Samael Undercomb III
Samael Undercomb, portrait commissioned just after his knighting. (Art by Takacukasa)


IconSmall Human Male2 Human
Lordaeron Icon Lordaeronian


Lawful Neutral


January 8th, 15 L.C. (25)
Light's Zeal, Lordaeron


Grand Alliance Icon Grand Alliance
Stormwind Icon Kingdom of Stormwind
Lordaeron Icon Kingdom of Lordaeron
Church Icon Church of the Holy Light

Former Affiliations:

Silver Hand Icon Order of the Silver Hand
ArgentTabard.gif Argent Crusade
BrotherhoodiconAshen Verdict




Nathaniel Undercomb (Father)
Koraline Undercomb(Mother) James Undercomb (Eldest Brother)
Samantha Undercomb (Eldest Sister)
Maylynn Undercomb (Youngest Sister)
Theodore Undercomb (Youngest Brother)


House of Eberhardt
House of Undercomb

House Coat of Arms:




Samael Undercomb, named after his Grandfather and shares his name with his uncle, is an Knight-errant. Born in his mother's estate of Light's Zeal in Eastweld, Lordaeron, Samael would go on to lose his home, lands and nobility at the young age of five due to the Scourging of Lordaeron. Whisked away from the undead tide by his father and his closest friend Sir Callahan to his uncle's estate in Elwynn Forest in the Kingdom of Stormwind, there he would grow in age and eventually would squire under Sir Callahan until becoming a Knight just after the end of the Burning Legion's third invasion.

Currently, Samael is a Knight-errant, now riding with Abelinde Hart. The two are hard at work hunting what appears to be a much larger target than originally thought after investigating some murders in Westfall. With his loyalty mostly with the Church of the Holy Light, Samael stands ready to return to service with the Silver Hand and maintains loose connections with the Argent Crusade, if only to help take back Lordaeron.

Description Edit

Samael is a younger man in the middle of his twenties, and has a youthful, tanned square face with a smattering of freckles upon his Grecian nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. Brilliant hazel eyes sit underneath copper colored eyebrows, which almost always seem to be knitted together in some sort of worry or concern, which are beginning to give him frown lines. A medium length copper colored beard hides a strong jawline with a cleft chin, and the curly hair that crowns his head is much the same. Its a copper color and is of neck length, that often falls in his eyes.

Underneath his tarnished golden armor, Samael's body is heavily muscular from years of hard, physical labor on Boar's Heart and during his time as a squire. Samael carries a bit of fat, an easy indicator that while he lives a hard, physical life, he eats well thanks to his minor nobility status. His body is free of most blemishes save for calloused hands and scars from accidents while performing labor.

Personality Edit

Samael resembles his mother's personality moreso than his older sister does, yet with a hint of warmth and friendliness. He can be easily described as the silent but strong type, a man of few words. One could say Samael is shy, as once he has taken some time to warm up, you'll find the man will talk his companion's ears off. Samael can be described as a realist, often looking at all plans and expectations with a grounded view of reality and thought, which may or may not cause strife among his friends and comrades. Brutally honest, the man sometimes will speak his mind and the truth, without regard to feelings or personal convictions, as he believes it is only right to do so.

He follows a code that was hammered into his mind during his childhood and during his mentoring with Sir Callahan, one that can be easily called "chivalry." He fully believes in the Holy Light and tries to follow most of its teachings, he defends his family and the church, he attempts to defend the weak and vulnerable, he is passionate about his home country of Lordaeron, he does his duty, attempts to never lie, and helps those who need it. Samael will rarely fight with words, but will usually first attempt to defuse a situation before he resorts to weapons or hands.

On the flip side, Samael can be too proud, sometimes impulsively jumping to defend his honor, his country's honor or that of his family or friends. At times he acts before he thinks, and may say things that could come across as hurtful or mean. He can be loyal to a fault to some folks, overlooking mistakes or contradictions, and much the same for his orders.

Adjectives to describe Samael are as follows: Proud, strong, stoic, silent, impulsive, honorable, kind, chivalrous, honest, loyal, down-to-earth, realistic, friendly, warm, shy, talkative.


Origins: The Third War Edit

Born into minor nobility on the 8th of January 15 L.C. to Nathaniel and Koraline Undercomb in Light's Zeal, Lordaeron, Samael would grow up in the lap of luxury as a minor noble in his mother's house. As the young boy began to grow, he would learn the skills given freely to those of nobility: how to read, to write, basic mathematics, astrology, sciences, manners and etiquette, and about the Holy Light and the church's tenets.

Sadly, most of this would be lost during his fifth winter, as the Scourging of Lordaeron ravaged his country and besieged his home of Light's Zeal. However, his father and his closest friend Sir Callahan, would spirit Samael and his siblings away from Lordaeron and the war towards Stormwind, where his uncle had moved his estate. Here, a seldom seen turn of heart was displayed by his uncle, who only accepted his sister's family thanks to their shared blood. But their blood would not spare them from Uncle Samael's derision and distaste for his sister, which was often taken out on his nieces and nephews in the form of sharp, teasing jokes or blunt and hurtful words. His offer was simple, he would allow them to stay due to their blood and give them their own home upon his estate and in exchange, their farther would pledge his service to his brother and they would help take care of the livestock, and tend the grounds with their servants and cousins.

Having been much too young to remember much of the traumatic events that unfolded during the Battle of Light's Zeal , Samael and his younger siblings were at an advantage as they grew up in Stormwind. Able to adapt easily to Stormwind's culture, climate, and society, Samael grew and flourished within his uncle's estate, learning to hunt with the bow, track, mend fences, farm, garden and tend to the horses, cattle and sheep on top of continuing his academic studies in science, math, history of Lordaeron, the Holy Light, the church's tenets and the chilvaric codes of Knight's long past.

Squired to A Wise Knight Edit

At the age of 10, Samael was squired to his father's closest friend, Sir Callahan. Here, the young teenage boy would learn much about Knighthood and its several aspects, including equestrianism, jousting, martial arts using hand to hand, sword and shield, mace and shield, great sword and archery, and would expound upon the chivalrous code learned as a young boy. Samael excelled in martial arts, much of which was due to his size and his normal use of the mace and shield combination. However, despite his average intelligence, the boy had a difficult time grasping the use of defensive and offensive magic. Samael trained extensively in learning magic, studying intensely throughout the years until he was able to understand how to use it sometime in his late teens.

A Stark, Cold Change Edit

A few years after Samael was squired to Sir Callahan did the War against the Lich King begin. Kicked off by the Battle of Light's Hope Chapel, a messenger would soon appear at the Eberhardt's estate, summoning Sir Callahan and Nathaniel Undercomb to journey to Light's Hope to join the newly formed Argent Crusade. Nathaniel, in loyalty to his children, honored his pledge of service to Samael Eberhardt and remained within Boar's Heart to guarantee them a home. With Nathaniel's blessing and after saying their goodbyes, both Sir Callahan and Samael mounted their horses and journeyed to Light's Hope Chapel with the messenger. There, the two would join in service with the newly formed Silver Hand.

The Drakuru Conflict Edit

At the age of 14, Samael would soon find himself within Zul'drak, fighting alongside the Knights of the Ebon Blade against the scourge in the area, mostly against risen trolls. This would be Samael's first actual foray into combat, and first encounter with the Undead Scourge. Fighting alongside his mentor in several minor conflicts, the boy squire would not see major conflict until the Argent Crusade made their first push into Icecrown.

The Advance Upon Icecrown Edit

Eventually the Argent Crusade would found their first hold within the Icecrown Glacier, and here Samael and his mentor would be stationed just after the Drakuru Conflict. Here the boy squire would help build the temporary fortress using his skills learned during his time spent on Boar's Heart in Elwynn, building fences and palisades to aid in defending their ground. During his off time here, he would continue his training under Sir Callahan in the martial arts and offensive and defensive magics.

However, soon the scourge would soon launch a retaliatory attack upon the Vanguard, besieging it with frostwyrms, nerubians and ghouls. Samael and his mentor would fight with zeal alongside their fellow brethren, ultimately avoiding any maiming or major injuries. This would mark the first major conflict Samael experienced as a squire.

The Argent Tournament Edit

Stationed here as a means to relax after the battle at the Argent Vangard, Samael would soon be hard at work building the buildings and fences that the Tournament would use. While Samael himself would not partake in the tournament, his mentor would use such an occasion to test Samael's skills against more hardened and seasoned knights and squires. Despite the Lich King's numerous attempts to attack the Tournament, Samael would not see much, if any combat during his time here, having majorly spent his time continuing to train and spectate the Tournament itself.

The Assault Upon Icecrown Citadel Edit

Sometime after the end of the Tournament, both Samael and his mentor were present at the creation of the Ashen Verdict. Samael and Sir Callahan were both present as the Ashen Verdict lay siege upon the citadel. Ultimately fighting alongside his mentor to the upper platforms of the citadel, both Samael and Sir Callahan were injuring midway through the fight when a stray round from Orgrim's Hammer found its way into the battlements of Icecrown Citadel. Both of which were injured fairly severely, with Sir Callahan losing a leg and Samael himself suffering a few broken limbs and a minor traumatic brain injury. Both of which were pulled out from the assault and evacuated to the Argent Vanguard.

A Long Road to Recovery: The Cataclysm Edit

Unfortunately, due to both of their injuries, the two would miss the Lich King's defeat as they journeyed back to Light's Hope Chapel. Stuck here at Light's Hope, the two resigned themselves to their recovery, which would take longer than expected. The next few months to a year were a blur to Samael, mostly muddled by all the time spent in bed and sleeping to recover, but eventually the boy squire was able to regain his health, and eventually the boy would return to his training and work to regain his strength and learn more about the Holy Light.

The Return Home Edit

Both Samael and Sir Callahan were eventually discharged from the Argent Crusade, and were free to return home. After a long journey south, the two would return to Boar's Heart, where Sir Callahan would continue to train and mentor Samael upon the various aspects of Knighthood and the Holy Light. They would remain here for some time until the Burning Legion's Third Invasion.

Knighted: A New Beginning Edit

Samael would continue to train and mentor under Sir Callahan. Well past his teenage years, and into his twenties, Samael was a knight in all but name. Having mastered his mace and shield, and being an expert with sword and shield, great sword, archery, equestrianism and jousting, Samael was stuck within a form of limbo. Thanks to Sir Callahan's injuries from the War Against the Lich King and his rehabilitation afterwards, Samael was unable to fight in many of the conflicts after the Lich King was defeated. Resigning himself to Sir Callahan's homestead and Boar's Heart, the young man found contentment with his position.

Eventually, however, Sir Callahan would purchase a prosthetic from a passing gnomish trader, which would grant him the ability to walk again. Answering the call once again, the two would return to Light's Hope Chapel just a few days before the Order of the Ebon Blade's second assault upon the chapel. Here Samael would earn his knighthood, by encouraging the Silver Hand defenders to defend their order's hall, and aiding in pushing back the Ebon Blade's ghouls. Samael would continue to fight alongside his mentor and his brethren upon the Broken Isles and eventually the Broken Shore.

The Fourth War Edit

After the war, Samael would leave the Silver Hand with his Argent Crusade brethren after it splintered sometime during the fourth war. Fighting under the banner of the Silver Hand in the Battle of Stromgarde, and other conflicts during the Fourth War, eventually Samael would grow tired of fighting the Alliance's battles, and would return home to his blood family.

A Bloodbath in Westfall Edit

Thanks to his time in the Silver Hand and Argent Crusade, he would meet Kaina Duskarrow, a self proclaimed monster hunter. Finding himself aligning with her cause, Samael would find himself doing the same in order to directly protect his own. Once home in Boar's Heart, Samael would hear of a peculiar crime from Kaina in a letter that piqued his interest. Four local thugs were murdered within the region of Westfall, and rather gruesomely. In order to investigate the crime, Kaina instructed Samael to journey to the bridge between Elwynn and Westfall and await the appearance of another monster hunter who was to join him, as prompted to by Kaina. Samael did as he was asked, and awaited the appearance of his partner, Abelinde Hart. The two journeyed into Westfall and investigated the local farms, receiving eyewitness explanation that clearly described the two perpetrators as a human Death Knight and a San'layn. Inspecting the bodies of the deceased proved this as well, and their trail lead the two paladins towards the Moonbrook graveyard. Investigating the Moonbrook graveyard revealed that they had left to Acherus.

Abelinde and Samael discussed their options on how to approach the matter. Knowing full well that the San'layn where destroyed in Northrend during the war, and despite reports that San'layn were active during a skirmish over Blackrock Mountain, aligned with the Horde specifically. Samael found it difficult to believe that San'layn had made a return to "life" and thus the two decided to focus on the Death Knight, who was potentially part of the Alliance and far more of an immediate threat.

Left with a dead end, as it was impossible to know which Death Knight in Acherus opened the gate in Moonbrook, Samael suggested that they return to Elwynn and that he would pen a letter to send to Kaina with their findings. With no present way to move forward, Abelinde agreed.

The Grimsbane Advance Edit

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Samael would do as he said the moment they arrived in Elwynn, only to receive a letter back a few days later. Kaina spoke of a occurrence in the far north, in Lordaeron, of a small settlement named Mirstone. She disclosed how the modus operandi of the events there (having been there herself), and the ones in Westfall were similar and that the two should seek more leads there. Samael showed the letter to Abelinde, suggested they put the word out in Elwynn for their search for the Death Knight and then two set off for Mirstone.

Flying by gryphon towards Lordaeron, Samael would take care to survey and remember the land from the air, in case they would have any need to travel by foot. However, his attention would be drawn away from his surveying once the acrid smell of fel infused smoke reached his nostrils. Realizing that the town Kaina spoke of in her letter was now a smoldering ruin, it wasn't until the two drew closer that Samael realized that it now occupied by warlocks. Easily spotting the felfire and dark magics used by the coven as they drew closer, the two would find out why. A band of worgen were besieging the town. Samael and Abelinde disembarked their gryphons and made haste to join the fray.

Grimsbane vs Samael

Samael lays defeated at the foot of Grimsbane.

The two would battle both sides of the battle, and eventually would retreat to the safety of the nearby forest one the coven used their unholy powers to summon an infernal of immense size. Speaking amongst the two, they would both focus their attention on the infernal, deciding to take it down. Working as a team, the two would topple the infernal, bringing it to one knee and finally to the ground where Abelinde would end it with a single strike of her arming sword.

However, the two's battle would not be over so fast. Perched atop a nearby small hill was a lone warlock, standing there as a clear challenge to the two paladins, he would quickly be engaged by Abelinde Hart, who was quickly followed by Samael. After a short exchange, Gerard would curse Abelinde with terror, rendering her immobile and leaving Samael to fight Gerard by himself. Eventually cursed by Gerard with the curse of doom, Gerard would play a game of keep away until the curse activated, stopping Samael's heart. As he fell to the ground, lifeless, Gerard would vanish along with Abelinde's fear. Realizing that Samael was down, Abelinde would rush to his side to rend immediate aid, only to find him deceased. Praying fervently for aid, she would heal Samael with the light.

The Trail Continues Edit

With both Gerard and the Grimsbane Coven dealt with and gone, both Abelinde and Samael would set to investigating the ruined town for clues to the identities of the culprits of the massacre and the Westfall murders. The two would search the town, finding evidence of the battle before the Coven. Several raised dead lay scattered amidst the ruined town, some tore apart by claws, some with the flesh of worgen still stuck between their teeth and several spots of unholy and holy magics, mostly in the northern part of town. While the two searched, Abelinde discovered a totem carved in the likeness of a female worgen, decorated with colorful beads and feathers, like a pagan shrine.

Samael expressed disgust at the sight, turning Abelinde's attention to the clues of battle. Pointing out the damage from unholy magics in the schools of blood, unholy and frost, Samael and Abelinde would deduce that Kaina was correct in assuming that the two were quite similar. However, while investigating some unnatural looking spots of blood upon the earth, the two were approached by two shadowy figures, who revealed themselves to be Scarlets after a short, tense exchange. Introducing themselves as Elisa Labelle and "Rabbit", the two would prod Samael and Abelinde on their reasoning being here and despite the tension between the two groups, the four humans would agree to a truce in the name of finding the culprits of the Mirstone Massacre.

After a moment of dialogue between the two, Elisa would tap into the leylines in order to sense what magics had been used within the town. Picking out the signature of necromancy, frost, blood and death magics, and even further underneath it all, the holy light. Samael asked if Elisa would be able to trace the magics to an owner, or even a signature, to which she agreed with the condition it would take time to do so. Agreeing, Samael began to dole out orders. Sending Nemond to hunt for dinner, Abelinde for a place to call home, Elisa to continue doing her research and for him to keep watch, the group would resign to rest for the night and begin again in the morning.

Companions Edit

  • Lionheart - Samael's courser, foaled sometime after his squiring to Sir Callahan. Lionheart is known by his strong courage and hardiness. He is not easily spooked, even in the loudest and most chaotic of battles, and has served through each battle that Samael has with distinction. The bond the two have is like iron, and Lionheart doesn't take kindly to strangers riding him. He is of the Percheron breed and is a descendant of Greystone.

Relationships Edit

  • Abelinde Hart - A new acquaintance of Samael's, the two have proven to be a formidable force together. Forming the beginning of a monster hunting team, the two are hot on the trail of a trail of murders and the sacking of a small town in Lordaeron known as Mirstone. The two aren't very familiar with each other, but share an unusually connected past.
  • Samantha Undercomb - Samael's sister. Becoming somewhat of a mother figure for Samael and his younger siblings due to their mother's presumed death, the two would form a close bound as they grew up together at Boar's Heart. The two share a close and intense faith with the Light, and often share their experiences and thoughts. Samael takes special care to write her when he isn't home, letting her know of his location and status.
  • Koraline Undercomb - Samael's mother. Presumed dead during the Battle at Light's Zeal, she would set the basis for most of her children's upbringing and beliefs. With a proud, strong faith in the light and her chivalrous code, Koraline would pass this on to her children, who would become strong paladins and priests in their own right. She is subconsciously the template Samael attempts to follow for his own character, or at least what he can remember.
  • Kaina Duskarrow - A high elf Samael spent a few nights with and formed a budding romance with during his time at Light's Hope during the Legion's Third Invasion, she would eventually talk to him into leaving the Silver Hand and Argent Crusade in order to hunt monsters as a way of protecting his family and keeping the events of Light's Zeal from happening again.
  • Sir Callahan - Samael's mentor and father figure, the paladin mentored Samael through several conflict and throughout the years. Severely injured during the campaign in Northrend, Sir Callahan eventually laid down his sword and took off his armor for the last time after knighting Samael. He resides on a small farm outside of Goldshire, living out his days with his wife, his children and his grandchildren as a rancher and farmer.
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