Blood Lord
Sarvthus Vadvayne
The Heard Eater
Sarvthas 2
Motto: "Betrayal at the cost of your heart."


IconSmall Darkfallen Male 2-0 San'layn
IconSmall HighElf Male Quel'dorei


December 21st (Age ~ 682)
Suncrown Village, Quel'Thalas


Blood Lord of San'belore and Zul'Rashi
Ruler of The Blighted Deadwood
Overlord of The Bloodoak Tribe
Patriarch of House Vadvayne
The Heart Eater

Previous Title(s):

Retainer of Blood Lord Zadius
Knight-Lord of the Royal Knights
Lord of Suncrown Village


Thalassian (100%)
Common (100%)
Darnassian (100%)
Draconic (100%)
Zandali (100%)


Farstriders Kingdom of Quel'Thalas (Former)
Silvermoon City Emblem Kael'thas' Forces (Former)
Blood Prince Emblem The San'layn
House Vadvayne Icon House Vadvayne
HouseDraculCrest House Dracul


IconSmall HalfElf Female Marissa Ravenshield/Vadvayne
(Wife) †
IconSmall HalfElf Female Alyisna Vadvayne
IconSmall HalfElf MaleIconSmall Worgen Male Aurios Vadvayne
IconSmall HalfElf Female Janiper Vadvayne
IconSmall High Elf Female Valentina Vadvayne
(Sister) †




Sarvthus Signature



Blood Lord Sarvthus Vadvayne was a royal knight of Quel'Thalas in life. But in undeath he is now one of the new leaders of the San'layn, a sect of Sin'dorei who were raised in undeath by the Lich King. He once served as a retainer to Blood Lord Zadius but now rules as the current Blood Lord of the city of San'belore. Sarvthus holds lordship over The Blighted Deadwood of Mistveil and is the father of Archmage Alyisna Vadvayne and Count Aurios Vadvayne.

Appearance Edit


Blood Lord Sarvthus Vadvayne, a tall, lean Darkfallen in heavy blood rune plate armor. His ice blue eyes feel like they are peering into your soul. Sarvthus has two long sharp fangs that he uses to drink the blood of mortals. His dull swamp green skin can only be seen from the neck up to his tightly tied back silver hair. On him you could see what looked like a various assortment of disturbingly detailed, disoriented, and obscure skulls imprinted into his armor. Each skull is seen bulging outward with a faint green glow coming from their fel eyes. On his shoulders sat two large shoulder pads, one with the image of a skull and the other having three spikes pointing out. As you look down his arms you notice that each arm plate detail is symmetrical down to the most minor of skull carving. His gauntlets knuckles would be wickedly tipped with multiple small spikes like those on a tenderizing hammer. This design goes all the way up to his finger tips to where they change into longer claw like spikes pointed outward as an extension of the finger. His leg-guards were of the same pattern as his arm-guards.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Sarvthus Vadvayne was born in Suncrown Village, 682 years ago to a noble and wealthy family, his father being a royal knight of Quel'Thalas and mother a very powerful mage. They were the Lord and Lady of Suncrown Village. He had a younger sister named Valentina Vadvayne. Sarvthus was next in line to lead the village and his people there. But before his father could even think of giving him that responsibility, he made Sarvthus train how to fight skillfully with a two handed weapon so that he could become a royal knight.

When he was old enough he became a royal knight and pledged his service and loyalty to the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas.
Sarvthus, Royal Knight of Quel'thalas

Young Sarvthus in his royal knight armor

Royal Knight and Lordship Edit

As a young elf he was very romantic and charming making him quite loved by the ladies, though he did not waste much time of them, spending much of his time learning to lead and fighting. In time he was even known as one of the best knights in Quel'Thalas.

As he grew up serving his king and kingdom he grew in rank until he was a Knight-Lord of the royal knights. He led many battles and wars against the Amani Tribe whenever they tried to attack Quel'Thalas. When he was middle aged for an elf, he became the Lord of Suncrown Village, after his father was killed in battle, and finally settled down with a beautiful half-elf woman from Silreon Valley. Her name was Marissia Ravenshield of the famous House Ravenshield.

Many years passed and Sarvthus was blessed with a daughter and a son. Their daughter was the first born and her name was Alyisna. Their second born was a son that they named Aurios. While he raised and cared for his children, Sarvthus was still a grand and powerful knight of Quel'Thalas as well as Lord of his village to which he continued to lead for many years. By the time his children were born, his sister had married a powerful Lord and had left Quel'thalas to lead her new land. When his children reached a certain age he had them both sent away to learn. Alyisna was sent to Dalaran so that she could master the arts of the Arcane and Aurios was sent to Tyr's Hand so that he could become a priest like his mother, though that did not last long and Aurios became a paladin.

Attack of the Scourge (Warcraft III) Edit

Zander Whitestrake

An aged Sarvthus Vadvayne before his death.

It was a beautiful summer’s day when the Scourge first came and started killing everyone in Suncrown Village. Sarvthus tried to save as many as he could but he was too late to save his wife, she was slaughtered right in front of him by strange spider beings. He went into a rage and killed as many crypt fiends as he possibly could before he was out numbered and he had to turn and run to Silvermoon City and warn them of the attack of the undead and Arthas of Lordaeron. All he could do for his children is prey to Belore that they survived the Scourge in Lordaeron and that Dalaran had remained protected.

Sarvthus did what he could to help what remained of his people, now calling themselves Sin'dorei or "children of the blood" in Thalassian. He followed Kael'thas Sunstrider as a close guard and was glad when Illidan Stormrage joined them and they left to Northrend to try and kill the Death Knight, Arthas. He was not right in the head for the battle ahead though and in the heat of the battle against the Scourge he went into a blood rage like he did in Suncrown, but this time it cost him his life, he was hooked in the back by a massive Abomination and thrown to the side like a rag doll.

Rise into Undeath and Fall of the Scourge (Warcraft III - Wrath of the Lich King) Edit

The warmth of death fell over him and he felt at peace, until it was torn away from him by the Lich King who raised him from the dead as a San'layn. Sarvthus was now a blood thirsty killer and monster, he took joy in inflicting pain on others and drinking their life blood in to make himself stronger. He served the Blood-Queen Lana'thel and the Blood Prince Council as a Blood Knight.

Much later, during the attack on Icecrown Citadel he was one of the knights protecting the queen, he was almost killed by the Azerothian Heroes and would have been if not for a San'layn noble, Blood Lord Zadius. Zadius had teleported Sarvthus out of the Citadel and into the nearby mountains along with many other San'layn. When the Lich King died, he and his fellow brothers and sisters felt their minds freed of his grip and for the first time in a long time they were able to think for themselves. He thanked the Blood Lord for saving him, but told him that he had split from the group for a while and left into the frozen north.

Love of a Ruby Dragon (Wrath aftermath - Cataclysm) Edit

Sarvthus kissing Sophistrasza

Sarvthus and Sophistrasza kissing

Sarvthus found himself wandering the lands of Azeroth after he left his brothers and sisters. One day he stumbled across an injured Ruby Dragon that had been attacked by a band of Dragonmaw Orcs; she explained to him how she killed most of them before the rest ran off. But the orcs would not let her have victory and so they sliced her wing so she could not fly. Knowing her dragon form was useless at the moment she shifted her form into that off a tall crimson haired Sin'dorei and introduced herself to the San'layn as Sophistrasza, Sarvthus saw true beauty before him for the first time since his death, her hair and cloak were the colors of the Crimson Halls of Icecrown Citadel and Sarvthus felt comfort in that. He offered to help her if she would help him find a place that he could belong once more, she agreed and so they traveled to the city of Silvermoon. There they both tried as best they could to fit in, though it was quite hard, one being a creature of life and the other being a monster of death. After a couple months of living in the city, Sarvthus and Sophistrasza, going by the name Sophie in her elven form, ran into some trouble with the guards, them not wanting a dead monster walking the streets and pulled their blades on him. Sarvthus was about to tear into them but Sophie stopped him and transformed into her dragon form, taking him in her claws and flying out of the city as best as she could. Silvermoon was their home no more and they were forced onto the road once more.

They traveled the roads and forests together for almost a year and in that time Sarvthus' cold heart fell for Sophie, he knew much about her and respected all of it. She saw the things that others do not and was knowing and wise. She brought a fiery justice to a world that needed it and when she cast judgment, retribution and vengeance would follow!

One day while traveling the roads they were attacked suddenly by a Black Dragon that could sense Sophistrasza and wanted her dead. Sarvthus and his lover fought the dark winged beast for what seemed like forever and in the end the black dragon lie dead before Sarvthus, but so did Sophistrasza, the claws and fire of black dragon had wounded her too greatly and Sarvthus watched as another woman he loved died in his arms. Sarvthus was cold and alone again, his black heart shattered into nothing and was forced to travel the world alone once more.

Retainer of San'belore (Mists of Pandaria) Edit

Sarvthus found his people after being given a note from a black hooded elf informing him where his people had now made their home. He traveled to the location where his people had been living since the fall of the Lich King. This place was called the Blighted Deadwood and it was located on the island of Mistveil. He found out that the leader of Mistveil, Prince Ayleid Ashenfire had taken Blood Lord Zadius and many of the San'layn in after the fall of the Lich King, but they had to stay in the borders given to them. This group of San'layn had laws and followed the command of Blood Lord Zadius. Zadius had called upon Sarvthus because he was one of the oldest San'layn to exist and one of the best fighters he had ever seen, so made Sarvthus his retainer and gave him a home to settled down in within the new San'layn city of San'belore. He would command the Darkfallen Army in many battles against Ice Trolls of the Bloodoak Tribe that battled for dominance of the Blighted Deadwood.

Rise to Leadership (Warlords of Draenor) Edit

San'layn Ascend

The San'layn Ascend

Returning one day after visiting his son, he was approached by many San'layn nobles that told him news of San'layn being killed off from within San'belore. Sarvthus was swift to react to this and confronted the Blood Lord about the situation. Blood Lord Zadius had heard of the killings but he told Sarvthus that he had more important matters to attend to with the Bloodoak tribe, which infuriated Sarvthus and she snapped telling Zadius that no matter was more important than the deaths of their own people. Snapping back to his senses, Zadius agreed and told Sarvthus to look into the murders. Sarvthus was pleased with the Blood Lord's orders and began investigating the San'layn lands by himself, knowing he could not trust anyone else in this matter. He found out that there was an traitor within the ranks of the Darkfallen Army that was killing off San'layn unsuspectingly during the day. As soon as Sarv was getting close to finding out who the killer was, the murders faded away and Sarvthus was left on a cold trail.

Three months passed and he continued to search for the killer, but also had a job to do. He continued training his troops and readying the experienced for battles against the Bloodoak tribe. Until one day Blood Lord Zadius was assassinated in the temple and the San'layn people were furious, demanding that Sarvthus hunt down the assassin and torture him for the death of their beloved Blood Lord. Sarvthus searched intensely for the assassin as another month passed and one night Sarvthus finally found the assassin. With the thrill of the hunt finally coming to an end Sarvthus ripped the assassins heart from his undead body and ate it whole.

Sarvthus was awarded by his people for his work in avenging Blood Lord Zadius and was then named the new Blood Lord of the Blighted Deadwood, Sarvthus Vadvayne: The Heart Eater. Sarvthus rules the San'layn people as Blood Lord from his estate in San'belore. Protecting the San'layn borders from the outside world that would not accept the San'layn as a people and forever keeping watch for assassins.

Enslavement of the Bloodoak (Legion) Edit

During the third invasion of the Burning Legion the races of Mistveil were forced to make tenuous pact to fight back the Burning Legion from Mistveil. Sarvthus saw an opportunity that he could not pass up and while the Highborne, Trolls and San'layn fought the demons, Sarvthus prepared his elite forces to invade the troll capital of Zul'Rashi. Sending his own assassins ahead into the troll city to remove the Bloodoak Chieftain, Gur'rokt and his advisers. Without their chieftain the trolls were scattered and some even came to Sarvthus, offering their services to him if the Blood Lord would help them. Accepting the trolls pleas, Sarvthus and his army marched into the city, killing and enslaving any that would not bend the knee to him. Pleased with what he accomplished, he left the city in the hands of his retainer, Lord Elanish Silvergloom and the traitor troll general, Garuk'tul so that he could return to the battle against the Legion.

An Experimental Future (Battle for Azeroth) Edit

Not concerned with the war between the Alliance and the Horde, Sarvthus fortified his lands and secluded his people. One day though, he was gifted with many visions of the Shadowlands by his High Priestess, Sarvthus saw what would be known as Revendreth the land of the god he worshiped. He saw vampiric creatures that did not look far from San'layn as well as massive beings of incredible strength that served them. Inspired by what he saw, Sarv ordered his blood priests to do whatever magics they could to bring forth a race that mirrored what he saw by using the native trolls that they recently conquered as experimental toys.

Shattering of the Sky (Shadowlands) Edit

With the shattering of the sky above Northrend and the way open to the Shadowlands, Sarvthus watches and waits for his time to enter and learn what he can from the land his saw in only visions. He now has his army of San'dred created for him, but he could always use more knowledge from this amazing land of death.

Personality Edit

Sarvthus is a very cocky elf, rarely ever showing his true emotions by masking them with light laughter, a constant smirk and judging glances. When he does show his softer side however, you would notice that he can actually a very loving and caring elf, even in undeath. Sarvthus is just as romantic as he was in his youth and will hit on whoever he finds attractive. Though he will always have that twisted and dark side to everything he says and does.

Possessions Edit

Blood Rune-Etched Armor Edit

Sarvthus' armor is made out of a rare kind of ore found on Mistveil called, Red Steel. It was forged for him in the San'layn forges of San'belore as a gift for becoming the Blood Lord.

Quel'dorei Blade Edit

Uses his ancient elven blade from his time as a Knight-Lord of Quel'Thalas.

Blood Dagger Edit

Uses a dagger crafted from saronite and enchanted with blood magic.

Raven Necklace Edit

Wears a necklace with a silver raven on it that his wife gave him when they first started seeing each other.

Abilities Edit

Knight Trained Edit

Was trained in as a knight of Quel'thalas. Master of horseback combat, sword fighting and jousting.

Death Knight Trained Edit

Was trained as a blood death knight from the moment he was raised into undeath. Master of Blood Magic and self-regeneration.

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