Rueux Mystvale
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Void elf male icon Ren'dorei
Blood elf male icon Sin'dorei (formerly)



Magical School(s):

Icon-warlock Shadowmancy


Holy Light of Belore


Neutral Good


Alliance Horde


Grand Alliance Icon The Grand Alliance (loosely)


Serena Mystvale (sister)
Emiliana Mystvale (daughter)
Throk† (ex-husband)
Seraphi Mystvale† (ex-wife)





She's my daughter! Of course I would protect her, I love her!

–- Rueux Mystvale, upon being confronted by his sister for abandoning his daughter in the Stormwind Orphanage.

Rueux Mystvale, (born Rueux Belo'vir Mystvale) is a former Sin'dorei warlock possessed by the Sha. He is attempting to learn to control his volatile state as a monk, especially since becoming a Ren'dorei, but has had limited success on that front.

He briefly had a wife, Seraphi Mystvale, who birthed his daughter, Emiliana, but tragically passed during The Fall of Quel'thalas. He remarried several years later to a Darkspear troll by the name of Throk, who would later be killed during The Battle for Lordaeron.

His fifteen-year-old, Emiliana, was found in the Stormwind Orphanage by his sister, Serena, five months after the Blood War had officially began. Furious, she confronted him over his seeming lack of paternal instincts and selfish behavior, but he brushed her off.

Currently, there is a chance he is seeking treatment for his alcoholism, though no one can confirm whether or not this is true.

History Edit

Family Ties Edit

Rueux was found by his sister fairly early after dropping his daughter off in the Stormwind Orphanage. The two had a very explosive, very public argument before Serena stormed off in a rage, leaving her brother to do what he always does-- attempt to drink away his sorrows. He decided to move away from Stormwind in favor of Boralus, to further distance himself from his daughter. Despite Emiliana's love for her father, Rueux didn't want to influence her in any sort of bad way. He was smart enough to know a child should never watch their parent slowly destroy them self.

Off to Boralus he went, and was sleeping in a gutter when he was discovered by a kindly night elf priestess, who took him to a local pub to get him clean and fed (with the partaking of alcohol prohibited to him of course). Throughout their conversation, Rueux and the woman discussed their lives, with the Kaldorei revealing she had a partner, and Rueux discussing his daughter- as well as him and his sister's latest argument. The priestess offered him comfort and told him that perhaps, when he was ready, he could use this as an opportunity to begin taking the steps towards recovery- and she would even help him!

For the moment, Rueux has yet to decide on whether he will move forward or not. He's still walking in circles, and he's not sure if he's ready to stop.

Trivia Edit

  • Pronounced 'Rue'.
  • Once joked that bisexuality ran in his family. He was drunk. It was true.
  • Although he has only been in the Alliance for about a year or so, he has already racked up quite the public record, mostly citations for public intoxication.
  • Putting his daughter in temporary foster care was probably the best parenting decision he's made since the loss of his husband.
  • Rueux still harbors feelings for many people he left behind in the Horde. It's part of why he drinks.
  • He tried to apply for the Argent Dawn in order to become a neutral agent, but they kicked him out and told him to get sober first.

OOC Information Edit

If you would like to help Rueux's Wacky Journey to Sobriety and Stability, feel free to contact me through here! I prefer a head's up before you contact me on discord- I'm nervous.

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