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Symbol of the rogue. (Image From Blizzard)

A rogue is an individual specializing in the arts of assassination, stealth, combat and also poison crafting. Rogues can be some of the most skilled combatants and use martial prowess and swiftness to take out their opponents.

Rogues generally don armors made of leather with steal or other harder pieces of plating to reinforce it. They choose leather to help benefit their specialties with being swift, deadly and quiet, and opposed to using plate, which would be too loud and restricting, or cloth that would be too un-protective, leather is a good "step in-between" and is characteristic of rogues.

For weapons, rogues can use a variety, the most common being daggers, but they can also use guns, bows, crossbows, and various melee weapons.

It is also a popular misconception of note that all rogues are affiliated with Stormwind's Intelligence Division Seven, known as SI:7. While many operatives are in fact rogues, most rogues are not in the organization, making this conception false.

Notable Tactics Edit

Rogues have a few tactics of worthy note.

Assassination Edit


An Undead Rogue assassinating an unsuspecting target.

While the art of Assassination can be technically used by anyone, the way Rogues execute such art is unique in the way the combine the ways of Stealth along with their combative prowess to take out their enemies with silence, or sometimes simply strike them down directly with their superior combat skills.

Rogues also usually take advantage of their poisons to execute an assassination with better efficiency.

Rogues are the most common class to be Assassins, and is generally one of the prime specialties of a Rogue.

Stealth Edit

The art of stealth is the art of melding in with the Shadows to become unseen, this can be used to commit assassination, or sneak by others with silence. The art of Stealth can also be used in combination with direct combat to sneak around in combat, appearing behind or on the sides of enemies.

Stealth is widely known as the main unique specialty of a Rogue.

Combat Edit

The art of combat is a very broad term, but the swift and elaborate way one Rogue uses the art of Combat is unique in the way they combine their swiftness, martial prowess, poisons, stealth and all the above to beat one opponent with ease and strike them down.

Rogues are known as unique fighters with their swift, sometimes silent and always deadly technique.

Poison Making Edit

An art almost exclusive to Rogues, the art of poison making is an art of brewing poisons to kill, incapacitate or do otherwise to an opponent or target. Poisons are generally made then have blades dipped with them. Poison Making is a very note-worthy craft of a Rogue, and many strive to be or are masters of it.

A list of some poisons can be found here.

Notable Rogues Edit

Name Race Faction Role Status
IconSmall Mathias-0
Mathias Shaw Human Stormwind / SI:7 Head of SI:7 and Stormwind Assassins Alive
IconSmall Goblin Male-0
Renzik "The Shiv" Goblin Stormwind / SI:7 / Uncrowned Member of SI:7 Alive
IconSmall Vanessa
Vanessa VanCleef Human SI:7 / Uncrowned Former kingpin of the Defias Brotherhood Alive
IconSmall Garona
Garona Halforcen Half-orc / Half-draenei Uncrowned Former agent of Gul'dan and murderer of King Llane Wrynn I Alive
IconSmall Valeera
Valeera Sanguinar Sin'dorei House of Wrynn / Uncrowned Personal assassin for King Anduin Wrynn Alive
IconSmall Voss
Lilian Voss Undead New Horde / Uncrowned Forsaken representative on the Horde Council Undead
IconSmall Human Male2
Jorach Ravenholdt Human Ravenholdt / Uncrowned Leader of the Ravenholdt Assassin's League Alive
IconSmall Gnome Female
Kelsey Steelspark Gnome Gnomeregan / Uncrowned Agent of the Gnomeregan Covert Operations Alive
IconSmall Tess-0
Tess Greymane Human Gilneas / Uncrowned Princess of Gilneas and Uncrowned agent Alive
IconSmall Pandaren Female
Taoshi Pandaren Shado-Pan / Uncrowned Shado-Pan and Uncrowned agent Alive
IconSmall Human Male2
Elling Trias Human Stormwind / SI:7 / Uncrowned Uncrowned agent Alive
IconSmall Goblin Male-0
Marin Noggenfogger Goblin Steamwheedle Cartel / Uncrowned Baron of Gadgetzan Alive
IconSmall Human Male2
Tethys Human Bloodsail Buccaneers / Uncrowned Fleet admiral of the Bloodsail Buccaneers Alive
IconSmall Undead Male-0
Moroes Undead Neutral Steward of Karazhan Undead
IconSmall Undead Male-0
Belmont Undead Undercity / Uncrowned Deathstalkers Commander Undead
IconSmall Human Male2
Tony Romano Human Stormwind / SI:7 / Uncrowned Rogue trainer Alive
IconSmall NightElf Female-0
Lonika Stillblade Kaldorei Uncrowned Proprietor of the Rogue Academy Alive
IconSmall Goblin Female-0
Mida Goblin Bilgewater Cartel / Uncrowned Uncrowned agent Alive
IconSmall Goblin Female-0
Kimzee Pinchwhistle Goblin Steamwheedle Cartel Leader of Pinchwhistle Gearworks Alive
IconSmall Brink
Brink Spannercrank Gnome Grand Alliance / SI:7 SI:7 agent Alive
IconSmall Dwarf Male
Owynn Graddock Dwarf Grand Alliance / SI:7 SI:7 agent Alive
IconSmall Undead Male-0
Alexi Barov Undead New Horde / Barov Industries Heir to the House of Barov Undead
IconSmall Human Male Rustridgi
Weldon Barov Human Grand Alliance / Barov Industries Heir to the House of Barov Alive
IconSmall Gnome Male
Tyrion Gnome Gnomeregan / SI:7 SI:7 agent Alive
IconSmall Human Male2
Flint Shadowmore Human Stormwind / SI:7 SI:7 agent Alive
IconSmall Human Male2
Wiley the Black Human Stormwind / Uncrowned Uncrowned agent Alive
IconSmall DarkIron Female-0
Hulda Shadowblade Dark iron dwarf Grand Alliance Draenor adventurer Alive
16px-IconSmall Saberon
Goldmane the Skinner Saberon Neutral Draenor adventurer Alive
IconSmall Gnome Male
Lowping Gnome Grand Alliance Draenor adventurer Alive
IconSmall High Elf Male
Vincent Ravenwing Quel'dorei Grand Alliance / SI:7 Head Tactician of SI:7 and Field Marshal Alive
IconSmall NightElf Male-1
Andorizian Nightgale Kaldorei Stormwind / SI:7 Head of Operations of SI:7 Alive
IconSmall Human Male
Alexander Marogos Human SI:7 Senior-Operative of SI:7 and Commander Alive
IconSmall Human Male2
Damian Blackbourne Human Stormwind / SI:7 Senior-Operative of SI:7 and Commander Alive
IconSmall High Elf Male
Killuan Coyer Half-elf Cobrafang Deathhood Ringleader of the Cobrafang Deathhood and master shadowcaster Alive
IconSmall Human Male2
Selvatore Melrony Human Melrony Crime Family Boss of the Melrony Crime Family Alive
IconSmall Human Male2
Jason Eddrick Worgen SI:7 SI:7 agent Alive
IconSmall EdwinVanCleef
Edwin VanCleef Human Defias Brotherhood Former kingpin of the Defias Brotherhood Deceased
IconSmall Human Male1
IconSmall DragonBlack-0
Fahrad Black dragon Ravenholdt Grand Master of the Syndicate Deceased
IconSmall Human Female1
Amber Kearnen Human Stormwind / SI:7 Lieutenant of SI:7 Deceased
IconSmall Human Male2
Bazil Thredd Human Defias Brotherhood Lieutenant of Edwin VanCleef Deceased
IconSmall Human Male2
Marzon the Silent Blade Human Defias Brotherhood Hired assassin by Lord Gregor Lescovar Deceased
IconSmall Human Male2
Lord Falconrest Human Syndicate Syndicate leader Deceased
IconSmall Human Male2
IconSmall Undead Male-0
Rohan the Assassin Undead Scarlet Crusade Scarlet assassin Deceased
16px-IconSmall BloodElf Male
Veras Darkshadow Sin'dorei Illidari Member of Illidari Council Deceased
IconSmall Human Male2
Brubaker Human Stormwind / SI:7 SI:7 agent Deceased
16px-IconSmall Satyr
Bazzalan Satyr Searing Blade Searing Blade cult leader Deceased
IconSmall Human Female
Pathonia Shaw Human Stormwind / SI:7 Former head of the Stormwind Assassins Deceased
IconSmall Human Male2
Invar One-Arm Human Scarlet Crusade First chief assassin Unknown
IconSmall Human Female
Yana Bloodspear Human Scarlet Crusade Second chief assassin Unknown

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