San'layn Crest City of San'belore
The dark city of San'belore


Blood Lord Sarvthus Vadvayne


Ruler of the Blighted Deadwood


Blighted Deadwood, Mistveil


Blood Prince Emblem The San'layn
House Vadvayne Icon House Vadvayne
HouseDraculCrest House Dracul


Large City





San'belore, also known as 'Dark Sun' in Thalassian, is a large San'layn city located on a small island off the southern coast of the Blighted Deadwood. The city is home to much of the San'layn population as well as many trolls of the Bloodoak Tribe. San'belore acts as the capital of the Blighted Deadwood, where the estate of the ruler of this dead land, Blood Lord Sarvthus Vadvayne is located. Sarvthus Vadvayne is a powerful Blood Death Knight and leader of the new San'layn ways.

Temple of the Sire of Blood Edit

The city is shrouded in darkness and bad omens, because of the blood priests of the Sire of Blood whom peered into the Shadowlands and saw visions of massive gothic spires that held dark secrets. The priests reside in the great temple that was erected in the image of what they saw in the Shadowlands not long after the San'layn settled on the island. The massive temple sits in the dead center of the city and acts as a place of worship as well as a gathering place for all San'layn in times of need.

House Dracul Embassy Edit

Due to the alliance that the House of Dracul made with Blood Lord Vadvayne, he has granted them permission to have an embassy in the city center of San'belore. The embassy of House Dracul is a massive building with tall spires and great red stained glass windows, the banners of House Dracul hang all around the building inside and out.

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