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Rrok'arl the Bloodlighter was a two-headed Ogre-Magi who lorded over the Crushridge Clan for some time. Rrok'arl was a member of the Twilight's Hammer cult & claimed to have been trained by Cho'gall, the leader of the Twilight's Hammer cult. He was known to use blood magic & had some kind of mastery over twilight magic, apparently combining the two into a twisted & unstable hybrid known as Bloodlight. How or when he claimed lordship over the Crushridge clan is unclear, but he had apparently begun training (and creating) new Ogre-Magi while hiding in the ruins of Alterac. Rrok'arl met his demise at the conclusion of the War for Alterac following a fierce battle where he infused himself with his bloodlight magic & became a horrific monster in a similar image to his fallen master Cho'gall. 


  • Rrok'arl's name was initially unknown to the Alteraci forces and was simply referred to as 'King of the Crushridge' or 'King Crushridge'. His name was learned after some interrogations of captured Crushridge Ogres. This information was later delivered to Dominion archival officers.
  • According to the same Ogres, Rrok'arl did not poop. This fact was extremely frightening to the Crushridge Clan.
  • Rrok'arl had a purple skintone with glowing red markings along with large apparently calcium growths on his shoulders. Both heads also had two eyes, unusual as two-headed Ogres generally have one head with two eyes and one head with one eye.