, a cursed death-ring in the other. 

Behaviors & PersonalityEdit

While breathing, Riley was a bundle of rule-adhering nerves; anxious and bound by blinders to a fault, her chief concern was that all structure established by any order above her be followed to a T. This extended from her mentor's guidelines, to the iron-clad fist of the Lady Dawnsorrow for the 812th Farstriders, to the Council of Six's assorted mageocratic standings - even trickling down to orders that were not her business, such as the Citrine Eagle; treating the word of the Matriarch as law, begrudged as Riley was to follow it.

Following the events of the Highguard's Suramar campaign, the quel'dorei had become a lot less 'Riley' and a lot more 'Rilennia' since joining up with the Kirin Tor guard, mostly in a manner to impress her then-mentor; lovestruck, Riley followed Taldarick's every move as to nearly become the Lordaeronian's shadow and 'seeing-eye elf'; he had blinded himself and relied on her trusted guidance for everyday tasks to which simple arcane divination did not lend. Riley forced herself to grow up quickly - no longer joyful or bombastic in an effort to impress others, she spoke more in Thalassian among her fellow elves, and appeared more reserved than she had before the war on Argus. The majority of her youthful mirth had been lost, the scar on her face usually hindering expressions - even when she did smile, the attempt hardly ever reached her eyes. 

Rilennia frost

Rilennia by @dyingmars.

Her headstrong and aggrandizing personality is what led to her early death. If Riley had simply acquiesced to the Kirin Tor's distant attitudes towards the war and adhered to their neutrality, she would still be alive, without question; a drive to attempt a rescue of those dear to her - namely the aforementioned Alteraci Matriarch - drove Riley to her accidental-suicide mission. Riley's brashness, overestimation of her abilities and the drive to protect what little she had close to her all lead to the same end. This has since, in the year following her reanimation, tempered to an icy distaste for herself and her own body - viewing it as a hampering weight instead of a temple to be protected, Riley had no qualms about dealing physical damage to the point of losing limbs or shattering bones in the heat of combat, knowing that the tireless reanimators of Acherus would have just patched her back up.

For a time following her death and estrangement from her lover, Riley kept herself busy with attending and managing as many marketplaces as she could, or continuing the hunt for rare items for which to operate her business. The paroxysm of despising her own form and undeath along with a steeled resolve to continue existing in the face of Death itself was managed and coped with this and as a determined detachment into a third-person approach to how she viewed herself; usually referring in public to herself as "this one" and "they/their/theirs" in an attempt to display that, yes, while what appears to be one once named Rilennia Rimeshard is standing in front of you, she is instead what she viewed as a lost soul, no longer truly here; crammed into a husk of a body as a banshee, piloting a meat sack made of stitched corpse parts, with a single-minded mission to acquire capital - or fulfill the Deathlord's orders.

This has since been remanded with the destruction of the amber weaponry in which she kept herself coated, better to manage the banshee wails that would wrack her body - attributed to the whispers and influence of N'zoth and machinations of the rising Empress Shek'zara; despite the undead's ability to resist the call of the Void, to be shrouded in consistent and constant contact with the Mantid's armaments and surrounding herself in their workings, Riley slipped backwards further into madness with each passing day. It was Tyrvarryn's shattering of an acquired polearm, located by way of a Mantid sound beacon, that pulled her from her stupor, and set Riley back onto the path she once and currently follows.

Riley's unhealthy fixation with her beloved pet chicken Alectryo has ebbed in recent months with the encouragement of her partner. Once seen as an emotional ballast and an unhealthy tether to the life she used to live, Alectryo was the last living connection to her former mentor and on-and-off lover, barring the consistent disappearance and reappearance of her adopted daughter Nicolette. The chicken is now thankfully allowed to wander the grounds of Shadow's Rest without the restriction of his usual arcane containment disc by insistence of Tyrvarryn and his steward Bernard.

While once content - or discontent - to spread the curse of the unliving and as many unpleasantries as she could by way of cursed or malcontent goods, Riley is slowly shaping herself back up to her former form - or, at least, what she thinks she should be. Not entirely having a life or personality outside of devotion, one by one, to her mentors, gave her little in the way of personal goals and purpose. A second chance at life - comparatively speaking - has been the swift kick in her alloyed-armored pants to set the elf on a better path.

Appearance and Chronologically Acquired InjuriesEdit

Rilennia sports a dirty platinum-blonde mane, slashed short to hang around her elongated ears. She has a slim, slender frame, with petite measurements; often clad in either a composite of trillium and ghost iron armaments, bedecked in Mantid amber slivers, or complicated layers of robes, strategically picked to hide any of her lasting disfigurements. Her waist is slim, and her bust is unremarkable; while fully clothed and under the indemnity of her alloys, any femininity is long removed from Riley's overall appearance. Anyone with a modicum of physical strength can - and has - picked her up over their shoulder with little to no effort while she is unarmored.

Her visage is set with piercing blue, almond-shaped eyes, gently glowing with the lich-blue remnants of being risen into undeath. An oft-wrinkled nose with a thin bridge accompanied Riley's high, sharply gaunt cheekbones, devoid of any appealing button taper. Her lips, once cracked and dried from dehydration and abusing her banshee-like wails, have healed by way of hemolurgic applications; these, and the fel-scar lacing her right cheekbone that plagued her profile for years have begun to fade. Healing treatments gradually lessened its impact on her countenance, but it still remains as a prideful trophy of sorts in her people's war against the Legion; even with her newfound talents in flesh-shaping hemolurgy, Rilennia appears content to leave the mark as it was in life. While Riley would hide her disfigurations and scar-marks prior with hoods and drooping cloth, she is content in recent times to allow full view of her face, a sign of an improving demeanor.

118185 burlycloud

An undead Rilennia bearing the scars that lead to her downfall.

Rilennia has undergone inopportune trials by fire in her early training with the Highguard and her mentor by way of combat against the invading Burning Legion, and had suffered irrecoverable injury due to it - falling dozens of feet from a crumbling rampart and landed hard on her left side. She still shuffles with a pronounced limp when out of bracing armor, most of the weight centered on her right side; her left leg having been shattered in several places and made to set incorrectly at the time of healing. Before the painful process of re-setting the broken bones, Riley was simply blessed with a numbing prayer by a well-meaning acolyte, and the bones never healed properly. Because of this result, Rilennia held a distrust of mere 'splash you with some Light' healing, and tended to be wary of too-faithful paladins and priests - even more so now that she is a shambling corpse with a physical aversion to the Light's most devoted.

Past events transpiring regarding rescuing a rather unorthodox comrade-in-arms have left Rilennia with a faded, but still near death-looking ragged scar across her midsection and a deep trench of cresent-moon sliced flesh removed from her left thigh.

Rilennia, as a corpse, also has the scattered, seared buckshot entry points from where she was fired upon at close range in her midsection, peppering her left side with gaping lotus pod-like holes. Scars from the shattered pieces of her Kirin Tor shardwood pauldron to her left line her shoulder and neck. Finally, her chest cavity and the entirety of her midsection have been ravaged in haphazard patterns by a triangular scalpel blade, leaving jaggedly ripped holes and scarring points at random intervals throughout her torso. Her entire midsection has been, by this point, shredded into an amalgam of reconstituted flesh; for these appearances, a self-conscious Riley usually keeps herself fully clothed, surrounded by protective armor, robes and tabard alike. Only recently has Riley accepted these scars, embracing her history and displaying them without fear.

Following her soul's re-anchoring to her body by way of bone-carved Drust runes, Riley has faintly glowing markings beneath her thinned skin, displaying most when her soul's resonance is at its weakest; these plates have been manually inserted into her body at key points kept to no public knowledge and are instrumental to keeping the elf tethered to the mortal plane. Removing or destroying these plates outright, with Tyrvarryn having destroyed the runes incribed by Seleste Felsorrow keeping Riley's necromantic resurrection tied to her form, will disassociate her from her body - forcing her into assuming a banshee form, but rendering her unable to repossess her own skin and bones.

Bone arm

The runes seared into Riley's arm bones: bregða, iss, andlát and aldrnari.

The Shadow in the Sands campaign had forced Riley to fall back on channeling massive amounts of runic-bound arcane energy into three separate dragon-sized Death Gates, rending the very flesh from her bones to reveal charred skeletal pieces with four potent Vrykul runes arranged in a matrix around the baked bone. The flesh, muscle, sinew and skin on her entire right arm from the tips of her fingers to her elbow has been seared off; the Drust runic plate formerly lodged within her wrist now safely relocated.

Riley's entire appearance has been gradually improving with the adoption and training of blood magics; the nickname "Swoleshard" was even echoed throughout the camp of Mar'at during said campaign when she showed up to defend the region without her usual magi armor on, betraying the less than lithe muscles that had formed from a year of lugging around heavy-alloy armor.


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Rilennia was, prior to her death, outfitted in a specialized Kirin Tor-issued set of armor, the bulk of which was localized entirely within the arcane-resonated pauldrons borne upon her shoulders. These special cups housed the energy needed to manifest and maintain her silkweave armor composite; created from Crystalsong Forest shardwood, one could easily imagine them appearing when summoned as the arch-typical magical girl style of armor in the way that they would erupt from the depths and ensconce her body once called upon. It was rare to see the quel'dorei out of her armor, as past events rendered her constantly on a heightened guard - unable to relinquish control over the protective armaments, constantly believing she needed them both as a physical barrier and visible social status symbol.

It was one of these specialized cups that ultimately assisted in ending the elf's life; Arthalden Lightshard, during the Siege of Tirisfal, swung his spiked ranseur towards Riley's midsection, but missed due to her abjuration being shattered by a warhammer and sending her falling forwards. The weapon instead connected with the fragile wood arcing over the arcane-housing cups, driving the splintered shards into her collarbone and neck. The sprawling wound remains on her person, hidden by layers of cloth or plate.

Riley once bore armor befitting that of an Ebon Blade grunt; not fully graduated to Saronite, despite her time spent around the Knights, she instead wears imposing armaments constructed of a trillium and ghost iron alloy. These protective armaments were once set with slivers of Mantid amber, but upon the freeing of N'zoth and his bargain struck with the new Empress Shek'zara, the Amber has been rendered a vessel for the Old God's whispers to funnel into her already-weakened mind. Thus, they have been dug out and discarded, shattered and melted down to slag in an Acherus runeforge - safe from the prying eyes and hands of the living.

Riley has mainly returned to wearing the mageocratic arms that she bore in life; studying her Arcane talents in lieu of picking up her abandoned acoustolurgy, in order to re-master her proclivity for portal-ripping.

Siege of TirisfalEdit

"It is our failure to become our perceived ideal that ultimately defines us and makes us unique. It's not easy, but if you accept your misfortune and handle it right, your perceived failure can become a catalyst for profound re-invention." [2]

SC Riley
Rilennia met her untimely demise on the eve of the fourth day of conflict during the Siege of Tirisfal, whereupon she had attempted - without superior orders, disregarding the Kirin Tor as a whole's refusal to participate in the conflict, and due to her remaining loyalties to the Matriarch of the Citrine Eagle, Zaria R. Blackmoore - to sneak her way into a Horde prison camp in order to free as many captured Grand Alliance prisoners as possible while under an illusionary guise of the director, one Seleste Felsorrow. Unfortunately, due to the untimely intervention of her doting husband, Ivan Sibelius Felsorrow, Riley was found out - illusions never being her forte - and her attempt was seen through almost immediately.

Before her ruse was completely dispelled, through time purchased through the confusion of the Horde jailers, Riley diverted her remaining innate arcane energies towards encapsulating the unshackled captives in shimmering pink shields; ripping portals open beneath them to deliver their payloads to the awaiting Alliance army stationed at the nearby Scarlet Monastery. All told, Zaria Blackmoore, Illithyl Harkon, Janewell Broadbent, Alyserah Helstrom, and Cedric Elengarde were sent to safety - five lives soon to be in exchange for her own.

Riley was then savagely dispatched by the surrounding members of the Horde guard; Rekfar Axefury's warhammer first shattering her weakened abjuration, its energy spent towards the protection of the captives; her remaining shield removed, Riley was then shot at point-blank with buckshot by one Jimlok Thunderroar; followed by having her own sharpened Kirin Tor pauldron driven into her collarbone by the sin'dorei traitor Arthalden Lightshard - who had previously served alongside her with the Eagles - severely weakening her and rendering any hope of escape impossible. She was finally and meticulously stabbed to death by the irate Ivan with a favored scalpel for insulting his wife's countenance with her poorly crafted illusion. Her mission completed, Riley peacefully passed away, despite the murderous rage the Forsaken carried out through the workings of his blade.

That was hardly the end of Rilennia's suffering. She was quickly made an example of in front of the remaining prisoners, risen into undeath with her soul dragged back to her body by the real vengeful Seleste, interring the elf as a weakened banshee. Riley's wracked wail echoed through the prison chamber, nearly deafening those still locked within. The forced occupation of Riley's soul back into her malformed corpse immediately caused a minor schism between the members of the Horde present; some disagreed with the forced raising, claiming it was not the Forsaken's way, and others encouraged Seleste, saying that the high elf had it coming. 

Riley risen

Rilennia's raising.

Left to her devices with the remaining prisoners, Rilennia, after much trepidation, gradually opened herself to the merits of amateur hemolurgy; relying on the blood of her own corpse and those of the willing injured to maintain sanity and control of her body.

It was during this adaption period that Rilennia attempted to attack the remaining guard Arthalden with her new talents for hemolurgy for physically lashing the bishop Kimberly Sweete. This was very untimely as a rogue Forsaken agent by the name of Josandus Hartchorde, looking to defect, had falsified release documents and arranged for yet another illegal prison break. With help from an unexpected change of heart by Arthalden, who also ensured that the elf's chicken Alectryo was safely returned, Rilennia escaped with the others and ended up back at the re-appropriated Monastery, where she met with Wey and had her wounds stitched by a strange man claiming to be a doctor.

Riley DK try2 fullmodel rework
The following morning, Rilennia was addressed by the Forsaken defector Josandus and the Master Sergeant Soreka Blackblood; she was given the option of being indoctrinated into the Ebon Blade for the protection of herself and the citizens of the Alliance both, instead of being slaughtered for her resurrection by a Forsaken. The hold on the quel'dorei by Seleste was brought to light, with no real plan in place to free Riley from any residual control; discussions were made to bring Riley to Acherus for safekeeping, to bring her out of the range of the necromancer. So far this option seems to have succeeded, as there have been no known attempts to control her by the nefarious necromancer or her faithful husband.

Rilennia was taken to Acherus by a small escort of Ebon members overnight, whereupon she was given the armor of an initiate - not full saronite, but cheapened ghost iron armor, inlaid with kyparite to assist in the sonic resonance of her banshee-like shrieks; the amber material having been proven during the events of the Pandaria campaign to be used in Mantid technology - assisting with the reverberations and direction of such sonic-based warfare. The following night, the elf assisted the remainder of the Alliance forces stationed at the Scarlet Monastery. She and her compatriots survived the grueling battle on the ramparts, aiding the siege engines astride the Undercity's walls.

Riley was awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross and the Cross of Vanndar - the highest Alteraci award possible, bestowed by Zaria R. Blackmoore - on September 1st, 39 LC for her deeds and actions.

Shadow in the SandsEdit

The campaign designated Operation: Sandstorm, undertaken by a coalition of members from both the Alliance and the Horde alongside neutral organizations such as the Argent Crusade, was a forward strike against minions of the Old God N'zoth and the Black Empire as a whole in the occupied territories of Uldum and Tanaris. The goal of the Amathet and other insidious enemies was to gain control of the Forge of Origination, in order to wipe out all life on Azeroth and allow N'zoth to reclaim the planet for himself.

While not a member of active combat at the time of the coalition's forward movement, Riley found herself swept into the action when her lover Tyrvarryn Shadowmist was, by virtue of his service to the Citrine Eagle, marshaled into battle, and her with him via coordination by Zaria R. Blackmoore.

GRAVE: Syncopation

Having spent the majority of the Fourth War as a non-faction-compliant combatant, profiteering from neutral marketplaces and courting alliances with either side, Riley was surprised when approached by Zaria Blackmoore prior to her marshaled coalition's departure to parts unknown. The elf had business to attend to in Gadgetzan, regardless; a trade to facilitate that required some modicum of rather personal touches by way of several bars of soap in a sock to the shins. She requested, in exchange for her lifedebt owed, to attend the campaign through to Gadgetzan at most - having no strong ley line connection to Kalimdor proper in order to teleport herself. The Marshal agreed, a covert deal to split women and loot aplenty acquired, and the elf was quietly conscripted to again join her ranks, albeit temporarily.

The coalition found smooth sailing from Stormwind to Gadgetzan in Tanaris, and quickly set up a temporary base of operations. Time passed in a muddled blur of motion; one of the first nights attending the campaign betrayed the fact that Andurius Soulrender, former Citrine Eagle, had been cast out to exile for his direct disobeying of orders during a campaign gone awry; two children had died for what the flock had believed to be no reason. Riley and her partner, both Ebons in themselves, did not restrain their fury - Tyrvarryn himself breaking his usual stoic countenance to outright sock the helmeted half-elf in the head for his behavior.

LENTO: Infestation

During this time, food rations were destroyed by paranoid members of the coalition who believed them to be tainted by Old God or Void influence, and one of the main water pumps was damaged; sabotaged by a cultist or some other sort of Black Empire sympathizer. Riley was one of those that first inspected the site itself while the woman responsible was detained - unwittingly allowing the elf's new water elemental, Svell, to become infected and corrupted by a parasite that had been loaded into the pipes; upon their repair and flooding of water into the pipes, the intent was to infect the entirety of Gadgetzan with eggs and brood. Instead, Riley's elemental took on some of the detritus, and when the elf would use his burbling water to purify the blood she withdrew from corpses to imbibe into herself for hemolurgic healing, it only funneled the parasite into her. For several days, this parasite traveled up to her brain, growing and feasting.

Enraged at Andurius' continual stalking about camp with little regard to paying penance, Riley challenged him to a duel in the middle of the gladiator pit in Gadgetzan proper, by Ebon rights. She very narrowly lost, having ripped two of his four spider-limbs free from his body in the carnage that ensued. Andurius forcibly healed her with fleshmending; a complete taboo in the workings of natural order and martial law as a whole.


Riley quickly made little friends in her time among the coalition as it moved to Mar'at, the growing bug in her head gnawing away at her mind in bits and pieces, forcing her aggression and paranoia to bring flashes of trauma to light from her capitivity in the Siege of Tirisfal. Isira Lure'mil, the student picked by Riley's former Highguard alum turned ascended Ranger Lady Lyraeni Sorrowsong, was revealed to have been infected by a mutagen during routine aqir-slaughtering operations, and Riley was enraged and threatened - both by the threat posed to the coalition by her continued presence, and, unknowingly, the hivequeen larvae in her brain seeing it as a danger to the order and plentiful resources offered. She spent several days stalking Isira and others suspected of corruption, unable to act by order of Sorrowsong.

At one point on the outskirts of Mar'at, Riley confronted a former Twilight Cultist worgen - designated Lewin - that had smuggled mutagen and other aqir parts into the camp to set up a makeshift laboratory for maddened experimentations. After having been shut down several times by anti-magic barriers in her attempts to do what she believed was setting things right, Riley sent her empowered elemental Svell to try and drown Lewin before being intercepted and restrained; Svell itself broke free from its cuffs and fled to the Planes. Lewin would hold this grudge for nearly the entire breadth of the campaign.

In nearly instance of combat in which it appeared, Riley and her partner would be noted to flee upon being targeted by any hint of Reorigination beam or nascent tol'vir weaponry, as the Light is not kind to the unliving. Whether or not this was noticed by command is unknown. The one exception to this rule is her commendable valor in staying under the command of the Stormtalon Marshal in the desert sands, scaling a cliffside, assaulting a myriad of Sun Priests, capturing a sun array and ensuring her fellow Ebon was healed as necessary before giving transportation to the injured to Mar'at.

Things only worsened when one of Riley's accused murderers, Rekfar Axefury, arrived unannounced to Mar'at in order to aid the Horde's side of the coalition near the middle of the deployment. The brain-munching queen in Riley's skull was overloaded by the emotion and blackened abjuration that flooded Riley's mindspace that it threatened to devour her from the inside out, hatching into a half-grown creature to burrow beneath Mar'at proper and begin another brooding cycle. Were it not for the timely intervention of Wey-Chung Brokenarrow, Raelor Valeclaw, C'thonia Moonveil and several well-meaning spectators slash guardsmen, Riley would have been utterly destroyed. C'thonia used lunar magics to locate the precise imprints of the insect, guiding Raelor's hand and stave to its location - while Wey maintained Riley's grasp on sanity, his manifestation of Niuzao, Bao, diffused Raelor's immensely powerful nature energy to a finely focused non-lethal beam. When pried from Riley's eyesocket, the hivequeen larvae was fried to a crisp, negating its further threat.

Riley approached Isira following this brain-surgery, apologizing for her bug-brained conduct and offering goodwill.

She won't be vindicated at all.

ACCELERANDO: Sang'sitis' Shattering

Tyrvarryn's rage against Rekfar, the closest to that of one of the Felsorrows themselves, was not yet sated. He challenged his Ebon Brother to a duel during a key component of the campaign's operations - diverting resources of two powerful Blade members in his anger. It blinded him, causing the worgen's strikes to falter - his runeblade Sang'sitis shattering into inert metallic shards through Rekfar's own immutable blows and costing him the honor duel. Riley scrambled to separate the two via portal and gather the shards of Tyrvarryn's sword, keeping them quarantined and held by an arcane construct stolen from Dalaran. The construct's own power cores kept the shielding rune Skoldjr activated, barring any from interfering with the runes carved into the broken weapon until Tyrvarryn could figure out what to do with them.

Following this destruction, Riley's experimentation with the runeblade shards and their remaining intact markings, forged with powerful Vrykul runes, forced them to react with chaotic arcane instead of comparatively calmed and drawn ley lines - the soul resonance Tyrvarryn would ordinarily possess necessary to reflect their usage now gone without the sword as a foci. It still gave him the opportunity to channel the runes when absolutely needed, given that he has no arcane prowess of his own; using construct power cores as rudimentary, makeshift batteries.

In the interim of these operations, she decided that calling in ordinance to use was, at this point, a very real possibility.


The elf sat on the edge of the river delta in Mar'at alone, surrounded by papers and parchments, ledgers and scrolls, far from the prying eyes of the living, only infrequently interfered with by her lover as he ensured she did not drain herself dry through the measures taken. Portals were opened to every corner of Azeroth and beyond, words exchanged; letters of writ were scribed; runes were sent with simple and complex messages; paperwork signed in collected blood, written in foreign languages - some common, some even outerworldly and Ethereal in nature - deals were facilitated and long-awaited favors, precious strings to be pulled on with voracity, were tugged in preparation to ensure lack of slack when necessary.

Riley was to exhaust every last act of goodwill and supply for what would - hopefully - be granted. When the negotiations were seemingly finished, she rounded up several scorpids and hyenas, performing apparent ritualistic slaughter in a circle on the stone-worked dam - careful to not let their blood taint the water, instead soaking it into her veins and storing it in vials for Tyrvarryn's own consumption. The corpses themselves rotted in the sun, encircled by rocs, but well-placed frostbolts would gently encourage their non-involvement.

She waited for hours, perched on a parapet of the delta's dam, ears twitching. A crackle of darkened magic appeared, a hole torn through the flux of reality - using the impromptu graveyard Riley had set up as a focal point for what manifested itself as a proper Ebon Death gate. Borne on armored skeletal horseback in a securely latched black lacquered box by four decorated Ebon Knights in formation, they escorted a wight which carried the casing in its meathook hands. It muttered at her in Gutterspeak and creaked open the comparatively tiny box; from which a modest blue glow that even the beaming sun of the overhead desert couldn't drown out emitted. The angle at which the monstrous creature's shoulders blocked out the case refused to allow a view of what was inside, even to the most astute prying eyes above or astride.

Riley exhaled, her frail shoulders caving inwards in relief, then saluted each Knight in turn with the gratitude of one whose life had just been spared. The wight shoved the box at her and turned back to return to the Citadel through the Gate torn open with such pomp and circumstance.

PRESTO: Only to Act

Near the climax of the operation, Riley was then tasked to work alongside Lewin and other wielders of shadow magics to recover an aqir dominator head by Commander Sorrowsong for an unrevealed plan - slaughtering a fully grown hivemind queen in order to recover its corpse and brain for later commanding an entire host of risen aqir herself. Riley dutifully attended the operation, siphoning the blood for exsanguination with Tyrvarryn and transporting the brain to Acherus to be flash-frozen inside an abomination storage tank. It took many coins and her nefarious items of value to get the Unholy Host to mostly look the other way - paying off initiates to guard the brain in order to prevent hungry ghouls from feasting on it - until it could be transported back to Mar'at for Lewin and Sorrowsong to continue their otherworldly experimentation.

Bone arm

The box Riley had traded away all of her earthly possessions for was finally revealed to contain three intact Frost Cruxes - summoning stones, in a sense, that would generate and rip into existence three fully grown and armored risen dragons from Dragonblight, under her command. These were normally reserved for an upper echelon Ebon during the campaign against the Legion, close in rank to the Deathlord. 

The runic matrix necessary to generate such power ripped through Riley's body like a downed line, the Cruxes themselves singing the flesh from her bones and the runes into the soft marrow, permanently stripping all but the bones from her right arm. Hoarwing, Vorstalon and Chillrend arose, blasting frost into the crowds of aqir and clearing the path for the coalition's combatants to summon an incredible army of unliving insects, demons and ghouls alike. Chillrend patrolled the city for threats, while its kin remained behind to keep an eye on Sorrowsong's buried army. Waiting. Watching.

SFORZANDO: Die Standing

The final night of the campaign arrived at last, along with an unholy swathed sandstorm of scarabs and casters encroaching from the west onto Mar'at. Sorrowsong's contingent of casters were ordered to buy the Marshal Blackmoore's own time to evacuate who they could from the city, and they defended the stairwell leading up the plateau valiantly with Sorrowsong's creation - the hivequeen risen and enslaved, designated Sha'thra. It wasn't long before they were overrun - Vorstalon first assaulted by first a few, then several, then an innumerable amount of scarabs that ripped his wings free and dragged him to the sands where he was eaten whole; not even the bones remained when the swarm moved on. The coalition pressed on as Sorrowsong's risen army was methodically slaughtered by N'zoth's forces; Riley, in regret and agony herself, wrenched the necromantic magic from Hoarwing's shell that kept it empowered - forcing it to plummet to the earth, once again lifeless. Those blackened shadows were dispersed to the fallen aqir to raise more of a defense; it would not prove to be enough, while Hoarwing's body, too, was consumed; leaving nothing but saronite and chunks of blackened chitin behind.

A retreat was sounded as Wey fell. The majority of Chillrend's blood was siphoned from its uneven veins and into Riley's to replenish Wey's own, leaving the drake without the strength able to fly; regardless, the elf marched it back into the fray with roaring and rending swipes to defend Sha'thra while it continued its weakening assault against the unending Black Empire. Exhausted from depleting her reserves of arcane, scorching overly potent Vrykul runes into her arm to the cracking point and unable to flee, Riley was able to conjure one last basic abjured barrier that weakly splintered over her and the front half of Chillrend, resolved to fight to the last. The drake kept its tattered wing tucked closely over Riley in a feeble defense, howling in agony as the scarabs feasted on its exposed, rotten flesh, burrowing through the bone and marrow to get to her.

Were it not for Tyrvarryn commanding through hemolurgic-laced necromantic means the corpse of a flying aqir drone to snatch Riley from the literal jaws of death, her corpse would have joined Chillrend's. Her last view of the squirming sands was that of her drake's lichfire snuffing out beneath ten thousand shimmering shells, reminiscent of ten thousand glowering, slit-pupiled eyes.

DIMINUENDO: Repercussions

A stark contrast from her heroic participation in the prior campaign in Tirisfal, Riley received no scavenge or salvaged treasures from the operation, lost what important stores she had available to attend markets for facilitating trades, displayed colors through cowardice and inaction, technically lost against three experienced Ebons on every warfront of her weaknesses (Soulrender through sheer strength, Axefury through fear and Sorrowsong through command), exhausted every 'you owe me one' favor in her arsenal and is down one fully functional arm. Necromantic energies from the andlát rune inscribed into her right arm used in the frost crux ritual now threaten to devour her flesh whole every time she uses any hint of arcane spells with it to inadvertently empower it, straining her body against the powerful Curse of Flesh magic that Lewin wove into her just above the elbow to restrain it.

Riley was eventually awarded four additional medals for her service in Uldum; the Grand Alliance Magical Service Ribbon, the Alterac Magical Service Ribbon, and the Medallion of Alterac - and in addition, despite her apparent retiring of the Silver Covenant colors, Riley was awarded a Silver Covenant Medallion by Lyraeni Sorrowsong for her sacrifices and actions under the Ranger-Lady's command.

Current DayEdit

Riley currently spends her time fluctuating between Horde, Alliance and Neutrally-oriented marketplaces and places of gathering - organizations, meetups, faires, what have you - with intent to profit from those assembled through her neverending odd collection of trinkets for sale or barter. She doesn't seem to bear any ill grudges towards the Forsaken as a whole, with her manner of death seemingly behind her; her primary source of income being tied to the Fence Macabre caravan, a cluster of folks represented and led by one Sheriff Remington Thornbolt, a Forsaken herself. 

Shadowmist estate 1

A map of Shadowmist Estate, the lands and manor of Tyrvarryn - Riley's partner.

She has also been noted to draw closer to organizations that work with the Blade in scope, including the Argents, and works with them as a field medic when asked or when she asks to participate. Her reconnection with her former lover Tyrvarryn Shadowmist, and his subsequent worried shatter of her Old God-afflicted Mantid polearm, has snapped the elf out of a gradually slipping hivemind mentality - returning her to a state not seen before her death at the Horde's hands. Riley now works to recover the magic that was lost to her on her necromantic raising, spending time between her lord's estate and facilitating market trades at large-scale events to continue her profiteering (albeit, with a much less nefarious state of mind).

Rilennia has rejoined the cadre of the Eagles under the Marshal's banner, aiming to serve in yet another administrative capacity. She could be useful if she could follow the tenant of not ripping portals open all over Talongrab...

Ebon Blade InteractionsEdit

It is necessary to point out that while Riley designates herself as and follows the code of the Knights of the Ebon Blade, she does not fall within their typical confines and infallible restrictions; "infallible" here meaning a lawful death knight on either faction that has not forcibly broken away from the will of the Lich King for their own nefarious or selfish means. In lore, rogue death knights are hunted down by elite members of the Blade and swiftly exterminated as to not pose a threat to the tenuous peace the order has with the Horde and the Alliance - a general "that guy's not with us" mentality that is heavily enforced.

Riley does not need to inflict pain to stave off insanity, having not been resurrected during Arthas' swath of destruction and burdened with the lust for death to facilitate the forward movement of his campaign, or cursed with a facsimile by Seleste Felsorrow upon her reanimation - however, Riley does need a steady supply of blood to keep her body functional and her mind her own. This is often acquired by delegated supply at Acherus, or by hunting wild game in Elwynn or the outskirts of Quel'thalas.

Riley's former weapon of choice, her Kirin Tor warstaff, was warped into a runeweapon on her rebirth; scratchings resembling runic markings bind her hemolurgic talents into the twinblade. In this manner she is much like a second-generation Death Knight; however, her soul is not bound. The staff only allows her the abilities to harvest and utilize blood to rejuvinate her body.

Riley has also retained her free will against the direct will of the Deathlord and the Lich King. Having been raised by a powerful Forsaken necromancer without the aid of a runeblade or any Ebon implements, Riley is not directly impacted by these two all-encompassing voices, unless directly affected by undead control spells or an imposing of a powerful lich's dominant command.

With no direct mental connection to the Lich King, she cannot hear his voice or that of the Deathlord and must be relayed orders by her brothers and sisters in death. A potential flaw for Riley is that she will follow orders from Knights above her station without question, trusting that they convey the Deathlord's absolute will.

It should be noted that Riley will absolutely return to Acherus at a moment's notice to rat out any defective Death Knights that she finds in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Her litany is that you are free to do what you want on your own time; if you choose to break from His direction, that's your prerogative; however, you do not get to maintain the same level of security and stability the other Knights have earned by their fealty and by the bargain that Thassarian or Koltira Deathweaver have struck before you. Those wise to her methods will conveniently note that this makes her a hypocrite, enjoying both the audience and neutral status of being an Ebon Blade supply runner along with dismissing her former Alliance ties in favor of profiteering from their enemies.

Riley is also gaining a reputation for becoming a fence for Acherus' less-wanted, conveniently-gone-missing-from-the-necropolis goods. She offers these for sale to the living with little consideration of the power or necromantic energy they hold, with the mindset that "if they didn't want them sold, they shouldn't leave them in a back room to get dusty in the first place". Fellow Brothers or Sisters may feel free to begrudgingly accost her when she is selling goods at a local marketplace.

Relationships & AcquaintancesEdit

Tyrvarryn ShadowmistEdit

"My blood is your blood. Your runes are my runes."

Another one of Riley's former tutors and the Citrine Eagles' resident runesmith, naturally skilled in the blacksmith trade and second only to Sir Shindo Malphur with the forge and hammer. 

At the time of her reintroduction into the Eagles' ranks to keep an eye on potential Void corruption near the Crater, Rilennia had taken a particular fondness to the Worgen for his willingness to both tutor her in the "Old ways" - impressing upon her further runic knowledge, passed down from his own Vrykul-taught mastery - and to speak up on her behalf to the rest of the Citrine Eagle; introducing her to his makeshift 'family'.

A respect between Riley and Tyrvarryn fostered, leading up to and during a Horde-sanctioned air raid on Talongrab, the Eagles' base of operations, whereupon Tyrvarryn's mastery of osteolurgy and hemolurgy repaired the still-living Riley's shattered shoulder blade in the aftermath - an action that would be often repeated in the future, with him coming to her rescue more than once in this fashion. This initial action cemented a reciprocated bond between the two. Despite their starkly different backgrounds - his service in undeath aside, not to mention his nobility to her common background - the pair then fostered an instant mutual attraction that blossomed into phases of a romantic relationship.

Following the Siege, and with Riley's conscripted service into undeath, she had again taken on the role of student beneath her beloved alar'amithore; this time as a hemolurgist and soldier of the Ebon Blade. She followed him staunchly everywhere, referring to him as 'lord', due to his lands and titles. They were nigh-on inseparable; at the time, worrisome, as reliance on each other refused to allow fostering of individual identities in death - especially for Riley.

Tyriley 1

( art by Octaioa! )

The pair's romantic relations had, in the year since her death, fell by the wayside, due to their mutual separations in the line of duty and the pursuit of Riley's own profit margins. Months passed, and the two reconnected on a friendly level; but, time spent together in reconciliation and recognition of their mutual histories led to a romantic re-connection in Riley's own childhood home, surrounded by the detritus and damage of the Scourge's assault. A more organic relationship bloomed yet again between the pair, driven by shared memories and unabashed attraction.


Commissioned from Bird!

In spite of Riley often needing to be physically healed by her overtaxed actions on her body by the exasperated runesmith, he equally relies on her to be an emotional ballast in terms of how he views himself - the self-applied label of 'monster' seeming to fade with each passing chin-scratch.

On March 7th, L.C. 40, because Riley has never been one for tradition, she requested Tyrvarryn's hand in marriage herself with two rings, equally forged out of items from their past - his from the blacksmithing hammer of his father's, inlaid with gold from her mother's hair comb; hers with silver, recovered from filigree from the same hammerhead.

The pair were wed just a month later in the fields of Shadow's Rest, Gilneas, in a quiet ceremony witnessed by two attendees; the house's steward Bernard Sterling, and Riley's closest companion, Wey-Chung Brokenarrow.

Wey-Chung Brokenarrow Edit

"Hurry up'n sacrifice yerself again so I can turn yer pompous bird inta somethin' useful.
Like a four-piece dinner an' sides."
Riley wey 2

She nearly burnt his farm down, once. He's never forgiven her. They're pretty much bloodbound, with him bestowing upon her the nickname Fridget due to her acclimation to frost magics and her inability to stop fidgeting during their first few months of knowing each other. Riley grew out of it, giving up a focus on frost to favor abjuration; to her chagrin, the nickname stuck.

Wey served as a balance and a tether to Riley's otherwise unstable lifestyle; previously a ballast to her alcoholic tendencies and inability to control her unrequited lovesickness, Wey now acts in a reverse capacity - keeping the undead Quel'dorei above the ground, assisting in finding decency in her unlife. Despite their traded barbs, it's obvious there's a familial bond between the two, forged from an unspoken experience; one that stretches beyond mere acquaintanceship. 

She assisted in saving his life during the Shadow in the Sands campaign, and happily reminds him at any opportunity that her gross stank corpse blood is now a part of him, while remaining indignant that he was awarded a higher-ranked medal for his bravery than she did while retaining a pulse.

Alectryo IIEdit

"... that's what the chicken has to say, anyway."
Alectryo new 2019

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, other chickens, but this is what peak poultry performance looks like.

Rilennia's beloved pet and the only officially Kirin Tor-sanctioned divination chicken; the quel'dorei used and abused him for simple matters as finding out the weather forecast and larger scale tasks such as tracking down Burning Legion holdouts and the location of higher-ranking lieutenant demons. The chicken is gifted with a supernatural cognizance, having been exposed to high levels of the Suramar Nightwell's magics while within the egg, and accompanies Riley's fortune telling as an essential accessory; many are in awe over his powers, and rightfully so, while the Quel'dorei is regulated to a translating handler.

Alectryo has, since the events of the Siege of Tirisfal, taken a considerable amount of time to re-accustom himself to his would-be master; however, with retraining, placating and plenty of snowberries, he has allowed Riley to resume her alectryomancy to the delight of enraptured crowds across Azeroth.

Taldarick ReynoldsEdit

Rilennia was trained in the ways of magic by the Kirin Tor arcanist Taldarick Reynolds, and served under him in their tenure in the Highguard. He instructed her in the seven schools, fostering in her a love and appreciation for all things arcane - being one of the sole teachers responsible for furthering her education to a point of graduation from the Academy.

Riley had heard of the arcanist while studying to pass exit exams, and resolved herself to have him take her on as an apprentice. She set up a chance meeting with Taldarick in the parks of Stormwind, allowing him to pontificate on the importance of magic, before revealing very little of her acumen; the Quel'dorei couldn't even open a portal without his extensive training, a long-struggling feat that she, with his help, eventually mastered.

She quickly developed on-and-off reciprocated romantic feelings for him that had fallen by the wayside since his return from an expedition to one of worlds opened by the many demonic invasion portals torn open through the appearance of Argus. The magus returned from a strange world not quite himself, and chose a life of burying himself wholly in his extensively dangerous chronomancy research above the life that he, Riley and their adopted daughter Nicolette had attempted to carve out for themselves - leaving Riley alone in Dalaran for months at a time before she finally moved on.

The pair often icily acknowledged each other in passing in the Hall of the Guardian, where the former has a longstanding desk; however, once Riley  was promoted to Guardianship, to where she no longer needed to serve beneath him, contact was lost. Vanishing entirely from her life a second time, either by portal or unexpected death, Taldarick has not been seen or heard of by any of their shared acquaintances since.

With Rilennia's absence from the Hall entirely in her undead state, unable to access it with a lack of arcane in her body, it has been nigh on a year since she's seen Taldarick. It is unknown if he has lost himself in the very work he struggled to master, or has went missing on yet another expedition to a foreign world. True to her deeply buried and confused feelings, Riley makes a point to ask after his well-being through every newly met Kirin Tor operative of any rank; none so far have even heard of the wily arcanist.

Nicolette Rimeshard Edit

91032 burlycloud

Riley and Nico, when Riley was still alive. ( art by cut-box! )

Rilennia's adopted daughter with Taldarick and half-elven former orphan turned skilled protégé. 'Nico' is a child prodigy, a wunderkind of magic and mischief alike; she draws out a motherly side of the quel'dorei rarely seen - not that it matters, given Nico's penchant for disregarding with extreme prejudice anything Riley has to say.

Nico was adopted in a spur-of-the-moment decision prompted by Taldarick in one of his indiscernable, irascible moods - always wavering to and away from Riley in terms of romantic reciprocation, the Lordaeronian decided to give both Nico and Riley a better home by sharing his Dalaranian apartment and giving Nico the means to an education.

While the two may bicker, a softer side of Riley had been turned towards the teenager in an effort to better associate with her; since the siege of Antorus, Rilennia made more of an effort to reach out to those she cares for, Nico being chiefly among them. The half-elf child spends most of her time at the Academy, where she has been nearly thrown out twice since her enrollment; inadvertently following in the steps of her unorthodox minn'da.

Since the events of the Burning of Teldrassil, and her mother's death, Nicolette has taken it upon herself to swiftly advance through the ranks of the Academy - far surpassing anything that her mother or father could have taught themselves. Nicolette and Riley had a very rocky meeting after nearly a year of separation; the half-elf resenting Riley's unnecessary sacrifice and abandonment. They sporadically work through reestablishing a familial relationship - especially since Riley's name is still on the Dalaranian apartment Nico inhabits.


Riley's errant water elemental, adopted through the trade of a finely decorated skull bottle to a Zandalari junker for a parchment that described the ritual of summoning necessary to bring one forward. Svell is roughly the size of a softball and is wildly tempermental towards its 'master', but has proven instrumental in Riley reclaiming the usage of her frost and arcane magics.

During the Shadow in the Sands campaign, Svell was commanded and held against its will in an to attempt to drown a combative Worgen named Lewin that Riley believed to be a contaminated threat against the Coalition. The sheer force Riley threatened it with and used to keep it in place against its struggling will charred and slagged its elemental cuffs, freeing Svell to flee to the Planes in fear. Whether or not he'll come back when Riley is able to have the cuffs reforged has yet to be determined.

Music Edit

Riley is a very musically-influenced character.
Many of the memories, moods and interactions she has with others can be diagrammed through pre-existing music!
A full description of the meanings behind the songs associated with Riley can be found [ HERE .]

Main Theme: i'm sure it's ok - The Queenstons

[ Discordant Denunciation( ... for A Magi Reborn )] :

[ Hey Kid, Buy Some Bone Shards ( ... for Myopic Magnate ) ] : Commix - Emily's Smile

[ Recollection ( ... for Lost Memories ) ] :
In Space - Royksopp

[ MAGIC FIGHT!! ( ... for Harmless Sparring ) ] :
Xenon (Beatmania Ver.) - Mr. T

[ Meat Trees & Blue Jays ( ... for The Machine ) ] :
Dawn Chorus - Boards of Canada

[ Give Unto Me ( ... for The Maid ) ] :
Scarlet - Silent Hill: Homecoming OST

[ 'Cause It Ain't For Me ( ... for Nicolette ) ] :
Ochre - Infotain Me

[ Pickin' Stones ( ... for Wey-Chung )] :
saib. - space cowboy

[ [ Alar'amithore ( ... for Tyrvarryn ) ] : - Jinsang

[ Rebirth & Renewal( ... for Reanimation )] :
Dayvan Cowboy - Boards of Canada

[ You're Fond of Me ( ... for Fanatical Fascination ) ] :
aso. - Kyoto

[ Arkana'anore ( ... for The Most Furious Battle ) ] :
Rchetype - Causality

[ Time is a Flat Circle ( ... for Synchronicity ) ] :

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Riley has several quick-glance alignment charts for easy reference.

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