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"The blackness of your armor is a testament to the looming shadow of your skill. Your enemies shall fear you."- General Sun Li Oxpalm to Samuel.

Samuel 'Reggad' Alberic
A portrait of Samuel shortly after his victory at the 37 L.C. Tournament of Ages! (Art by takacukasa!)


Afflicted Arathorian Stormwindian Human

Ranks and Titles

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Head of Internal Affairs (005)
Count of Longfield
Captain of the Red Wing
CEO of the Alberic Trading Company
Knight-Captain of the Grand Alliance
Commander of the Swordsworn Collective

Champion of the Hallow

Current Affiliations

Grand Alliance
Swordsworn Collective
Duchy of Gold Coast

Past Affiliations

Bloodsail Buccaneers?
Legion of Arathor
The Ironcloak Union
The Eastern Offensive
Shadowtalon Company
Kingdom of the Hills


Taylor Alberic (Father) †
Laura Ross - Alberic (Mother) †
Hope Alberic (Daughter)
Selther Alberic (Brother)†
Celleste Alberic (Sister) †
Tristan Alexander Ross (Cousin)

Date of Birth

23rd April, 587 K.C. (Age 39)


Chaotic Good





Samuel Taylor Alberic, otherwise known as Reggad, is the eldest son of Taylor Alberic and Laura Ross-Alberic from the Arathi Highlands and is currently the Lord Commander of the Swordsworn Collective, and current Count of Longfield within the Duchy of Gold Coast, holding dominion over the seat Barony of Longfield and the Barony of Wolfback Plains.

While being most renowned for being the second of Field Marshal Vincent Ravenwing within the 177th Assault Legion, otherwise known as the Shadowtalon Company.He is also known prominently as the 'Champion of the Hallow' following the 37 L.C. Dance of the Dead Tournament within Val'sharah. Winning as the Alliance Champion as well as beating the Horde's Champion to become the overall winner.

He currently serves as the Lord Commander of the newly formed Swordsworn Collective, a paramilitary organization formed to serve as the self funded forces of Gold Coast as well as to act on private ops under Samuel unrestricted by the eyes of the Alliance Military. Unknown to most he serves as the Head of Internal Affairs within SI:7, having the designated number of 005.


Samuel Alberic stands before those as a grizzled veteran. Once smoothe skin riddled with criss-cross scars from battles past. At one point his body would have lived up to the stereotype of an Arathian warrior, however age and change of work in recent years have caused him to become more lean in appearance.

Grungy black hair sits atop his head, swept to the side and being held in place by some form of product. The sides would be cut shorter to about an inch. Peering at passerby would be cutting dark emerald eyes. The left eye however appeared to be a slightly off shade compared to the right, heavy scarring surrounded it as well; hinting towards perhaps the eye having been removed at one point. A finely trimmed beard added to his scarred visage gave the man a commanding appearance.

Around the public, he can be seen clad in variants of layered leather armor. Thick enough to stop a shank from doing too major of damage to any vital areas, however allowing him to move freely in any direction. A hood and mask hiding his features to prying eyes, or hanging from his back and neck. At his waist would be a belt lined with various things, from a communicator to vials of poisons and elixirs. In sheathes would be two shortswords. Hidden on his person would be two other sheathes concealing daggers.

On rare occasions he can be seen wandering the streets in a suit of Gilnean craft. Once having worn this more often, recent events have put him on edge and caused him to rarely be unarmored. While in this suit however, a chain bracelet can be seen constantly worn on his left wrist, hanging from the chain are five wooden charms hooked into the links. An apple, a wolf, fist, anchor, and snowflake are all present. A gift from his ‘Surfal’ Vael’sha Shadowweaver, despite being quite new due to how often it is on his person the charms have gained a bit of wear here and there.

History Abridged

Early Life:

Born on April 23rd, 587 K.C. as the eldest son of a lower class family in the Arathi Highlands Samuel did not have an entirely easy life during his early years. Unable to attend school classes because of his hyper-active personality, Sam much preferred to aid his father, Taylor Alberic, in preparing his goods to be sailed out to other Kingdoms and locations as well as carry them to the docks. Thus he made due with being unable to read and write by acting as a labor-hand at the docks starting at the age of six. It was at these docks within Arathi that Samuel learned that he wished to live the life of a seaman, riding the seas and transporting goods to foreign Kingdoms.

Unknown to him during his mother's pregnancy with him, his father had cheated on his mother with a Quel'dorei. Thus giving him a Half-Sister only two months younger than him. He has yet to meet this relative and is still unaware of her existence. Four years after his birth his mother would give birth to his brother, Selther, and three years after that, his sister Celleste. However due to his families lack of money and struggle to even keep Samuel semi-healthy soon both of his siblings were sent off to an orphanage in Gilneas, never to be seen for years to come.

The Buccaneer's Tale:

The year 595 K.C. involved the death of Blackhand as well as the assassination of King Llane. However in Samuel's life it was the year of life changing events. At the age of eight years old his father believed that it was time for him to come with him and his mother on a trip to the isle of Kul Tiras via a small transport ship in order to sell his mothers jewelry and his fathers trade supplies. The first day into sailing from Arathi towards the isle it was calm, the young Samuel was joyous and excited to finally be sailing, a dream come true! If it weren't for the events of the following night.

Awoken by the cry of his mother and the shout of his father, Samuel quickly ran to the deck to see what was the matter. Only to find that the transport ship was being assaulted by a group of Pirates. As he took a step forward he felt a warm liquid meet the sole of his foot. The moment he looked to see what it was his eyes opened with terror and fear as they met the lifeless gaze of his mothers head, had it not been a furious shout from his father the young Samuel most likely would have been locked in a trance for hours. Though his father did not have any better luck than his poor mother, the Arathian soon fell to the blade of one of the assailants, his blood painting the floorboards around him a scarlet. The boy believed his fate to be similar as his parents as one of the Pirates rose their blade towards him, only for the Pirate to be stopped by an elder man, one who struck the essence of Authority. The Captain of the Pirates shouted towards the man who struck down Samuel's father stating that they were pirates but nay were they child murderers.

The Captain would then bring Samuel oddly aboard their ship, initially intending to strand him within Kul Tiras the first chance he got. It wasn't however until Samuel told the Captain of his fascination of boats and the sea that he believed the boy could be used and molded into a scapegoat with the knowledge he already had at his young age. This would then begin the tale of a Buccaneer.

He started serving as a slave to the Captain to break his will and his mind. It was not hard due to how young Samuel was and soon he was doing everything the Captain bid of him. Ranging from setting the sail to washing the deck to even removing corpses of other slaves. This eventually earned him on his day of turning sixteen the right to be a member of the crew. Quickly earning the title of First Mate to the Captain and helped lead the Pirates to many victories and gathered many riches. However as he neared the age of maturity, he began to recover from the years of mind-games and realized that things weren't all as they seemed in the Pirate life.

Discovery of Shadow Magic:

While spending a large portion of time in areas such as Stranglethorn and Kul Tiras, Samuel learned to read and write fluently by the age of eighteen thanks to the Captain and books of the historical genre that he found laying around. It was also during this time that he was first exposed to religion other than the Light, becoming rather quickly intrigued by the Loa and Voodoo of the Jungle Trolls as well as their use of Shadow Magic in hexes and shadow-walking. He however believed that he would never be able to manage a hex and focused more so on the shadow-walking, eventually finding a book written in Zandalari that he spent time decoding to common that would help teach him the basics of this use. At this point of his life however he knew that having these basics made him a threat, especially after having some mistakes happen and not so pleasant creatures arriving. So the Arathian kept his new found ability hidden from most people, only using it for quick getaways while on foot.

Imprisonment and Reformation:

The year 606 K.C. had many things going wary in Samuel's life. A close encounter with an Alliance War Galley sailed by a young Tristan Alexander Ross that nearly ended his life and the death of his first wife Hope Livlin began to destroy him mentally, causing him to do irrational and possibly suicidal missions until he was eventually imprisoned by the same man who nearly caught him earlier in the year. He was taken to the Stockades to await his trial.

With his already deteriorating mental health and his trial being postponed constantly due to the reconstruction of the realm, it was soon decided that instead of keeping the slowly growing insane inside the Stockades that he would use what value he had left to benefit the Kingdom of Stormwind and the Alliance as a whole. He was conditioned with having to enlist in the Navy and put his knowledge of piracy groups and the seas to use against the enemies of the Alliance. Thus starting a clean slate in the life of Samuel Alberic, at the age of nineteen.

Enlistment into the Navy:

Enlisting into the Navy as a former pirate is as hard as you may expect it to be. Having become well known by the Kul Tiras natives and as such the majority of the Alliance's naval forces, Samuel did not get off with his deeds quite so lightly. Despite his role the officers and others made everything as difficult as possible, however this did not break Samuel's will due to his strive to become better than who he was before.

It wasn't long until he proved to the officers that he didn't intend to stab them in the back and gained two promotions very quickly after his first two years in the naval forces. This would line up Samuel to gain slight freedoms that he did not have prior and slowly become more accepted among the others.

Establishment of the Alberic Trading Company:

On the third year of his enlistment, Samuel began to work on continuing his father's work as a Tradesman on the side of his naval career. Thus the early concept of the Alberic Trading Company sprung forth and bounced between the minds of himself and Tristan Alexander Ross, who had decided it would be beneficial to keep an eye on Samuel. Soon the concept came to fruition a year later and the small company was created.

This small spurt of glee in the life of Samuel was however shortly lived as there was darkness on the horizon in the north. The end of an era was coming.

The Third War:

The betrayal of Arthas Menethil reached the ears of those in the foreign Kingdoms rather quickly after the rumors of a mysterious plague that had begun to spread within the Kingdom of Lordaeron. However it was not the threat that Samuel and the Navy were primarily focused upon ending in the Third War.

He was apart of the force that aided whomever fled to Kalimdor from Lordaeron. However it soon became aware that the fleeing humans were not the only ones heading towards Kalimdor. The exiled Orcs had began to create towns and cities within the newly named Durotar and this did not sit well with Samuel and many others whom had raged war against the beasts in the past. Though the young man knew his placed within the Navy and simply aided in the building of Theramore and protected it against any invaders.

Samuel aided in as many battles within the Third War that he was physically capable of joining, this included the Battle of Mount Hyjal under Jaina Proudmoore, despite his Naval enlistment Samuel was considered a decent fighter. The horrors of the Burning Legion and the Scourge took the still mentally recovering man to early stages of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, however he was not diagnosed with such until years later.

"Can your blood atone for genocide, orc? Your Horde killed countless innocents with its rampage across Stormwind and Lordaeron. Do you really think you can just sweep all that away and cast aside your guilt so easily? No, your kind will never change, and I will never stop fighting you."- Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore

Promotion to Commander:

For his service in the Alliance Navy up towards the Third War as well as during the War, Samuel was awarded a promotion to Commander of the vessel he had served on during the flee to Kalimdor. He was also awarded the Third War Campaign Medal due to his service upon his promotion with a bar representing his presence at the Battle of Mount Hyjal.


After the Third War, Samuel suddenly disappeared on a sabbatical. The Treaty of Theramore caused the Alliance to be unable to use Theramore as a point of war against the Horde and as such he did not wish to be there. However he did not return to Stormwind. No one knew where Samuel disappeared to, all they knew is that he was no longer an active part of the Alliance Navy.

It is hinted that in this time period he was practicing his Shadow Magic and actual physical training. It was also hinted that he was using this time to recover from any mental problems he acquired since his enlistment and during his time in the Third War.

The Northrend Campaign

After the Scourge attacked Stormwind and the Campaign to Northrend was announced there was still no sight of Samuel after the year long disappearance. However it wasn't until the Alliance was landing and establishing Valiance Keep that the Commander would arrive at the docks aboard a Warship named 'Daelin's Pride' after his former Grand Admiral.

To some this was an oddity, a Commander that had been gone for so long suddenly showing up? This did not sit well with those assigned to the Warship as they believed his sabbatical to be more along abandonment than anything. However to those that fought alongside him in the Third War and prior it was a happy day to see him, though they noticed something was off. The once strict and rough Naval Commander appeared much happier than he did in the past and much, much kinder.

He carried himself differently, the once prideful stride was replaced with a lazy and hunched one. While his tactics did not falter they had gone to being less radical to more conservative, caring much more in this war than in the past of the lives of his men. Some state this was merely because of the risk of being risen, others know too well this was apart of the change that had happened during his disappearance.

Promotion to Captain:

Not too long into the war as the naval battles with the Scarlets increased the casualties struck both sides as the Alliance intended to push deeper in Northrend and the Scarlets were long well established. One of these casualties was the near destruction of 'Daelin's Pride' during a skirmish. Had Samuel not gotten below deck fast enough he would not have survived. Though this did not mean he was unscathed. The Commander suffered many cuts and even having a decent length of plank stuck into his side, but he survived.

Sadly many were not as lucky, over half of the crew were slain from the damages lost including the Captain. After Samuel managed to sail the damaged ship as close as he could back towards Valiance Keep, the crew and remaining supplies were unloaded and reloaded onto a new ship until 'Daelin's Pride' was repaired. However Samuel's injuries did not heal as fast as he wanted and he was stuck in the Keep until he recovered. This did not bode well with Samuel however he had to oblige.

It was not long until the warship was rebuilt and Samuel having recovered fully only days prior, was promoted to be the ships new Captain. The war had already advanced to areas such as Grizzly Hills and Icecrown at this point and Samuel was soon once more in naval combat against the Scarlets, this time his warship was successful and aided the Alliance in making sure New Hearthglenn and the Onslaught Harbor were turned to ruins.

The Nexus War:

After a successful return to the navy and his promotion it was not long until word of the Nexus War reached Samuel's ears. Taking another temporary leave from his position as a naval officer to aid in the Nexus War, it was here that Samuel sated a craving that had nagged at him since the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Slaying mage hunters, wyrmkin and other foes of the Alliance and Kirin Tor, Samuel was a very common face in a very foreign area.

It was during the War that others were becoming more and more aware of Samuel's change, one moment he would be with the troops, the next he would be in the thick of the battle, twirling his blades and rending flesh. Then he would disappear and reappear somewhere else. His use of shadow magic was easily caught by the magically inclined but at the time as it was benefiting them, most ignored it.

As the Nexus War began to come to an end with the victories in the Nexus and Oculus, Samuel soon returned to Valiance Keep to once more uptake his role as Captain of 'Daelin's Pride' until the end of the War against the Lich King.

The Shattering:

After the Northrend Campaign was over, Samuel was beginning to contemplate retirement. Fighting against the Scourge had re-shattered parts of his mental stability and he began to suffer early stages of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However as per normal with Azeroth there wasn't much time before there was another war.

After the Shattering, Samuel was stationed in the Twilight Highlands within Highbank. Serving with the Navy once more to combat the Twilights Hammer in the area and the Dragonmaw orcs. This station did not last long however as he was moved after two skirmishes with the Dragonmaw to aid on Baradin's Isle to stop the Horde from taking the prison once held by Kul Tiras.

It was at the Isle that Samuel learned what it took to be a Warden and where he learned some less than delightful ways of getting information that he required. Needless to say it was not what he needed after developing mental disorders.

The Pandaria Campaign:

After leaving the Isle and the Cataclysm was over, Samuel was able to have a period of peace and establish mental balance once more. He soon befell the Worgen Curse after his wife at the time bit him in a fit of rage. After taking many concoctions the Captain was returned to his normal state of mind for a short period.

When the Island of Pandaria was found beyond the mists, Samuel was apart of the Naval forces that were dispatched to land troops on Pandaria. However after being ambushed by Horde forces 'Daelin's Pride' was sunk into the depths of the sea. The battle had thankfully not been too far from the shore and after being knocked out he drifted on a piece of debris towards the Isle.

After being found by wandering Pandaren, the injured Captain was taken from where he was and nurtured by the family and soon returned to full health. Over this time period however, Samuel came to learn of the events in the Jade Forest and of Pandaren culture, such as the monks and chi. After hearing of the way of the monks and the level of control and meditation they went to, he believed he found a way to control his curse without having to use the druidic ritual.

After watching a few classes and practicing a bit on his own, he learned enough to stem his feral rage in the most serious of situations. However not enough to completely cure himself of the feral instincts.

After reuniting with the Alliance forces in Krasarang Wilds, he was made aware of Operation: Shieldwall and soon made preparations for such.

After Lion's Landing was established from the efforts of Operation: Shieldwall, Samuel once again was at home within a Naval base. Helping in the efforts against Dominion Hold until the war was taken from Pandaria once more to Kalimdor.

Siege of Orgrimmar:

Being a Naval man at heart, once the bells of war sung for the Siege of Orgrimmar Samuel was prepared to let his new ship the 'Red Wing' act as a transport ship to land Alliance troops on the strands of Durotar. Not only in this did Samuel sate his hatred for Orcs he had since Theramore, however he was also able to keep himself physically out of harm while he managed to control his curse.

His role within the Siege of Orgrimmar didn't extend much past that until the final assault where he was called in to temporarily serve on the field. Helping the final push beneath the orcish city before quickly being returned to the ship line once the escape was required.

After the Siege was over, Samuel returned to Stormwind with many of the other soldiers and enjoyed a few drinks and cigars.

Retirement from the Navy:

With his affliction beginning to restrict his ability to control himself in heated situations despite his monkish attempts to calm the inner rage, Samuel chose that in his late thirties was the time to retire from the Navy. Choosing to spend the time finding more about himself and controlling the curse.

This however did not stem his work for the Grand Alliance, choosing to take on more office-like work among Admirals and other Captains. He enjoyed this time and it seemed as if he was ready to settle down. Paperwork wasn't as bad as he had thought it was in the past and his PTSD was thankfully no longer triggering from anything!

This lead to a very peaceful time in his life. Being able to find himself and finally put a reign over the Worgen Curse with the aid of a friend and some drugs. This also included a time returning to his birth home within the Highlands, and a short time of enlistment within the Legion of Arathor.

The Shadowtalon Company:

It wasn't long until an old friend by the name of Sarareith Daggerfall would approach Samuel with an opportunity to put his shadow magic and more militarized fighting skills to use, the rogue was employed under Field Marshal Vincent Ravenwing within the Shadowtalon Company.

Samuel believed that honing his skills after a year out of combat was a great idea and found the nearest recruiter to join the organization. This lead to him donning the colors of the Company and beginning his work.

His time within Shadowtalon however was rather short after his close friend left the organization by her own means and left Samuel really only honing himself now. However this short time did not mean he didn't learn much.

He states to this day his short time in Shadowtalon opened his eyes towards how the world really worked. Especially the Eastern Kingdoms in a way that he had never viewed them before.

Kingdom of the Hills:

It was not long after Samuel had left Shadowtalon that his friend Sarareith Daggerfall once more would present to him an opportunity of work. Geranelm Syla was once more reviving the Kingdom of the Hills, an organization based out of Northrend within the Grizzly Hills. It's main goal was to form a new home for those wishing to escape the war torn Eastern Kingdoms to live peacefully. It didn't take much for Samuel to agree and join the organization.

Initially starting out simply as a tradesman for the group and aiding in the recruitment. He was rather quickly elevated to being a Nobleman within the Kingdom, gaining a few more luxuries though not entirely much. These few luxuries allowed him to further employ his trading company up in the North. It was during this time that he would become acquainted with Caileach Greywisp, and befriend Sellatix Dawnslayer, Bluie Firegiz, and his long forgotten cousin, Tristan Alexander Ross, whom had become an Admiral as well as Syla's Hand.

Councilor Samuel Alberic. (Picture by Jaylith!)

"Aye! Cousin!"- A common phrase to hear whenever Tristan Ross or Samuel would approach the recruitment station.

Councilor of the Economy:

After aiding in the taking of Bloodmoon Isle, and Solstice Village, Samuel would catch the eye of the Regent-Lord and promoted to the Regency Council as the Councilor of the Economy. A role that Samuel took with great honor, and pride. He was rather influential in increasing foreign production through his trading company, as well as linking it with his cousin's own Zundrbar Corporation.

Within his time as the Councilor of the Economy, Samuel partook in the vote to remove other members of the Council, having voted for the Councilor of War, a dwarf by the name of Dargen, as well as his own friend, the incumbent Ranger-Lord Sellatix Dawnslayer, to be removed from the Council due to signs of warmongering, and unreliability, respectively. He also was apart of the vote of whom would be Regent-Lord as doubt was placed into Geranelm by other members of the Council. He however, would vote for Geranelm to remain as Regent, due to Tristan being AWOL.

Regent-Lord & Fall of the Kingdom:

It was not long however until history would repeat itself, Caileach whom had been placed in charge of the Military of the Hills after Dargen's removal, once more left the organization to create his own group. Based out of Wintergarde Keep within Dragonblight, he would leave with Aedian Nightbane, a Noble of the Hills, and his wife, Frost Greywisp. Taking a large portion of the population with him, this left the Kingdom in a plummeting delcine, doubt was once more placed within Geranelm and many were coming to Samuel with their thoughts of leaving. This included Sellatix Dawnslayer, whom had returned full-time as Ranger-Lord.

As if out of an act of desperation, seeing Samuel as a favorite among those still within the organization, Geranelm would elevated him to act as Co-Regent to the Hills. For a short time, this would bring a large spur of growth and interest back into the Hills, and stability was once more seen to be within the Hills. This was until there was the arrival of an unknown group of necromancers into the Grizzly Hills, and without a solidified force to push back the sudden impact would demolish many of the buildings built, and caused them to flee.

This was a very painful experience for Samuel as hard work appeared to have been for naught. A sudden impact of his PTSD and depression caused him to return to Stormwind, feeling safer and at home in the familiar streets. Along with a majority of the remnants of the Kingdom, he soon joined Falcko Arturia's Ironcloak Vanguard.

"Should've seen this comin' honestly. Somethin' bad always happens when I affiliate myself with the Hills, mate. But it may just be me."- Sellatix Dawnslayer to Samuel as they sat within a bar after returning to Stormwind.

Formation of the Ironcloak Union:


The Ironcloak Union was established initially under the name "Legacy of the Iron Hills", an organization lead under the Triumvirate of Samuel, Geranelm Syla, and Commander Falcko Arturia between the remnants of the Kingdom of the Hills and the Commander's Paramilitary Company, the Ironcloak Vanguard. Lead rather fluently by the three, it saw heavy influence initially in the Hillsbrad Foothills and Northrend, specifically the lands the Kingdom held in the Grizzly Hills. It was in this time that Samuel began to learn what it took to lead a rather well established organization.

It was not until Geranelm's retirement from the Union and as the Co-Regent of the Hills, that Samuel was pushed further into the leadership role. Having a rather odd friendship with the Commander, the two would keep a stable, but rough peace within their lands after Syla's departure.

He however, was soon caught in a predicament. Sellatix Dawnslayer, the Ranger-Lord of the Ranger Division in the Vanguard, and a long time friend of Samuel stepped down from his position for unknown reasons. At the time there was nobody entirely fit to fill the position, it was at this time that Samuel was introduced to Zamaris Greyfox, an acquaintance of Lieutenant-Commander Caricias Telrenn. The Informant quickly displayed her skill to Samuel and he decided Zamaris would become the new leader of the Rangers, being elevated to the Iron Council and given the rank of Ranger-Lady.

Soon after Samuel and Falcko decided to present a name change of the order to the Iron Council, their sector of Officers, the name presented was the 'Ironcloak Union', paying homage to the forces lead by the Commander, and to represent a more Union style of operation.

After being renamed to the Union, Samuel was placed into the position of Chairman where he would spend less time on the battlefield and more time in meetings and creating Alliances with other organizations. Through this position he was able to meet some rather influential members of the Alliance such as Marshal Serpico Shar'adore,and reacquaint himself with Field Marshal Vincent Ravenwing.

"We are held together by a bond of Iron! Try to shatter it and you shall be met only with failure."- Chairman Samuel Alberic to the now Scarlet Lord-Commander Geranelm Syla.

Return from Retirement:

Upon the return of his cousin, Tristan Alexander Ross to the Eastern Kingdoms after a search for Prince Ghlafferge Sootbeard, the Admiral was soon elevated to the position of Fleet Admiral to the Union's naval forces and a spot on the Iron Council. It was during this time that Samuel would contemplate rejoining the Navy, and would come out of retirement to serve as a Captain within the Union's navy.

During this time, Samuel was promoted to the rank of Commodore within the Grand Alliance's Navy due to his past service and recent work with aiding the growth of the Union's Navy to help protect their trade routes and influenced lands.

Fall of the Union:

It was not long after the signing of the Treaty of Grizzlemaw that Samuel's co-leader, now Marshal Falcko Arturia, would disappear. There was not much context to her disappearance other than that she left the Duchy of Durnholde in the hands of Galmone Wolfgang Smith's son Tyler Steele and his fiance Ricktore Schroder. With such the military forces of the Ironcloak Vanguard within the Union soon fell with a lack of leadership as no one wished or were fit to replace her.

It was with this that the Union was disbanded by the Iron Council and Samuel. The individual leaders of the different lands would separate, one of which being Samuel and his land in the Hills, and go their separate way. Initially wanting to stay away from work for a short time, an memory tugged at his mind in the hours after the dissolution of the Union, a memory of his time in the military.

It was with this that Samuel sought out a friend of his, he sough out Commander Teolon of the 103rd Infantry Legion.

"It is with heavy regret that I announce that Marshal Arturia has disappeared, and without a leader to take her place in the Vanguard, the majority of the Union has left to find new homes. With that the Iron Council and myself have disbanded it."- Samuel Alberic informing Commander Teolon of the Union's fate.

The Eastern Offensive:

Old and New Faces:

On the night that the Union fell, Samuel would meet with Commander Teolon within Stormwind Keeps library in order to enlist within the 103rd Infantry Legion, a military organization that the Ironcloaks had been allied with. He sought to offer any knowledge he had to them as well as to learn more of the army style of work. Being assigned to Commander Darkfrost's Special Operations division, much to Marogthor's surprise as Samuel walked into City Hall to claim a tabard and communicator.

"Wait.. You require a One'o'Third uniform?"- Commander Marogthor the night of Samuel's enlistment.

Initially believing his time with the Legion to be temporary, upon interacting with older faces such as Count Nathul Furlbrow and the Commander, as well as meeting new faces such as Commander Marogthor Darkfrost, Kitiara Uth Matar, and Commander Calidian. Samuel decided that the Legion would be his permanent home for a long time to come.

Baron of Redfield:

The first few nights within the Legion were interesting for the former Chairman as he would rather quickly gain a promotion to Oathsworn, as well as have a meeting with the Count of Gold Coast, Nathul Furlbrow. Initially only a welcoming to Gold Coast as well as a heads up of plans to come, the Count would offer to Samuel a rather interesting deal. After Garaan McMillan, the Baron of the New Highlands within Gold Coast had recently died, leaving Nathul without anyone to take up the rather underdeveloped Barony to the West of Westport, the capital of Gold Coast.

Lord Samuel Taylor Alberic, Baron of Redfield. (Art by Kim Swan!)

Nathul offered the Barony to Samuel, as well as a much required rename, as for some reason, he trusted him. As long as he maintained an action of carts of wheat to Westport a month. Accepting after a few minutes of thought, Samuel was now a Noble of the Kingdom of Stormwind, albeit a lower tier Noble, one nonetheless. Beginning to serve his new Liege-Lord rather happily

Lance Corporal of the Eastern Offensive:

After establishing a better foothold for the newly named Barony of Redfield, the Legion would begin to be locked into skirmishes against the Army of the Truthful. As a part of the Special Operations Division, Samuel joined in with a few of the skirmishes and proved that he was still capable of fighting after taking a non-combat role for some time.

After the skirmishes were fought and the Truthful pushed back from Gold Coast, a meeting was held to brief the Legion on the matters. During this meeting promotions were held for various individuals, one of which was Samuel, who was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal, now standing as one of three within his division with Kitiara Uth Matar and Qub.

The Intelligence Division:

A few months would pass and another old face would join the Legion, Field Marshal Vincent Ravenwing. The Field Marshal having retired Shadowtalon and brought a few members to the Legion such as Sun Li Oxpalm, he would be placed in charge in leading an SI:7-esque Intelligence gathering division. Initially offering Samuel a spot within Military Intelligence, he however would put this off. Not wishing to leave Special Operations just yet.

A month later however, Samuel would receive papers from Marshal Serpico Shar'adore that he was transferred into Military Intelligence, as Spec Ops would be taking a new turn and reign of leadership under Grand Marshal Ashamal Shalah'aman. A bit of surprise taking over him, he would be once again placed under the leadership of Vincent, almost a year and a half after having left the Company the Quel'dorei once led.


After being transferred into the Intelligence Division, Samuel would be called to wait at the meeting chambers in Westport by Vincent Ravenwing. Riding from Redfield within a decent time frame, Samuel would wait until he was called inside, initially with Th'diirath Shar'adore, the Cousin of the Marshal, before the Highborne would leave.

Upon being called into the Chambers, he was confronted with the majority of the officers of the Legion as well as Marshal Serpico Shar'adore. Sitting on the table in front of them would be copies of his personal files. After a introduction and briefing, Vincent would offer the Lance Corporal the opportunity to be the Champion of Military Intelligence, thus the Third-in-Command underneath the Field Marshal and Lieutenant Glimi Sixpence.

Lieutenant Samuel Alberic (Sketch by Zamaris!)

Upon accepting, Samuel was given his new badge as well as his list of new responsibilities. All of which he accepted gratefully.

"Your colored history and service impresses even myself, Lance Corporal. For this I would like to make you an offer, to be the Champion of Military Intelligence."- Field Marshal Vincent Ravenwing

Recruitment Officer & Lieutenant:

After his promotion to Champion, Samuel spent the majority of his time doing paperwork and working occasionally in the field. Soon performance reviews would come around and Samuel would be sat down with Marshal Shar'adore. Samuel mostly projected positive views on his time within the Legion as well as being told that he had so far followed through with any hype he may have had coming from the Union.

However Samuel also stated that while he loved the Legion as his new home, the thought to attempt at leading something such as the Ironcloaks continued to eat away at the edge of his mind. Though he himself knew that any attempts at this would be in the future, far from the current day. After his review, the Marshal extended an offer to the Arathian, the Legion's recruitment officer, Bruzer Oakfist, had been inactive for some time and he wished to make Samuel and his niece, Taluciela Shar'adore, the new recruitment officers of the Legion. Samuel accepted the offer without any real thought.

A few weeks would pass and Samuel would be inducted into SI:7 in April (See section below). A threat would be introduced and Samuel would be put at the head of the investigation for it. After gaining a massive lead and getting narrowly close to capturing the target, the man in question almost disappeared. Though he remains vigilant in capturing this man and following through with his punishment. For his work on this operation and in the Military Intelligence Division, after Lieutenant Sixpence's promotion to Commander, Samuel was promoted to be the new Lieutenant of the Division, thus making him a Lieutenant in the Grand Alliance Military.

SI:7 and Senior Agent (041)

At the beginning of the month of April in the year 37 on the Lotharian Calendar, Samuel was approached with an offer by Vincent Ravenwing, Head of Tactics of the SI:7. Having proven himself to be a reliable rogue in his role as Champion within the Intelligence Division of the 103rd Legion, the Field Marshal offered to swear him into the organization. To which Samuel agreed.

After swearing himself to the King and his now SI:7 brothers and sisters-in-arms, Samuel was designated the badge and number of Senior Agent (041). It was not long until he was plunged into the world of rogues and assassins similar to his time in the past with the Shadowtalon Company prior to its reopening.

Return to the Shadowtalon Company

After the decision was made that the 103rd Legion would be moving out of the County of Gold Coast, Samuel stayed alongside Count Nathul Furlbrow, and the other Lords. It was at this time that Vincent Ravenwing would reform the Shadowtalon Company as the new Legion to serve under the Count and protect the County.

Having served as Vincent's Lieutenant within The Eastern Offensive's Military Intelligence division, Samuel would be promoted to the rank of Commander to serve under Glimi Sixpence, whom sat on the Company's Council, as second-in-command of their own Intelligence division. This was not much of a change to the newly promoted Commander, and as such is only entirely shocked by his promotion to Commander.

Lord Commander Samuel Alberic, #005. (Art by Kinma!)

It was just prior to the reformation of the Company that Samuel would begin to have a budding relationship with a Junior Agent of SI:7, Marveig Grahn. Having recruited the young Duskwood native into the Eastern Offensive prior to it's move, the two would grow close to one another. Initially Samuel pushed his feelings for her away, considering his luck in the past, however the older Agent eventually gave in and confessed his feelings. He would come to find out, that she shared them. Recently the two can be seen walking together within Stormwind or traveling about Redfield.

Tournament of Ages:

When June of the year 36 L.C. Samuel participated within the annual Tournament of Ages, aiding in the Shadowtalon Company's booth, as well as signing up for the Hunter's bracket, and Grace sparring competitions.

After being kept on the sidelines due to no shows for three rounds, on the fourth round he finally fought a Outrunner from the Highguard, having a back and forth battle before besting her! Advancing to the semi-finals where he battled a Druid from the Storm Glaive, only managing to get hit once before besting her as well. It was in the finals, after a nail bitingly close battle against a Draenei Huntress from the Storm Glaive that Samuel would be eliminated, all in all placing second.

Unlike the sparring tournament, Samuel would be one of the first to duel in the Hunter bracket, dueling a Sin'dorei from the First Light by the name of Faelirra, a rather quick duel, he would then move on to battle Karkand Porter from the Subversion Consortium, being knocked out to the losers bracket. Within the Losers Bracket Samuel would battle Duke Berenal Grayblade, and a Draenei Ranger named Ahrianne. At the finals of the Losers bracket, he once more faced Porter in a nail bitingly close match. This time coming out on top to advance to the Championship. In the finals Samuel faced off against the Order of Everstill's Jen Webster, having poor luck and being bested by the Duskwood native, effectively placing Samuel once more in second place.

The Broken Shore, and Invasion

When the Legion would begin to invade Azeroth within the month of August, Samuel was deployed along with the majority of the Alliance's forces to the Broken Shore. The Lord-Commander fought on the front lines and aided in the slaughter of many demons. Upon the assumed betrayal of the Horde leading to the retreat and death, Samuel would rally those near him and lead them as quickly as possible aboard the Skyfire.

Upon returning to Stormwind, Samuel rather quickly returned to the County of Gold Coast. Westfall having fallen under the assault of a Legion Invasion, forced him to return and aid the 177th Legion when he truly wished to take the fight back to the isles. When entering the Citadel, he would notice the Legion already forming for a plan of action. With the death of Varian Wrynn, many were disheartened and lost. It was at this time Samuel stated it was their job to stabilize Westfall and the County of Gold Coast first, after they would be able to aid their allies and the other areas being invaded.

"The Horde left us ta' die on the Shore, I don't see how the Field Marshal expects half of those who were present to fight alon'side 'em. They deserve to be crushed under the Alliance war machine as we charge the banks of those isles. However. Orders are orders. That will have ta' wait."- Lord-Commander Samuel Alberic to Captain Ra'ziel Kal'thoris after the events of the Broken Shore.

Deployment against the Legion

Alongside the other members of the 177th Legion, Samuel was deployed with the other offensive forces upon orders by King Anduin Wrynn. Taking an airship from the docks of Stormwind, they set for the Broken Isles. Upon their arrival they would steer towards Highmountain, setting out to stabilize the area, and aid the locals against Legion corruption.

Samuel personally through the first week of the deployment, like many others he set out to exploring the unknown lands. Scaling the mountains with a grappling gun, and even occasionally free climbing, he scouted into the northern mountains and Stormheim. After learning the landscape, and the surrounding cultures of the natives, Sam returned to the airship and along with the other Officers of the 177th, sets about planning their future moves.

Shadows of Valor Conflict

Alongside Field Marshal Vincent Ravenwing and the rest of the Shadowtalon Company, Samuel answered the call of Duke Berenal Grayblade within the region of Stormheim to combat the Forsaken threat within the area. Landing on the initial day alongside such forces as the Citrine Eagle, Highguard, Blades of Greymane, and Eastern Offensive.

He briefly attended the War meeting held by the Gilnean Lord before being sent by the Field Marshal to get a rough estimate of the Horde's forces at their own meeting being held around the same time. Unable to gain any information due to wards around the city, Samuel was however able to take note of notable faces from afar before returning to his Marshal.

Following the War meeting, Samuel took part in the majority of the skirmishes between the Alliance and Horde forces. Particularly the trials given by the local Valarjar, where he faced a Blood Elf Farstrider from the Dominion of the Sun known to him solely as 'Jhin' in a close duel, before besting the Elf and continuing on to face a monstrous Death Knight. Weary from his battle against 'Jhin', Samuel was caught off guard by the Forsaken's speed and was subsequently impaled on the horns of the monsters helmet and hurled across the arena. Being tended to before he bled out by Commander Jackson Amadatha, before further medical attention within the Encampment from Archmage Arranax DeVin.

Despite his preexisting wounds from the battle the day prior, Samuel was chosen by Field Marshal Vincent Ravenwing to represent the Shadowtalon Company within the test of Might to gain the blessing of the Valajar for the Alliance. However he was placed in his first bout against the Director of Internal Affairs for SI:7, Lord Joel Bexleigh of the Stone Cairn Company, and after a close battle would be eliminated in his first fight. Lord Joel would continue on to be the Alliance representative against the Horde's representative, a Sin'dorei paladin from House Firavel named Laegnaes. Another close bout would have the Sin'dorei triumph and the Alliance departed Stormheim with haste. A loss against the Horde that sat sorely in the hearts of many of the soldiers present., including Samuel.

Call of Battle!: Dance of the Dead

Following the Alliance's surprise attack and defeat within Stormheim. A collection of Horde forces including the Undercity Nexus, called them out to an honor duel tournament within Val'sharah, in place of the sickeningly annual Dance of the Dead. Under the leadership of Count Furlbrow, the 177th deployed to answer this call. Samuel participated within the tournament to decide the Alliance's champion, facing a foreign rogue named Sebastien Falcam in a nail bitingly close matchup to advance to the semi-finals. Followed by facing a Druid named Sivath in a rather quick matchup to advance to the finals where he faced a human paladin, Solandra Elrian of the Tempest Born Company to a near loss, barely making a comeback to establish himself as the Alliance's Champion against the Horde.

After the Horde's Champion was decided in a Sin'dorei Monk from the Ashbourne Order named Traelyssa. Despite the Monk's dominance over Horde representatives, it came as a shock at how Samuel beat her in a 2 - 0 matchup. The Alliance was successful because of such and in a small way made up for the terrible loss in Stormheim. Upon returning to the Alliance's camp, Samuel was gifted the honorary title of 'Champion of the Hallow' by the offensives leader Nathul Furlbrow. As well as winning quite a chunk of gold coins as a prize.

Duchy of Gold Coast:

Director Samuel Alberic, 008. (A gift from Everlei by

On the 2nd of November, 37 L.C., Count Nathul Furlbrow called the Lords of Gold Coast for an annual meeting to discuss changes within the County. With the neighbouring County of Ambercrest having sworn fealty to the Count following the war between Ambercrest and the 103rd Infantry Legion in months past, it was time for it to be officially absorbed into the County of Gold Coast, with the marriage of Lord Magnus Keithson to the remaining member of House Ashwood, Cirea, having occured months prior, the Counties together would be merged to form a single Duchy in northern Westfall.

Along with the creation of the Duchy, three counts would be named to rule over the individual Baronies and their Lords over the span of the land. The first two were named as Arranax DeVin, claiming the lands of Greenshore and Redfield under the first county, and Magnus Keithson, claiming the majority of the County of Ambercrest as was his marriage right. The third Count was left unnamed, left between Lord Samuel and Lord Garion Magnus to prove themselves by the end of the month to be the one chosen to be the Liege-Lord over the lands of Longfield, Copper Hills, and Furlbrow Fields.

Following his removal as Baron of Redfield however, Samuel was placed immediately as the Baron of Longfield, the second most profiting Barony within the Duchy, and began the move from Redfield to his new home immediately.

First Knight of Gold Coast and Coalition against the Truthful:

Months past from the transformation from the County into the Duchy. Samuel, alongside fellow SI:7 Director Alexander Marogos aided in the Crusade against the Truthful lead by Sir Johnathan Beredric at the behest of Field Marshal Ravenwing who supplied troops from the 177th to the cause. The Shadowtalon Company was specifically sent on intel gathering missions while having their Infantry lead by Commander Alex Ebonhearth aid the frontlines.

During this time after the first successful assault on a Truthful Keep, an inquisitor was captured by Samuel and placed into custody of the 177th Legion. The Inquisitor was later used for information by the Field Marshal and two Directors.

Samuel following this mission played a mostly passive role, primarily serving as an advisor to Sir Johnathan Beredric and commanding troops when available. His last physical mission nearly resulting in himself and at the time, Jr. Agent Marveig Grahn in being buried beneath the rubble following a siege by the Coalition while receiving documents and files on key Truthful members and those employed by them.

For the rest of the Crusade until the end, Samuel was rarely seen on the front lines, occasionally aiding when required but otherwise going unseen.

A few months passed and the Confederacy of the Lion was reunited, a Knighthood created by Duke Nathul Furlbrow, Sir Ismond Laldere, and Captain Atles Silverblade, of the 177th, First Regiment, and Stormwind Guard respectively. Samuel under Duke Furlbrow had been named a Knight of Gold Coast prior to the Confederacy's unsuspected pause, being dubbed 'the Swift'. At the first tournament held by the Confederacy in it's resurgence of March 37 L.C., despite his thoughts against the matter, he managed to place second in the jousting tournament, losing to a Knight of the First Regiment in the finals, however went on to place first within the dueling tournament after besting Sir Garion Magnus and then Sormogh Grimbrand, the man who had went on to win the whole dueling tournament the first Confederacy of the Lion gathering.

Not long after the night of the first House of Nobles debate, Samuel was called to the Capitol of Westport by Duke Furlbrow. He met the Duke within Knight's Rest, the base of the Lion's of Gold Coast, before the statue of Sir Kurtis the Bold, the original Grandmaster of the Lion's and then the first First Knight of Gold Coast under him prior to his death to the Sin'dorei. Nathul told Samuel the history of the Knights and the honor and prestige that Sir Kurtis has brought Gold Coast during his time as the First Knight, and that perhaps, it was time to pass on the torch to a new Champion. Samuel was offered the cloak of Kurtis, stitched yet still pristine in color, worn by the First Knight's before him, and Samuel accepted. Taking on the mantle of the First Knight of Gold Coast and swearing to match every achievement Kurtis had place.

To the Broken Shore!:

Following a Council of Gold Coast meeting between the Lords and Ladies of the Duchy, as well as the Chanellor, Marshal, First Knight, and Duke, the focus of the 177th was to be turned towards the Broken Shore as the will of King Anduin Wrynn was for the Alliance to cleanse the Shore of the demonic taint that had defiled it!

As the 177th prepared to depart for the Shore it was around this time that Samuel began to see a Kaldorei Envoy by the name of Vael'sha Shadowweaver, having brought the young Kaldorei into the folds of SI:7 following her work within the 177th's Recon division. Along with that he had seen a number change within the internal structure of Stormwind Intelligence, moving from 008 to 005, replacing longtime friend Alexander Marogos who had rose to the number of 004.

At the annual Confederacy of the Lion tournament, Samuel once again maintained his position as the Champion of the Duel, having defeated Sir Garion Magnus, thus making him the Champion for the past three tournaments.

When the 177th officially deployed to the Broken Shore, Samuel faced many incidents of injury, sickness, and mental fatigue. Having to balance his job as the Second-in-Command to Field Marshal Vincent Ravenwing, as well as his position as the Director of Internal Affairs for SI:7.

Tournament of Ages 37 L.C.!:

In the season of August following the breaching of the Tomb of Sargeras, the annual Tournament of Ages was hosted between the Alliance and Horde to ease the factions nerves during the time of strife! Much like the year prior the Shadowtalon Company attended and thus so did Lord-Commander Alberic, spending the majority of his time either at the booth of the Company or traveling the grounds alongside Vael'sha Shadowweaver. Much like the year prior Samuel signed up for sparring and one of the class dueling brackets. However comparatively to his year before his sparring career was cut short by a sack-headed gnome in his first round, not managing to get even a graze on him! Seeming to blame it on thinking the bracket was the next day rather on the Tuesday of the week.

A picture of Samuel and Vael'sha taken during their travels throughout the Tournament grounds at the 37 L.C. Tournament of Ages! (Art by LisaVdbos!)

After spending a day relaxing alongside Vael'sha and the other company members, he cheered the Envoy on in her own sparring bracket until her saddening loss after having quite the lead. After her departure to return to her work with the Silver Circle, Samuel spent the rest of his night training alongside the likes of Zaramy Silverwood, former champion Alexander Marogos, and Caddegan Lynch, who had quite the showing in the 'monk' bracket, in preparation for the 'rogue' bracket the next day.

Due to lack of appearances the initially easy two matches of the bracket he had practiced for Samuel ended up being two of the hardest, having to go up against both Alexander and Silverwood in rounds one and two respectively. In the semi-finals Samuel was trumped by the Dominion of the Sun's Desstis Cloudfarer after showing dominance in his first two matches, going down to the losers bracket similar to how he had the previous year at the hands of Karkand Porter. In the finals of the losers bracket the Lord-Commander ended up having to face against the Director of Security, Sir Clarence Cunningham of the Knights of Everstill, in a nail-bitingly close match-up that had been called by Lord Alexander Verdun, one of the best in the entire tournament, Samuel managed to triumph over the other Director in a near tie. Thus, he ended up having to go against the man who knocked him into the losers bracket, Desstis, in his 'comeback' match the Director pulled out all the stops he knew to come out on top of the Sin'dorei, in a match that garnered cheers from the supporters of blue and gold! Confidence growing, Samuel offered a salute to Desstis before their final match, another close match-up with points where either man could've took it all, the Lord-Commander managed to pull off the win and sweeping his way into the bracket won by his close friend the year before.

The ring presented to Samuel alongside a hefty bag of gold. He is the owner of it until the 38 L.C. Tournament of Ages should he not compete and win the following year. It is commonly seen hanging from a chain around his neck when in casual wear or if his mask allows it in his armor.

When it came around to the Grand Championships, Sam had his first match against Elias Snow, the Druid Champion, in a generally dominant performance. In his second match however he fought against Jen Avery, the Hunter Champion as well as the previous champion who had beat Samuel in the finals of the 'Hunter' bracket the year prior. Also managing to come out with a second win. In the semi-finals he faced off against the eventual winner of the Grand Championships, the Paladin Champion Jeiut, while he performed rather well he couldn't beat the Sin'dorei and was knocked down to the losers bracket. After watching the dominant performance by the monk representative Caddegan Lynch, the two men eventually faced off to see who went against Jeiut in the finals, in another close match, whether it was nerves or bad-timing, Samuel was knocked out of the Grand Championship by Lynch and all in all placed 3rd.

While he was not happy with his overall performance in the Grand Championship against Jeiut or Lynch, Samuel still took home a fair chunk of gold alongside his winnings from the tournament, just over the amount he'd have earned if he had won the Grand Championship off of bets placed on him by his close friend Severin Tristram.

Injury, Recovery, and Loss:

One of Samuel's first missions away from the Tournament of Ages was a follow-up on a lead on a Satyr known as Dael'drus Stargaze, having been a thorn in the side of the Lord-Commander and his mate, Vael'sha Shadowweaver, for quite some time since spring earlier in the year. Leading the 177th to Stargaze Hold, a holding point between the Felwood and Ashenvale border in order to flush out Dael'drus and his cult-like followers, to gain the Hold for the Sentinels to further establish their borders in face of the Legion threat.

Upon the 177th's arrival to the Hold, they were met by the odd Void and Fel cult of Stargaze, learning quite soon that tendrils and flesh beasts had been embedded in their bodies to come to life upon their death. Once the landing had been cleared, they began their descent into the belly of the Hold where more monstrosities blocked their path until they made it to a resting point, spending a few hours to recover as runes and magics had begun to worm into the minds of some of the Legionnaires. The assault continued shortly after, running into Dael'drus' personal concubines in two fel-empowered Succubi, as well as being greeted by a Pit Lord via a portal, Mal'gannoth, the Commander of the demonic forces Dael'drus had at his disposal. Though quickly Mal'gannoth closed the portal upon initiating the two succubi to attack the 177th, returning to his plans on Argus, yet to be found.

After defeating the concubines, the 177th found the chamber of Dael'drus, as well as another large grouping of Cultists and the Head Cultist under Dael'drus. Upon clearing them out with cleansing flames and the mutated Head of the Cult, they found the Satyr attempting to tear open three portals to armies of the Burning Legion on the other side, only to be narrowly thwarted by Eloise Mirthvale, a Warlock under contract with the 177th, who closed them before more than a pack of imps could come through! With the aid of the Light, Muriah Laldere, was able to weaken the Satyr to the point the Warlock was able to place his soul, alongside one of the Succubi, in one of her soulstones, to be detained and later killed by a Demon Hunter under Ra'ziel Kal'thoris in the Twisting Nether.

Following the mission on the Western Continent, the 177th soon had an odd break in their communication line, the communicator once owned by the AWOL Captain Teolon was being used by a child captured by a 'Witch' in the Barrens, soon spurring Lt. Commander Alexander Marogos and Samuel into action, while the rest of the 177th searched for the Captain. Both men managed to sneak into the cavern of the Witch before confronting her, soon being overpowered however and being immensely crippled, not before Samuel managed to destroy the communicator and making the mission a mostly success, though after both had their arms broken and Sam's knee shattered, they were tossed into a portal to find themselves stranded on the lost temple in the Swamp of Sorrows. Had it not been for a distress signal by Alexander, the two could very well have died from their internal bleeding and injuries as neither could move themselves very well. Being transported to the Dalaran infirmary where they were both tended to by Bellaria Sunrose. Marogos took extra aid from Jim Hetton, taking various test drugs and potions to make his recovery quickly, while Samuel spent the next month resting and recovering either from bedside in Dalaran or forcing himself about in crutches through the City.

It was not long into his recovery process that the ill-fated night of Celleste Alberic-Moretti's death occured, following a House of Noble's meeting, the shouts of a 'Resistance' Group could be heard around the City and soon a gathering

Samuel and Vael'sha being idiots.

formed in the Park outside of the King's grave. Celleste stood at the top of the archway bound with a noose around her neck by a masked man, various members of this 'resistance' surrounded the area. It did not take long for them to hang the Baronness of Bright Beach, though it took even less time for the 177th and various units to spring into action as her neck snapped. Samuel enforced the order from Duke Furlbrow to slaughter those present, leading to a widespread massacre of the protestors. If only to make his day worse, a fanatical veteran had assaulted Vael'sha to the point her skull was near caved in, had it not been for Bishop Laldere's medical experience and use of holy magics, he could very well have had lost another close to him in a single night. The Night Elf made a slow but steady recovery over two weeks, starting out with heavy amnesia, worrying the Lord-Commander immensely as she remembered naught who she was, where she was and initially forgot how to speak common. Making his own recovery even more troublesome.

Tournament of Ages 38 L.C.!:

Like the three years past, Samuel attended to the annual Tournament of Ages within the reaches of Icecrown. Returning this time, however, as a former Champion. The Shadowtalon Company decided to not host a booth this year, and as such it allowed Samuel to actually wander around the Tournament grounds and interact with some old friends he had not seen in quite some time such as Zalgrand Onyxthorn. He spent much of his time wandering between the Dwarven Vanguard's drink booth as well as the Pandaren food cart when he was not interacting with his friends and new faces.

Much like the last two years Samuel partook in the sparring tournament! This time, unlike the year prior, he had similar results to his first attempt. Instead of being knocked out in the first round he made it all the way to the semi-finals with a record of 3-2, 3-0, 3-0, and 0-3 in his sets. This was not particularly upsetting to the Lord Commander as he had in his old age forgotten that he signed up for it and ran late to his first match, having to last minute cram the rules into his mind and make sense of them. Despite his loss, this led into an interaction with his old comrade Zalgrand, who he had not seen since partaking in a Night Elven ceremonial hunt alongside Vael'sha. After a night of drinking and conversing with Onyxthorn, Muriah Laldere, Alexander Marogos, and Nathul Furlbrow, Samuel spent the next day practicing for the Rogue Bracket with his practical twin in Alexander.

When he was not traveling between booths Samuel watched the dueling brackets from the stands with the rest of the Company, cheering on the likes of Perwinn and Elias Snow in the Druid bracket, Garion Magnus and Theadrel Starsky in the Mage bracket, and of course Mayor Nathannos Banks in the Paladin bracket. As time became less and less until his own competition the usual nervous shakes began to wrack the Lord Commander's body, the confidence he had the year prior was lacking when the day came that he actually competed in the rogue bracket. Having only seen the bracket the day of, he came to realize quite the shock! His first match was essentially a fourth match in the final series of the year prior, a rematch against Desstis Cloudfarer! Nerves were high but a steady coolness took over once he was in the coliseum, steeling himself as he went into the match and surprisingly making relatively quick work of the Blood Elf despite a masterful opener by the Knight-Paragon. Advancing to round two, he was pushed through to round three with a no show of his opponent, ending up against Zilcar Voidwhisper! Finding himself against the Shan'do of the Void, but managing to mount a strong opening against the Night Elf before closing out the match with a few quick and precise blows.

Samuel found himself in the semi-finals of the rogue bracket against a former winner of the tournament, the Duke of High Cairn Joel Bexleigh. The match was more than just former Champions clashing, to those of SI:7 work it was the current Director of Internal Affairs versus the man whose shoes he filled. Along with the weight of seeing who could represent their Stromic heritage best. The last time the two of them had fought in a tournament it had been during the Shadow's of Valor conflict and Samuel had lost. It was one of the closest matches of the bracket and despite his dominance over his previous opponents it came down to the wire between the two Stroms, both displaying masterful technique in the 'rogue' style of combat but in that one match Samuel was able to barely beat the Duke.

With his victory over Lord Bexleigh, Samuel was put into the finals and had the ability to sit and rest for a fair amount of time. Watching the rogues go through the losers bracket, it came down to the match to decide his opponent. A classic between his fellow Stroms in Lord Bexleigh and Samuel's practical twin, Lieutenant Commander Alexander Marogos. It was decided with this battle that the top three rogues of the tournament were not only all of Stromic origin. They were all past winners. One of them was going to make history, one was going to become the first ever to win the bracket for a second time. it seemed the Stroms had a three way neck of barely beating another, much like Samuel versus Joel, it was by the hair of his teeth that Alexander won. One second longer and it was very possible there was another match between the Duke and the Lord Commander.

The finals was another rematch from the year prior, but rather than the finals it was what many thought was going to BE the previous years final, but instead was the first match. Practically brothers, there was no ill blood between the two of them, but one of them was going to win the tournament and it was a match where they both knew each other inside and out. So many practice matches throughout the week, and weeks before. Using his knowledge of Alexander's movements Samuel tried to predict where his opponent was going, and succeeded in finding him but not in the way he desired. Finding himself the prey of his friend, he did what he could to turn it around and caught Alexander off guard turn the tide of the match heavily in Samuel's favor, it was just what he needed in the quick paced, heart racing duel between the two Stroms. Whether it was luck, cheating, or just out play, Samuel took the victory over the Head of Operations and went undefeated in the rogue bracket. Becoming the first rogue to not only ever win the bracket twice, but also to win the bracket back to back years.

Celebrations were had as Samuel found himself in the company of many of his close friends and loved ones. For the first time in months for longer than a few hours he found himself in the company of his beloved Vael'sha, the tournament marking just under a year and a half of the two being together. It was at this moment, among the peak of his nerves and his excitement over whelming that Samuel asked for a moment away with the Envoy and took her outside of the coliseum. With shaky breath and a racing heart the Strom took a knee and proposed to Vael'sha, to which the Kaldorei replied with a yes! The celebrations immediately continued with dual meaning even with the Envoy's early departure to return to Kalimdor.

"Y'know. I know you're goin' ta' laugh, or call me stupid. But this means somethin' ta' my people. Uh.."- Samuel's incredible lead-in.

Despite the long night of celebrations, Samuel found himself competing once more the next day. Not simply as a rogue of the Alliance, but now as a champion of his form of combat and that of the Alliance. He stood in the coliseum alongside the other Champions, and after a long night of celebrating and inability to rest he did not see himself getting far in the tournament at all. The competition was steep and despite the confidence boost of the night before he was still clearly shaken. His first match was against the Priest champion, an undead named Kaspias. Quick work was made in a display of dominance by the Rogue champion before his second match was against the runner-up of the Warrior bracket Dieter Winterson in place of champion Jen Avery. Using tricks and a theory planned on the fly, Samuel found himself racking in another victory. Progressing into round three, Samuel faced a practical brick wall in Elias Snow, the Druid champion. Much like his match with Lord Bexleigh, his first match against Snow was close but he managed to squeeze out a victory to progress to the semi-finals! Facing against Valencia Whitmore, the dominant Paladin champion, his lack of preparation was clear and a quick defeat was handed to Samuel! He was, at the very least, securing himself a top three spot similar to the year before! This was not the only thing similar however, his eventual opponent to decide who went into the finals was Elias Snow! Much like the duel before, it was relatively close between the two throughout but much like his semi-finals match against Whitmore his lack of preparation was displayed by self noticed mess ups and an obvious lack of focus.This time however the duel went into Elias' favor thanks to the Druid's prowess and Samuel became another two time, the two time third place Championship... champ?

With the Championship over, Samuel sat in the stands and cheered Elias on, and with masterful work the Druid Champion went on to win it all to Samuel, and the crowds, joy! He found himself quickly called back to Stormwind after an appearance in the special tournament and was incapable of attending the closing ceremony along with the Wonderlight ball, but all in all it was a good year for the Lord Commander!

Battle for Lordaeron:

Big W.I.P!


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While at first glance from all of the scars on his face and his former occupations many would believe that Reggad would be stubborn, cold, and distant. However only the former is correct, those that actually learn to speak with him have learned that beneath the scarred surface is a kindhearted soul, whom has a tinge of laziness to it. Never purposefully exerting himself unless it is absolutely needed.

Despite being quite composed usually, Samuel has found himself easily flustered by Vael'sha's quick quips and impish nature. (Art by Abang!)

Loyal to the very bone, if you have gained his trust and loyalty as a friend, Samuel is willing to put his life on the line for those people. As of late however, he has shown slight signs of suicidal tendencies after recent events involving Stromgarde, as well as the return of the Legion.

Religious Views

As per requirement to be a Shadow-user, Samuel is a follower of the Cult of Forgotten Shadows. This comes to a shock to most considering he doesn't necessarily strive for Power as the Cult tends to focus on. At earlier points of his life, there were rumors that he followed Loaism, however recently he has dismissed such.

While he is a explicit follower of the Shadow , he does not have a problem with other forms of belief such as Loaism, Shamanism, and those that worship the Titans, this is shown further as he supports the freedom of religion within the The Ironcloak Union and had done so in the Kingdom of the (Grizzly) Hills.

Political Views:

Considering his record as an Alliance soldier, it is not surprising that Samuel has that mindset when stepping into political meetings. He holds a grudge against the Horde ever since the death of Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, as well as the Wrathgate, and even in the most desperate of times will never bend on aiding them, or accepting their aid. Begrudgingly, however, he has shown sign of respect towards certain individuals in their forces.

Once holding a rather altruistic business out-look, since the events of the Broken Shore, as well as the Treaty of Grizzlemaw, he has shown a slightly more selfish form of trading. Seeking compensation for his services, or only doing business should he see benefit for himself or the Shadowtalon Company.

He does not allow conflicting religions to cloud his vision, as said in his religious views, he is a supporter of religious equality and has been since his early days as Councilor of the Economy within the Kingdom of the Hills.


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(W.I.P) Throughout his life Reggad has gotten rather close to a few people, either considering them near family or having romantic links to them. He has also made quite a few connections to other people who he may consider a friend or an acquaintance. This list consists of those people and his family.


Tristan Alexander Ross:

Throughout his life Reggad and his cousin Tristan have had a very up and down relationship, from the days when they were children where he would make fun of the future Fleet Admiral to the times in their teenaged years and twenties where they would have back and forth battles on the high seas. Now that they both have aged and matured, and both having faced many challenges their relationship has turned to one of brothers rather than rivals and cousins. Reggad trusts Tristan over anyone no matter the situation and Tristan trusts Reggad the very same.

Selther Alberic:

The strained relationship between Reggad and his brother Selther has never been really anything but strained. While Reggad loves him as any brother truly would, he simply can not support his brothers wild antics and some of the things he creates. This goes back to the many times they have gotten into fights and arguments that normally never get them anywhere.

Selther's death during his deployment to the Broken Isles has rocked Samuel to the core, despite his hatred for the magics Selther used, and his antics. It is unknown if Samuel's newly developed coldness towards others will ever soften back to his kindhearted nature.

Hope Alberic:

The infant daughter of Reggad was born one July 28th 625 K.C. and the current heir to the holdings of Longfield within the Duchy of Gold Coast and Samuel's pride and joy. Born within a past marriage, she holds her fathers emerald eyes and ginger hair, being considered a rather quiet child.

Friends and Acquaintances:

Gerard Aylmer:

A close friend of Samuel's, he met Gerard while apart of the late Kingdom of the Hills organization while he was the Councilor of the Economy and eventually the Regent-Lord. Up until the man's death at the hands of Varkennen Heolster following Gerard's corruption from shadow magic, he was one of the few people Samuel allowed to watch his daughter.

Lord Arrnulf Volkov

Having recruited the warrior into the Shadowtalon Company, Samuel saw Arrnulf's growth from a simple soldier to one of the most trusted Knight's of Gold Coast, and a fellow Lord on the Duchy's Council. Alongside Alexander Marogos, the three have come to become close friends and comrades. Having all saved one anothers lives on countless occasions, Volkov has helped Samuel keep his head straight many a time in recent months.

Sellatix Dawnslayer:

Similar to Korven and Gerard, Sellatix was met in the Kingdom of the Hills and served for quite sometime as the organizations Ranger-Lord. Initially Samuel kept to a distance from the Gilnean, believing that he never took his job seriously. Upon a few nights of drinking together, Sellatix grew on the Lord and became one of his closest friends. He keeps Sellatix at a slight distance due to his criminal actions and recklessness, but still sees him as the close friend from years past.

Lady Zaria R. Blackmoore:

Upon the Ironcloak Union's incline in presence in the north and the founding of the Hillsbrad Confederacy, Samuel reached out to Lady Blackmoore in hopes to create a further connection between the Union and the then Alterac Silver Hand. The two met within a bar, joined by Caricias Telrenn, and worked out an agreement that benefited both sides and since then have spoken together at various events they both have attended. Despite not speaking often Sam considers Zaria a friend and despite his opinion of Alterac's past, will gladly help the Eagle's should they require it.

Commander Teolon:

Met long before their days together int he 103rd Infantry Legion, Samuel was introduced to the Vindicator while he was a Sergeant Major within the Nightfall Watch when Samuel aided in a training session with the 'Torches' or Rogues of the Watch. It was later on after the fall of the Union that Samuel reached out to Teolon, now a Commander in the Eastern Offensive, and was enlisted by the Commander into the Legion. He considers Teolon an excellent strategist and a good friend, trusting his judgement on matters and assaults.

Caricias Telrenn:

The Death Knight and Samuel met within the Ironcloak Vanguard prior to the Order joining with the declining Kingdom of the Hills and were rather decent friends. The Knight has gone far enough to swear himself to the Lord and Samuel will forever respect that and be thankful Caricias would do so. Upon the founding of the Union, Caricias would become one of the Commander's of the organizations divisions under Samuel and Falcko Arturia.

Lord Varkennen Heolster:

Along with three others stated prior, Lord Heolster was met within the Kingdom of the Hills organization and as such has been one of Samuel's longest standing friends. Much like Sellatix, despite being such a long standing friend he is kept at a distance due to his much more severe criminal activities and near war mongering ways.

Farel Arc:

It was by letter that Samuel was introduced the Half-Elf named Farel Arc. The Magus of the Senate reaching out to the Arathian upon hearing of his business within Northrend and offering him a spot within the trading organization PRISM. There is not much of a personal friendship formed between the two yet, but Samuel has a rather friendly stance towards the Magus and hopes to continue their good business relations.

Zamaris Greyfox:

The Toxicologist and eventual Commander of the Union's Rangers division was introduced to Samuel by Caricias Telrenn. After the resignation of Sellatix weeks prior Samuel was stuck in a predicament to find a replacement, he rather quickly say that spot filler in Zamaris. After a few days of watching her work throughout the Division, he came to the conclusion she was right for the fit. After her elevation to Commander their friendship would become rocky at times with her unstable nature, but the two still keep in occasional contact. She has also served as his bodyguard on numerous occasions.

Field Marshal Vincent Ravenwing:

Samuel had heard of Field Marshal Ravenwing on many occasions throughout his time in the north and through Tyler Steele, as Tyler's father was one of Vincent's Commander. It was not until Samuel's enlistment into the 103rd that he truly met the Quel'dorei aside from the occasional war council. Upon the shift of command of the Special Forces division, Samuel was placed under Vincent's command in the intelligence division and was quickly promoted to Champion, it was around this time himself and the Field Marshal developed an odd friendship. This odd friendship eventually brought Samuel into the folds of SI:7.

Commander Glimi Sixpence:

Commander Sixpence was another individual Samuel met upon his enlistment into the 103rd. Originally the Lieutenant of Vincent Ravenwing, the Senior Agent was eventually promoted to a Commander which lead to Samuel's. Unlike quite a lot of people within the 103rd, Glimi was one of the few people to get relatively close to Samuel. Becoming an almost 'mom'-like figure to him, chiding him when he did something wrong, and doing her best to keep him set straight. Currently they co-lead the intelligence division within the 177th together.

Duke Nathul Furlbrow:

Duke Nathul Furlbrow is the current Liege-Lord of Samuel's whom gifted him Redfield in hopes that he'd bring prosper to the lands after the death of it's past Lord. There were a few occasions where Samuel was close to losing the land due to conflicting interests, but he does not hold this against Nathul. They are not close friends, but Samuel does consider his Liege-Lord an entertaining and enjoyable comrade.

Marshal Serpico Shar'adore:

The Marshal of the 103rd and Samuel met while he was still the Chairman of the Ironcloak Union. After the events of the Durnholde Crisis, Samuel was called by Commander Teolon to a meeting involving Marshal Shar'adore and at the time Lord-Commander Nathul Furlbrow. This meeting eventually lead to the alliance made between the Eastern Offensive and the ICU until it's collapse. While enlisted in his Legion and now while working outside of it, Samuel holds a high amount of respect for Serpico and believed it to be shared.

Director Alexander Marogos:

Oddly enough, no the two similar Stromic men are not related. Samuel met Alexander when asked by Vincent Ravenwing to enlist the recently free Agent to be their first Lance Corporal within the intelligence division. The two men rather quickly started to develop a comedic friendship based around their similar appearance and armor stylings. This friendship was further developed when Samuel, alongside Agent Bloodfang, and Ra'ziel Kal'thoris, rescued the Director from the Army of the Truthful and despite the situation the two shared sly quips towards one another.

Marshal Atsumorr Wredinn

Respect and fear are two words that Samuel has for Marshal Wredinn. The Lord Commander has seen very thoroughly what Atsumorr is capable of, and the 'I don't give a shit.' attitude of the Marshal has earned Samuel's respect many times over. While not close, Samuel believes the two of them hold a mutual respect, yet as stated prior, slight fear on the end of the Arathian.

Lord Garion Magnus


Envoy Vael'sha Shadowweaver

A recent addition to the 177th, the Envoy for the Silver Circle and a Shan'do of the Talon, Vael'sha Shadowweaver as of late has quickly become a close comrade of the Lord Commander. Initially mistaking the woman for an immediate foreigner, Samuel did his best to aid the Kaldorei in learning the culture of Stormwind and how human society worked compared to Darnassus. Quickly he found out this was not the case and thus started the witty and sly friendship the two hold today following the embarrassment of the Lord. Samuel holds respect for Vael'sha for their similar pasts and her work as an envoy and informant, considering her one of his go-to people for spying or information.

The two grew quite close rather quickly with their similar personalities, being almost like two sides of the same coin, they began to work closely on private ops within Duskwood as well as a small venture to the Arathi Highlands for the League of Arathor. Their friendship resulted in them both becoming one another's prime confidants as well as to watch one another's backs and ensure the other does not get into too much trouble.

Vael'sha teasing Samuel, a common sight between the two. (Art by Cut-Box!)

This close friendship eventually began to bloom into something more despite the troubled pasts of the two Agents with such feelings, as well as the restrictions placed upon Samuel as a Lord of Gold Coast with who he could court. Soon enough, however, Samuel confessed to the Envoy of how he felt about her, to such Vael'sha was hesitant to return her feelings. Telling Samuel that if he could prove that he would not fall to corruption with the magics he used, as well as with the blessing of his liege-lord, then she'd be comfortable fully returning her feelings.

Following a meeting at the House of Nobles, with slight struggle Samuel asked for Duke Nathul Furlbrows blessing in courting the Night Elf Druidess. The Lord High Chamberlain himself was hesitant, not knowing how the people of Gold Coast would react with the Champion of the Duke as well as the Lord of Longfield courting a Kaldorei, though after some thought, the two were allowed. Thus beginning a healthy and

Samuel and Vael'sha on their first Winter's Veil day together as a couple. (Art by Gentlepyro!)

blossoming courtship between two friends.

Samuel alongside his friend Vael'sha.


  • Vael'sha Shadowweaver: Courting, alive.
  • Dame Amare Suncrest: Ex-Wife, alive.
  • Marveig Grahn: Ex-Lover, alive.
  • Azure: 2nd Wife, missing
  • Hope Livlin: 1st Wife, deceased.

How you may know him!

There are many ways you may know Samuel from his colored history. However here are some of the main points that your character may have heard or even know a bit about him upon first interaction or upon hearing his name.

- Have spent any time with piracy groups, or have studied piracy history between the years 596 K.C. to ~609 K.C.

- Read any books he has written and or aided in writing.

- Were a part of the Grand Alliance Navy while he was a Captain, and later when he was promoted to Commodore.

- Were ever interested, involved or knew of the Kingdom of the (Grizzly) Hills and The Ironcloak Union during his time as Co-Leader of both.

- Ever attended the Tournament of Ages or any other joint events or campaigns the Alliance has attended that the Shadowtalon Company, while he has been apart of it, has attended or served in.

- Are apart of SI:7, you would see him frequently around Headquarters and on missions.

OOC Stuff/Random Facts

- Reggad has a habit of placing a toothpick in his mouth when in meetings in order to not light a cigarette and start smoking, this is also evident when he tries to quit but normally fails miserably.

- He is the Third person to take up the title of Regent-Lord of the Grizzly Hills, the first being Geranelm Syla, the second being Sellatix Dawnslayer before it returned to Geranelm Syla.

- Reggad is Dagger spelled backwards.

- He is the Author of 3 books.

- He has a terrible history with relationships and admits to 'Just generally sucking at them.'.

- On occasion due too their similar style of armor and appearance, he can be mistaken for Alexander Marogos from afar.