Rosielyn Gwen Seyfried,
Knight of the Holy Light



Date of Birth

28 April 597 K.C.



Place of Birth

Arathi Highlands


Anointed Paladin of the Holy Light


Weapons Instructor


Kingdom of Stormwind


The Holy Light


Joseph Digariad, 1st Husband†
Maligard Rosemane, 2nd Husband†
Sir Alex Seyfried, Brother†
MSgt. Edric Alister, Brother
Jeffery Digariad-Seyfried, Son†
Alisa Seyfried, Daughter



Rosielyn Seyfried (Born The Hon. Rosielyn Gwen Forlien Seyfried) is a former noble. She is also an anointed paladin as well as a veteran in the Northrend Campaigns against the Scourge, where she served as a Knight-Lieutenant.


On first look, this woman looks more like a young girl than anything else. With shortness, slim body, and a small chest, one could easily make the assumption as well. But given her cool, mature attitude and her life experience, one is quickly proven wrong to that fact.

Her face would be flawless by normal standards, her long blonde settling over her face and running down her back in loose, maintained strands. Commonly, she'd be wearing her silver coronet, with her hair settled over her it.

The rest of her body would seem silm and curvy, well maintained for a former lady. Her skin is almost a pasty white, with a pink hue of a tan to it. Her clothing would be, at the best, semi-fine, with white silk clothing and a cloak with much the same same style to it.


Rosielyn, in public, presents herself to be a quiet and well behaved noblewoman. She always tries to see the good in people and organizations, sometimes to her detriment, as she often refuses to see the bad in people as well. Rosielyn also tends to be the voice of reasoning, explaining various sides and detailed conditions much like a military commander would.

In private, the humble baroness turns into, what many would consider, a fun-loving commoner. Though, she only gets this close to very few people in her life. Her hobbies tend to include singing, studying, and being close to her loved ones.


Her various titles, both inherited and earned, official and unofficial.

Anointed Paladin of the Holy Light

Being her original source of knighthood, Rosielyn became an anointed paladin a few days after her eighteenth birthday. While she still maintains her paladins, her other duties have left little room for this one. Though the training involved in becoming a knight is what shaped her to become the person she is today.


597 K.C. - 615 K.C., The Hon. Rosielyn Seyfried
615 K.C. - 618 K.C., Dame Rosielyn Seyfried
618 K.C. - 623 K.C., Baroness Rosielyn Seyfried of Lontshire
623 K.C. - 625 K.C., Countess Rosielyn Seyfried of Lontshire
625 K.C. - Current, Miss Rosielyn Seyfried

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