The River Wizard is a mythological figure in Stormwindian peasant folklore. Said to be the deity of all inland water bodies, most iterations of the River Wizard tale describe him as a short, fat man with a beard down to his knees, while some other versions tell of him as a Dwarf. In the vast majority of stories and sightings, the River Wizard is said to be clad in a red robe and pointed wizard's hat from which his name is derived.

Sightings of the River Wizard are not uncommon in backwater settlements within the Kingdom; most of the time he is claimed to materialize out of the water completely dry before regaling travelers with foreboding omens of the future, or granting them a trio of wishes which he will swear to uphold.

The River Wizard is viewed by most to be a children's tale of a mischievous yet helpful woodland fae-creature, though some--especially in rural villages isolated from outside influence--swear by his existence.

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