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The Royal Naval Academy of Kul Tiras

Coat of Arms

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Admiral Rodrigo Basilio


Boralus, Kul Tiras


Kingdom of Kul Tiras
Kul Tiras Navy
Alliance of Lordaeron (Formerly)



The Royal Naval Academy of Kul Tiras is the top educational institution for the training of naval officers and marines within the Kingdom of Kul Tiras and the Eastern Kingdoms as a whole. The College is based in the capital city of Kul Tiras, Boralus, and plays host to students from all over the human kingdoms who study, or teach at the Academy. The current Chancellor of the College is Admiral Rodrigo Basilio who has been the head of the college for many years.

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Faculty of Naval Navigation

The Faculty of Naval Navigation instructs all cadets in the methods that all graduates from the Academy must learn in order to create basic navigational charts and maps for ships and fleets when sailing upon the great seas. The Faculty incorporates advanced geography and cartography classes in as well in order to ensure all cadets meet the required set of standards as the Kul Tiras Navy.

Faculty of Naval Law

Faculty of Naval Strategy

Faculty of Naval Engineering

Faculty of Naval History

Prominent Students and Staff