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Rosel Deichert
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“This timeline is doomed, but I will save you in the next.”


Humanfemicon.png Human


Alterac Icon.png Kingdom of Alterac


Janara Kessler (Sister)
Felix Deichert (Brother)



Rosel Deichert was an Alteraci mage who specialized in Divination and Chronomancy. She was a chief architect in constructing the mage tower in Norlaran. After a critical failure in an Arcane experiment, Rosel phased out of reality, and is presumed deceased.


Rosel was a portrait of sterling porcelain, standing at an imposing height of six feet, a billowing cloak of platinum blonde hair sweeping to the small of her back and, framing an emotionless visage that belied no intent, neither benevolent nor hateful. Her amethyst gaze held the wisdom of the world, an abyss of yawning, endless knowledge behind those scrupulous irises.

Clad in intricate regalia of magitech and traditional battle-mage augmentations, Rosel looked the part of a combatant, but rarely, if at all, did she engage in combat, let alone exercise any combat expertise. Regardless, her peers noted her potential power, as Rosel was able to tap into many applications of chronomancy, including imbuing objects with a stasis of time, allowing even the most simple, brittle objects able to carve through matter like a blade. It was this mastery of manipulating the flow of time around her that made many wary of her, but this field of study was adversely affecting her mind, leading for her to interpret reality with an extreme degree of objectivity.