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Safe Haven
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"It's time to reunite Quel'Thalas as one, with all of her people."


38 L.C.
Before War of the Thorns


Safe Haven


Blood elf female icon.png Moranai Sunstrike
Void elf female icon.png Gaytheil Sunstrike
Blood elf female icon.png Eleneill Sunsword
Blood elf male icon.png Alorinis Bloodarrow


Silvermoon City Emblem.jpg House of Sunstrike
Silvermoon City Emblem.jpg The Grove

  • Blessed Plains
  • Ashlands
  • Storm's End
  • Silver Ridges
  • Mount Belore


Hearth stone png.png Beds
Amethyst Armor-Suit Icon.jpg Clothing
Inv misc food cooked pabanquet wok.jpg Food & Water
Inv weapon bow 38.png Armor & Weapon
(Including Repair)
Arcane Reagents.png Enchantments


To provide safety to all Ren'dorei and Quel'dorei within Quel'thalas borders.



Safe Haven is just as it says.  Located within Quel’thalas itself, it is a place for Ren’dorei and Quel'dorei to return to Quel’thalas without prejudice to visit or recoup from battle.  With the war in Lordaeron, Quel’thalas is but a short trip away.

What is Provided

The Safe Haven provides food and water for the weary traveler, as well as a place to sleep and new clothes.  Armor and weapon repair and enchantments are also available to all who ask.

An ‘Open Door Policy’ is also available for those finding it difficult to separate the whispers in their head from the truth, or just those in need of venting to a willing ear.

Safe Haven also acts as a trade route, sending supplies to any who request it, within reason and as long as said supplies are stocked and able to be obtained.

How Word is Spread

Word is generally spread by word of mouth or through telepathy.  There is no flyer and there are no soldiers. It is an underground haven made to be kept a secret to protect the Ren’dorei in their native lands.

Notable Associations

Feel free to add your house, organization, or person(s). For Horde or Alliance.

OOC Notes

This organization is open for anyone to take part in some form. Feel free to connect your character or organization too it. If you wish to provide locations or provisions as a sanctuary, please see Gaytheil.

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