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The Sanctum of Stromgarde

Once a great city, Stromgarde and its Kingdom of Stromgarde now stands in ruins. Though a small force still exists, life in Stromgarde is essentially nonexistant. The Sanctum stands as the center of life for the remaining people who work and live in the city. While the Sanctum is still used as a chapel, it sometimes served as the hub of the remaining city government within Stromgarde and during a brief period of strife, was a mission of the College of Canons.

Note: The following consists of role-play conducted by Crimson Cross. Users may choose how and if this information is acknowledged in their own role-play.

The Chapel and its priests are now under the protection of Stromgarde's soldiers. In addition to church services, the Sanctum serves as a meeting place for Stromgarde's paladins and local church leaders. The Sanctum is the seat of the Diocese of Stromgarde. It is also formerly the base of operations for the now disbanded Order of the Crimson Fist. It is currently occupied by the Alliance of Arathor.