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Sasha Elizabeth Storm

Sasha Storm Headshot

Demon Headshot


IconSmall Human Female Human

Birth Information

Born: May 27th, 5 years after the dark portal (age 28) Westfall


Warlock crest Master Demonolgist
Felforged Warframe Fel Machinist
Engineering Engineer
Trade mining Miner
Inv jewelcrafting necklace3 blue Jewelcrafter


Grand Alliance Army Icon Grand Alliance Army
Warlock crest Black Harvest
Invoker rank
7thLegionTabard Seventh Legion
Legionfall Armies of Legionfall Past


See Relatives

IconSmall Human Male Tony Storm
Father †
IconSmall Human Female Cynthia Storm
Mother †
IconSmall Human Female Jenny Storm
Sister †
IconSmall Human Female Sindra Storm
IconSmall Human Female Alissa Storm
IconSmall Human Female Ana Storm
IconSmall Human Female Eliza Storm

Author of

Tome Stolen from the Legion: Fel Mechanization

Owner of

Storm Family Jewels.


Sasha Storms Signature

"The Legion is a weapon we must take for our own, its power for our own, its strength, for our own, if we wish to defeat it, and our enemies there after, fel is the power we must harness."


Sasha is a six foot tall slender woman with long silky raven black hair. Her skin is pale and blood green both from the fel corruption she contains, this also causes her already emerald eyes to glow when emotion runs high with her.

She is the closest a mortal can get to becoming a demon without losing control of themselves, much like a demon hunter, however hers came through long term corruption, instead of sudden consuming of a demonic entity.

The warlock has a pair of large horns, accompanied by a huge set of demonic wings, both hidden away using the magics she has trained in. Her horns and wings are visible only when she wishes they be, or when she loses control of her magic, however those who can see through demonic disguise are able to see them, with some effort.

Because of this corruption the powers of light are not kind to her, they are worse at healing her, but better at harming her, paired with fire, ice, and fel magics being much less effect against her.


Sasha by trade is a Demonologist, Fel Machinist, Engineer, and Miner, however she also has some minor work in Jewelcrafting, and very minor work in enchanting.

Having grown up tinkering with parts of her family's Harvest Golems' she had a love for all the subtle electronics and metallic machinery in her lines of work. Pairing this with her use of fel magic leads to a dangerous combination, the Fel Machinist.

A Fel Machinist uses primarily fel magic, but other kinds to achieve machine perfection. Sentient siege weapons, self flying spaceships, and great portals, all using fel power of different forms learned from the Legion to achieve greatness.
Sasha perfection headshot
Having been born on a farm she has a general love for home cooking, animals, and an even deeper love for fishing. When she was a child it was common to see her fishing off the local dock with a fishing rod made from the bones of a slain deep sea Murloc.

The warlock has been on this world and many others for a long time,

seen many things and done many things within her life, and so has written two books.

Elegent Sasha

Her first is her learning tome, a book she keeps entirely to herself, filled front to back with all that she has learned over the many years as a warlock. She has no intention to make this book public, as it acts almost like a personal diary.

Her second book is her tome Stolen from the Legion: Fel Mechanization. She herself holds the master tome, allowing her to write her findings inside of it, and through its magical enchants then replicates that writing into the copies of the book she has made for friends and allies of hers. The book has many details of the Legion's machinery, and the work of a Fel Machinist.


Sasha Happy
Sasha Laugh
Sasha Eyes open cry
Sasha Angry
Sasha Embaressed
Sasha Facepalm
Sasha is a perfectionist, she likes to make sure things are done right, it is rare she will send someone else to do something she could have done.

She once had no respect for those who used the light, having seeing how Tirion was abandoned by it on the broken shore, what the Scarlet Crusade did with its blessing, and the altercations on Argus between it and Illidan. She knew the light cared nothing for its people, as long as they were devout, and willing to fight for it.

However after meeting Zaria R. Blackmoore her ideals changed, she felt the light could at least be used for god good, and that it did not change all people, those who controlled it, like any other power. She now sees light users as equal to other spellcaster, instead of as inferior for simply the magic they used. Although she still sees them as lesser then herself.

She is a caring person towards those she calls friends or family, but to others she can be short tempered. She commonly looks for new friends as she is very social deep down and secretly the woman is quite insecure about herself, looking for others to support her and make her feel special. It is difficult for her to find the friends she really wants, and this has pushed her into a depression and self doubt.  



Screenshot 129

Skull of Mol'Goloth.

This skull effigy was made from the soul of a minor Pitlord, Mol'Goloth. The Pitlord was defeated by Sasha and some Black Harvest allies, her being the lucky one able to enslave it and force its power into an effigy.

The sentiant skull now follows her and is able to assist her in combat, watching out for her while also empowering her spells, demons, and even attacking on its own with its tusks and felflame.
Screenshot 131

Felforged Dagger

The dagger is made from a tusk chiseled down from Mol'Goloth, the dagger is usually paired with her skull, allowing her to defend herself when it comes to close range combat, and focus her spells, as well as assisting her in commanding her effigy.

Screenshot 194

Felcaster Rune Scythe

This sharp scythe is able to cut and cleave souls and flesh, it was made using Legion materials by a demonic weaponsmith, allowing this fel powered runeblade to capture and consume demonic souls. These collected souls then can be used to power the warlock's machinery by spilling the souls into Soul batteries.
Screenshot 195-0

Demonic Bone Staff

This staff was made using the bones of many demons, the fragments of souls left behind all muddled together to become an abomination of power within this gilded staff. Massively empowering the users fel based attacks, and even melee combat.

Screenshot 216

Felcaster Power Staff

The staff uses fel infused crystals to empower the warlock's chaotic spells. The staff was claimed from the corpse of a Eredar Felcaster, the same one that the warlock claimed her shoulder pads, crown, and belt from. Unlike her bone staff this one is much more focused, assisting only slightly in powering her attacks, but otherwise making them much more accurate.


Sasha Black and white

Sasha having regained control of her life after losing her loved ones.

Felcaster Eredar armor

The warlocks plate armoring came from an Eredar Felcaster she slew, the crown sits upon the back of her head with a metal and cloth collar around her neck to keep it there. Aside these is her two large golden shoulderpads, maws and eyes glowing with felflame, all finishing off at the skull like belt laced with runes that rest at her lap.  

Each connected to her gear with metal latches and straps keeps them tight to her form, the Legion metals stay room temperature, even while containing felflame, and enhancing the power of her spells.   

Felweave Cloth Robes

Sasha Fullbody thicc

Sasha finally over her fel addiction for good she is now confident and motivated.

Neck to toe the warlock covers herself with these brown and green robes. These robes made of Felcloth and Ebonweave are thick and smooth, protecting the warlock from the elements, and with the help of enchanted runes, some spells too.

The robes open at the front of the legs through bindings, but are kept quite tight as the warlock likes to keep herself fully covered, the armor she wears covering every bit of her other then her head and fingertips.

The robes all include a pair of gold lined heel boots that go up to her knees, hidden under the long robes, a hood that hides under her hair between her neck and the crown, allowing her to pull it up at an instant, a pair of fingerless gloves to give her better control over her spells, although she cover her fingers in case of extreme temperatures, and a pair of focusing bracers that help her focus her fel magic.

Sasha Mask

Time to time she has changed the robes to accommodate changes in her battle style, and her power, but one thing that has always stayed is the enchants and gadgets within it. Included in her cape is a pair of mechanical arms that when activated alongside an enchant open the cape wide enough paired with wings of felflame to slow her descent. The hood she is able to wear is fitted with a metal mask,

enchanted and mechanically modified to allow her to deploy a small ward to block any dangerous gases.

Custom made Felsoul Ring

Ring flames Sasha storm

Sasha's custom made Felsoul Ring.

This ring was custom made from a powerful gem taken from a Wyrmtongue, and some golden metal of the burning legion's felcasters, imbued with felflame to bring the ring to life. Made into a set of wedding rings for her and her wife, the pair of rings allow the two to speak to each other by whispering into them over a long distance, and make them feel warm even when apart. Inside under the jewels is the name of the other written, Alissa Storm and Sasha Storm.


The warlock likes to use what she makes, it is common to see small golden ball like objects on the girls hips. These Voidfel Detonators when activated will open inside and quickly begin a mixture of fel magic, and void magic, then causing a voidfel explosion.

Floating above her head and shoulders you can commonly see five floating felshards. These green soulshards prepared to be used for spells that require them, act as explosive projectiles, or to simply free up the weight of having to hold soulshards in a pouch.

Mechanical Tools and Machines

Sasha has many tools she has made using her prowess in the art of fel machinery, those like her Voidfel Detonators and her Felforged Warframe. Detailing it all in her book "Stolen from the Legion: Fel Mechanization."

"Azeroth needs heroes that are willing to sacrifice everything they have to fight the enemy. Mind, body, and soul must be given to protect our way of life, and i am one of the few willing to do so."


Demonic Sasha black and white.

Full demon form Sasha.

Sasha was born to Cynthia and Tony Storm in Westfall May 27th five years after the dark portal opened. It was common to see the farm girl out and about in the fields. However as she was not required to work on the fields, instead tinkering on the harvest golems along side the local repairman. However when she was unable to work on those she was commonly seen sitting on her families dock using a fishing rod made from the skeleton of a deep-sea murloc that had been destroying the local docks with its shadow magic.
Vanilla Sasha

Full body Sasha painted

Sasha preparing for combat after having kicked her fel addiction for her first time.

As the child grew she eventually got the job to deliver carts of crops to duskwood, however this ended one day when her father could not go with her, and she became an easy target to a group of bandits. Nearly kidnapped or killed she was saved by a nearby warlock training in the darkness of duskwood, able to then make the delivery and get home safely, learning lots from the warlock on their delivery.

When Sasha turned 12 she started training in dalaran as a fire and telemancy major, eventually paying for her classes by working in a local inn as a chef, having gained a love for food growing up on a farm. After spending 3 years there she went home to show her new magic the first of her sisters Jenny, and on a walk through duskwood she came across an Infernal tome left beside the skeleton of an Orc from the first war. Thinking back to the warlock that saved her years ago, she decided to start training from the book in secret.
Smaller full body sasha

Corrupted Sasha after the loss of her child and lovers.

Alissa Transparent


Sasha and Alissa Small Smile

Alissa trying to get Sasha's attention.

She then decided to pursue being a warlock in full training, and with this she decided to stop training in Dalaran to help raise her youngest sister Sindra, and say goodbye to her mother who had died during the birth earlier in the year. Hearing from Jenny that her father had become a drunk after their mothers passing, and blaming Sindra for this, she tried to convince Jenny to take Sindra and run away with her to somewhere better. She then moved to Stormwind and continued her training as a warlock, and working as a tailor and enchanter for another year until the third war where she joined the military under the gold and blue banner using her power of demonology for good.

Throughout many battles over the many years she served, she worked on becoming more and more powerful in the fel, and in control of demons, working for the Alliance also as a tailor and enchanter to start, eventually switching to engineer and miner, with abit of jewelcrafting in the mix.

During the Legion’s assault on Azeroth after their defeat on Draenor, Sindra disappeared, thought dead this made Sasha return home to mourn her death. Finding nothing but distaste from Tony and Jenny, after an altercation between them and Sasha, both were found in their farmhouse which had been burnt to rubble with fel magic.

Eventually the warlock decided she wished to settle down and find a family, she came across two women, both who wished to become part of her life, she decided to take them both in. A Human paladin and a half Vrykul warrior. The three of them spent a fair bit of time together, even adopting a child to raise together, who was killed by the horde attacking their farmhouse. Both of them changed being around the warlock, who had no control of how her fel affected those she spent long times around, and this caused the paladin to lose her connection to the light and become a warlock, and the warrior to become a fel knight. Both becoming power hungry, one after the other they were killed as they tried to enslave or kill Sasha for more power. Because of these losses of her child, and both loved one she started to fall into madness, becoming much more jaded, aggressive, and risky with her spell casting, turning grey and rapidly increasing her fel corruption.

Sasha, Alissa, and Ana.

Sasha reading to Ana while Alissa reads along.

Sasha flaming portal
Shortly after the war on the Tomb of Sargeras met up with a long lost friend who had been busy taking care of a pair of Sisters who she had adopted, now adults she was trying to find a place to move them into. The pair of Sisters Hidie Bristol and Alissa Bristol she was moving Alissa Bristol with the woman’s girlfriend at the time Leadore Rosepetal, and let Hidie stay at home as long as she paid rent.

Sasha becoming friends with Leadore and Alissa she spent a lot of time with the two of them over the months, until eventually her and Alissa nearing 19 years began to have feelings for eachother. Alissa then disowned her mother, as the woman suddenly began causing troubles between the two, followed by eventually Hidie as she had picked up a lot of the toxicity of her adoptive mother. Alissa then moved in with Sasha in her home in the Dreadscar rift, however the two staying friends with Leadore, even with the relationship past.

Now with a new person in her life, and someone who loved her and relief on her, she started being less risky with her magic, letting her fel energies lower, and focus more on her demons, instead of massive power through herself. Lowering her fel corruption, and increasing her capability to become a normal member of society.

Much later the two decided to raise children, having their first child Ana Blaise Storm born January 27th, and their second child Eliza Cynthia Storm born October 6th. The two became wed in Teldrassil after Alissa and her friends wished such, the couples wedding being interrupted by the attack on the tree.

Sasha Villian's corner

Drawing of Sasha Storm

Work History

When the warlock was young she worked on her farm fishing and tinkering with the local harvest golems, both things that would last her nearly her entire life, loves of hobbies that she forever kept. She did also work as a cook often, growing up on a farm her mother taught her much about cooking the crops, fish, and livestock they kept.

During her time in Dalaran she worked as a sous chef in an inn, working to make her rent, living costs, and class costs. Working again in Dalaran during the campaign against the Lich King as a chef, when she was not needed on the front line, she made many of her friends and connections this way, sadly lots of these lost over many years.

Sasha Devilish

As she grew older working for the Alliance she was paid as an warlock soldier, sitting in groups to supply them with healthstones, soulstones, and to curse enemies, while also using her demons to strengthen and assist her allies. However when war got slow she was forced into more shady work in the line of warlock expertise to make ends meet.

Honing her craft she started selling her own engineered goods, gadgets, vehicles, companions, guns, goggles, and many tinkers. She even joined the Black Harvest, being sent off to do missions for cash, favors, and goods, eventually working up to an Invoker rank, only stopping as the Blood war began forced the Black Harvest into minor factions of Alliance, Horde, and those who refused to take a side.

For some time she was even working as a guard, wishing to see if some time as a guard would be what she was looking for over time in the military. However after being treated lesser than human she

Sasha Fullbody thicc

gave up on it, and left.

Most recently she works on selling Fel based machines from Legion tech, she creates and sells custom jewelry to those who visit her shop. She gathers rare materials from Legion worlds, selling them to those who need them, and under the 7th Legion as a Banner woman.

Demonic Combat Allies

Sasha's Demon squad.

Azgorath, Thol'gonoth, Dreadstalkers, Imps.


This large demonic Wrathguard was enslaved by Sasha as her Sixth demon. These days this demon has become the ultimate weapon for the warlock, armouring him, and arming him with strong demonic armor and a pair of Felcleavers. The felcleavers are very powerful, able to cleave through armor like butter, coated with thick flames of felflame, and thick golden metal the axes are extremely heavy, but in the hands of the demon, seem like nothing but sticks. The wrathguard now serves Sasha as her most used demon, large muscles, intelligent, fast, and lots of stamina for long combat.


This Demonic Tyrant is intense, the beast is nearly ten feet tall, muscles strong enough to tear metal, and magical prowess enough to overpower most magi. Because of this the warlock is able to control this demon for only short moments, this beast is not fully enslaved under Sasha, this beast is only partially, after the defeat of the Burning Legion, this demon was forced into a deal with the warlock, and because of this will serve her, at least when he is willing. This demon does not need weapons, his body is a weapon enough, beams of felflame from his hands, blasts of it from his maw, waves of felflame from his body, and claws tearing through anything in his path. This demonic brutes massive powerful presence is enough to empower Sasha's fellow demons, allowing them to attack with more might, and even longer before being forced back to the twisting nether.

Secondary Demons

Sasha has many smaller demons, seemingly 15 imps, and 4 drestalkers.

Each Imp and armoured head to hoof with felwakener armor, made to empower their felfire bolts, and their capability to explode like fel grenades on will.

Each Dreadstalker is covered with a few pieces of armor that defend their most crucial joints and their jaw, the creatures pounce at their enemies and will quickly begin to consume their enemies, this makes them threats to be grabbed or struck, these horned and bladed armor pieces keep it safe from the odd strike, blow, or grapple.

The armor is enchanted with that of returning, meaning when the beast dies, it's armor will be recalled to the nether, where it then needs to be repaired and given back to the demon it belongs to, all done so by a few small demonic Mo'arg.

She also controls small swarms of bilescourge, the leader of them a larger, stronger, and more agile one named Zlip, the only one she treats like more of a pet then a tool. As Well as able to conjure Inquisitor eyes, able to spy for her, fire beams of fel flame, or blast jolts of fel energy.

Sasha of the Alliance.

Sasha leading Krliskclask and Azgorath as a Banner Woman against the Horde filth.

Battle History

Sasha has served extensively through a number of military theaters of war such as Outland, Northrend, and the Broken Isles.

Fourth War Campaign Ribbon Siege of Antorus campaign pin ArgusCampaignMedalRibbon
BrokenIslesRibbon DraenorCampaignRibbon Alliance-HordeRibbon
NorthrendCampaignRibbon OutlandCampaignRibbon ThirdWarRibbon
ConspicuousServiceRibbon SLSM 5 KGCRibbon 11
AnduinCoronationMedalRibbon Varian Reign Ribbon
1st Row Blood War Campaign Medal w/ two battle bars Siege of Antorus Campaign Medal Argus Campaign Medal
2nd Row Broken Isles Campaign Medal w/ two battle bars Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal w/ two battle bars Alliance-Horde War Campaign Medal w/ three battle bars
3rd Row War of the Lich Campaign Medal w/ three battle bars War in Outland Campaign Medal Third War Campaign Medal w/ two battle bars
4th Row Conspicuous Service Cross Stormwind Long Service Medal King's Cross
5th Row King Anduin Coronation Medal King Varian Reign Medal
Mosiac Sasha

Mosaic of the Warlock.

Battles of old Azeroth

Battles of Old Azeroth

The warlock was called to the battle of the Blackrock mountain, working with the Alliance and Horde to siege through the forces of the Firelord Ragnaros. After that she was later sent to fight the minions of the old god C'thun. Later in the wake of that she was one of the many warlocks to use the power of demonic magic to assist in the defeat of the armies of Kel'thuzad and his floating Necropolis Naxxramas.

Sasha's Skills

She focused on the power of using her demonic energies to empower herself, the powers of her demon absorbed into her to allow her to decimate her enemies much easier then if she was alone. She was rather new to combat as a warlock, having trained plenty and read lots, she had yet to use it in full combat though, so she felt quite new to this, was quite amature, and only was able to master a few spells at first. However over her first big battles she was quick to learn.

Battle of Outland

Battle of Outland

The warlock was one of the thousands to charge through the portal into Outland, she assisted in the defeat of Illidan's minions in Serpentshrine Cavern and the Black temple, never really questioning why, other then that while she was within the temples walls she could gain a fair amount of fel and demonic power. She was later sent to the island of the elves with many others by boat to fight the demons of the Sunwell and its new owner Kil'jaeden, pushing head first into the Sunwell she used her control of demonic energies to force demons onto the allies in assistance to defeating the Legion's assault.

Sasha's Skills

Following the same research she had in the years before she used a mix of her demonic soul, and that of her demon to empower herself, allowing her to slaughter those who came in her path with only a spell or two.

The Northrend Campaign

The Northrend Campaign

Sometime after the defeat of Kil'jaeden and after abit of rest and research, the bastard prince Arthas returned to the lands of Azeroth. She was quick to join in purging the mad undead that flooded the lands, her fel flame working well to burn down the enemies of the living, eventually making her way to the lands of Northrend, fighting off the mass undead, pushing into the halls of Ulduar, and competing under the Argent banner, well cheering on the warlocks above her who would eventually be the ones to go and defeat the Lich King well her and thousands of others were forced to stay and keep the waves of undead at bay.

Sasha's Skills

Having learned alot from the Sunwell she decided to change her ideas on demonology, instead of using the soul of a demon through death to empower herself, she decided to use the power of the demons soul alive to empower herself and those on her side. With this she enslaved the power of the Felguard, using this power she had found to make her and her allies spells stronger. She even learned how to control the demon energies within her, and with this transform temporarily into a demon to execute her enemies with balls of molten felfire barrages.

When the Cataclysm Rocked the World

When the Cataclysm Rocked the World

When the world crumbled, and the skies burned with smoke and brimstone, the warlock spent most of her time researching, bettering herself, spending little to do with the wars that befell Azeroth, other then the rare instance of her assisting the Alliance when it needed it. She joined the assault on Grim Batol, freeing it of Twilight Hammer cultists, fighting fire with felfire inside of the Firelands, and eventually assisting the thousands in fighting off Deathwing's forces at Dragonblight.

Sasha's Skills

Sticking much to her new found style of combat, she kept with her empowerment of herself and her allies through that of demonic magic. However she now learned to summon more than one demon at a time on the usual, able to summon small squads of demons to assist her in combat against the minions of Deathwing, and the Horde.

The Discovery of Pandaria

The Discovery of Pandaria

When the land of Pandaria was found, and the horde was said to have began a full on takeover, the warlock was one of the many to sign up for the mass Alliance overtaking of Krasarang Wilds. Then when the corrupt Horde showed its snarling teeth again she was quick to assist in the destruction of their filth pile of a capital.

Sasha's Skills

With the attack on Pandaria she was able to gather many horde souls and with this she empowered herself, losing connection to her demon, no longer able to empower herself with the demons connection. However she was now able to power herself up much easier, the demonic women able to transform into her demonic form much more often and much more powerfully. Able to hold even more demons at her side at once, still able to fling barrages of felflame orbs.

The Sieging of Draenor

The Sieging of Draenor

When the heard word the dark portal had opened again, she was confused and puzzled. But she was prepared, and she redied her new found skills. She joined the Alliance on the other side of the portal, fighting the armies of the Iron Horde, and the Legion attempting to overtake it. All the while doing her best to help her people keep the rabid Horde at bay on Ashran.

Sasha's Skills

With this war she followed her look for power, and with that she left to Tannan Jungle. There she found thousands of Fel Horde warlocks, and with those thousands of tomes, crystals, and enchantments. With these she gathered as much power as she could, becoming the demonic general she now is. Able to summon small armies of demons, she is a one woman army. However with this power, she began to lose control of her own demonic form, and started to lose the power to change into her demonic form, at this point if she was to change, every time she changed, was a risk of being unable to turn back.

The Legions Final Return

The Legions Final Return

When the assault on the Broken Shore began she was on the beaches, fighting along side her people, defeating the Legion. But when word went out that it was time to retreat, and that the king was dead, she could not believe it, she followed orders and fled, but all the while wondering what cruel joke this was.

She assisted the campaign in Azsuna and Suramar, dealing with the mass amounts of demons corrupting these lands. Killing demons, her specialty. Of all the hundreds of warlock that assisted in retaking Nighthold, she was one of them, summoning and enslaving powerful demon within the city.

The Tomb of Sargeras, a place of ultimate demonic and titanic power, how could she not be one of the many to assist in the massive battle to retake Azeroth from the Legion.

Attack on Antorus

Attack on Antorus

The battle of Argus was huge, a hope to finally end the Legion, alongside her brothers and sisters she was sent to scout ahead, search out the legions groupings and tactical points, capturing key information for the battle to come. She was then deployed to attack the citadel of Antorus, piloting her Felforged Warframe she was able to shoot down two interceptors, as well as some felbats and felspiders that were attacking ground units. However her vehicle was shot down during the final push, her luckily able to escape alive, and assist in defeating a massive Fel reaver. She fought during the battle of Antorus, assisting in killing mass amounts of demons within the throne as the heroes of Azeroth fought towards Argus the Unmaker. Clearing as many demon as she could before retreating upon hearing the call. She returned to Azeroth the find the sky tainted by that of a large blade.

Sasha's Skills

With the Legion defeated she was able to gather many things to help her in her future. She was able to enslave new, stronger demons, upgrade her armor, weapons, and tools, as well as get in touch with her inner demon again. Still risky to transform into her demonic form, to this point it was very rarely ever worth it to transform. She could however spawn demons from the very demonic corruption in her soul, meaning everywhere she goes she will always have a demonic posse with her.

The Return of the Faction War

The Return of the Faction War

After the defeat of the Legion the warlock returned to Azeroth to the Horde finding a sprouting material called Azerite. This material being mostly found around the wound in the planet made by the sword, it was in abundance, the Horde seeing it worthy of collecting it on mass, well hoping that the Alliance would not find the material.

Once the Alliance found out about said material they sent many to Silithus to find out what was going on, and then onto the Seething shore to collect as much of it as they could for the Alliance, Sasha one of these sent. She spent many days within the southern sides of Kalimdor, collecting Azerite and slaying Horde for the name of the Alliance.

Shadows of Ashenvale

Shadows of Ashenvale

The warlock was requested to Ashenvale, the battle was desperate and she was brought because of her use on Argus, she arrived to mostly stay with her allies the Citrine Eagles. She had come up with an idea to use one of her Fel Dispenser Pylons to aggrovate a demonic camp deep within Horde territory, hoping to have the Horde ambushed by demonic forced from their back lines, however few agreed with this plan...

She spent the first day inside of her mech, fighting the Horde, destroying the enemy with felflames and felpower, when she could recovering the Horde souls to refill her vehicles power.

The second day she was force into combat directly against the Horde, her mech needing repairs and without her demons as she was forbidden to summon them, she was badly defeated and forced to retreat, a fight she surely would have won if not for being forbid her strongest magic.

The third day she was forced to Satynaar, a corrupted ritual site, overflowing with fel and demons. Upon arriving they found a large ritual stone that Sasha inspected and found to be an immense threat, near that of a Fel Reaver. She discussed with Maxen a way to use it but he declined, her then agreeing with him to dismantle it. However they were ambushed and she was forced to use the Pylon on her to convert it into a Power Relay Pylon. With the Satyr attacking the summoners in the back were able to activate the stone, so Sasha had to set off her device early.

The device began to glow, floating from the ground, bolts of green electricity shot between it and the stone, a few slamming into the Warlock as she fled, quickly the Pylon and the stone exchanged energy, back and forth constantly until it ripped open a portal to the Twisting Nether. With the unstable portal open it began to consume everything, sucking up the structure and the area around it, sucking up even the fel corruption from the land, creating a bigger and bigger crater until the device itself blew its safety measure, exploding and slamming the portal shut. The rainy clouds in the sky were vaporized as the portal shot felpower in all directions, a massive crack heard all over Ashenvale as a green bolt shot into the sky and across the clouds. Many were wounded including Sasha herself, but so too were the demons. Their plans foiled and their numbers crushed the leader fled.

The fourth day she was not too pleased, what thought was going to make her a hero, instead turned out to make her a villian, people targeted her, called her a monster, an agent of the Horde, a traitor, idiot. She knew what she did was risky, she knew it was stupid, but she felt it was needed, it was that or let the stone activate, and whatever was going to be summoned, come. So she was forced to ambush the Horde and with her allies cut down the Horde, and unlike some of her allies showed restraint, choosing to try and lightly taze one of the two fleeing girls. Others choosing much more lethal actions. Once returned to base the Children were healed, Sasha playing in the part of fully recovering one of the children, using her corrupted magics to heal the child at her own cost of health. The child was fully recovered and living, but simply threw up a few times through the night.

The final day Sasha was forced to the final Horde skirmish, her blasts of fel and corrupt magic sweeping over the Horde, quickly dispatching the armies of Horde, her felflame raining through the group as the armies pushed forward. Again held back by the request to use no demons, she was forced to use spells that while working well on spreading over the Horde's armies also risked hurting her own allies, or blowing up in her own face, leaving her by the end of the fight rather wounded with burns on her hands.

Siege of Tirisfal

Siege of Tirisfal

The first day of the siege, the warlock was part of the group to stay behind and defend the base, using her Infernal Charsear she took down many bats with balls of pitch burning with hellfire, only slightly wounded by the end of the battle.

The second day she was sent to attack the Horde to the west. Reaching the Horde forces she was quickly riddled with arrows to the point she could not get a single spell off. However as the combat slowed down the Horde kidnapped those who could not fight back, Sasha hesitated but quickly made chase, however weak she fell behind, choosing to choose a smarter approach. Using her fel magic she disguised herself, entering Undercity and speaking with the captives, having hoped to set them free, but on her own would have no chance, so she collected messages from them to those they cared about, as well as heirlooms they wish to pass on to their loved ones. Doing so she felt massive regret that she did not even try to set the others free, but happy that she could help in at least some way.

The next day she made her way to Undercity again, hoping to come up with a plan, but upon arriving she was forced to watch one of the Captives slain and risen into undeath. She tried to come up with an idea on how to get them out, but she quickly began to become unstable, her mind faltering and disguise starting to fail she was forced to retreat as people started to suspect her. She returned to her camp in panic and fear, discussing to those she needed to of her findings first, before going to try and get some sleep.

The day after she was forced into an attack towards Brill, however after the trauma of the week within Undercity, as well as something that happened to her through the night, she was unable to focus in combat, mostly taking blows and focusing on her spell casting, unable to gather enough confidence and focus to get a single spell off.

The attack on Brill went amazingly, having regained her confidence and cleared her mind she slayed countless Horde, actually very countable, at least twenty three. After the battle she claimed the skulls that had not been crushed then left to return to the base, finding a group of Alliance fighting against the Zeppelin towers she decided to assist, pushing in and defeating the Horde defending it, protecting the Mortars long enough for it to destroy the Hords transportation port.

That night three Horde members were labeled as large threats, two orcs and one blood elf. She was quick to claim the two orcs on her own, cleaving them down into broken beings without even a shred of trouble. Then claiming 10,000 gold each for the claim of Ro'go and Rekfar Axefury.

During the attack on the Undercity itself Sasha was assigned to defend the Siege towers, mostly sticking to her good friend Sean Dawnrunner. There she used the power of her Felforged warframe to cut down many Horde and defend one of the siege towers that had fallen behind until it could reach the main line with the others, then working with the others assigned to such to keep them all defended. There they cut down many Horde until Sasha's Azerite scanner destroy itself, she warned Sean to get to cover, the Azerite Warmachine charging the battlefield she was just able to dodge it. They kept the siege towers defended as long as they could, Sasha forced to fight one on one, even damaged, against a goblin shredder, eventually destroying it but as the Warmachine was blown up a sliver of Azerite shot through her mech and into her arm impaling into her flesh.

The Alliance having destroyed most of the Horde forces Sylvanas unleashed her blight on the leftover Horde and the advancing Alliance, Sasha was able to notice fast enough but knew Sean would be heavily wounded if not killed by it, the man lost his eye to a small splash of the green sludge before the warlock was able to put her hood onto him, including her mask that created a ward to stop him from breathing in the gas. Sasha suffered badly as she got a lungful of the stuff, they quickly retreated, them assisted by the warlocks Wrathguard as they were forced to fight off the feral skeletons of the soldiers that had fallen only moments earlier, eventually the Alliance nearly overrun by the skeletal remains and blight they were saved by Jaina Proudmoore. The mage covering the battlefield in ice she destroyed the skeletons and froze the blight, blasting one of Undercities walls with a barrage of arcane cannons followed, allowing the Alliance to advance in and take a breather.

They did not have long however before they were forced to fight Troll Shaman and Druid, fighting against bolts of lightning and torrents of wind, cutting down the trolls before being able to push forward, facing off against an army of forsaken and goblins. The fight quickly broke out as a void portal opened, unleashing void elves and gnommish machines, quickly making work along side the rest of the Alliance against the scum. Defeated Syvlanas destroyed her blight vats, spraying it all across the ground, blocking passage, forcing the Alliance to spend time using gyrocopters to move their units high above it. As the Alliance forces moved across Sasha opened a portal for her and Sean to the drop location where the forces quickly gathered to face the final line of defence, Vaurok and his elite soldiers. Dealing with the veteran orcs was difficult, both wounded even more as Sean Dawnrunner fell, presumed dead, Sasha doing her best to keep his body safe as it was dragged away once combat settled, herself sustain much damage. Damaged respiratory system, damaged throat, Azerite sliver impaled in her arm, cuts, bruises, breaks, and burns all over her body.

Battles of Kul'tiras

Battles of Kul'tiras

Having been deployed to Kul'tiras she planned to spend three weeks there, she was appointed as a bannermen, entering battle with a banner on her back, used to motivate and inspire her allies, however this put much pressure on her. It was nearly a week and a half of constant fighting, her going without sleep, this proving to be a horrible thing. Having been mostly deployed to Stormsong valley, fighting against the Horde, naga, and elements there.

Tiring herself, weakening herself, and draining her fel and demonic energies opened way for a new energy to take hold. It was mid combat against a force of tentacle faced monsters who were once human, during their assault on the Shrine of Storms, when she passed out from exhaustion, one of her allies a footman rushed to help her up but was met by a summoned tendril lifting him from the ground by the throat, the warlock raising, skin gone purple and face brimming with tendrils she raised him higher and higher. Another footman was forced to fire, striking her, dispelling the tendril and the grip on her, knocking her out cold as she crumbled to the ground, allowing the rest of the Alliance to win the battle to where she was moved to a holding cell to make sure she was not a threat.

Finally able to rest, finally able to regain herself, she eventually was able to with the help of a fellow priest Leah Rosepetal was able to return to her normal self, too fel corrupt for the shadow to take full hold of her body.


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