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Crusader Lord Valdelmar

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New Avalon


Scarlet Crusade


Southeastern Eastern Plaguelands



The Scarlet Enclave (also called the Scarlet Lands) was a settlement in the southeastern corner of the Eastern Plaguelands that encompassed the city of Tyr's Hand, the town of New Avalon and the village of Havenshire. Untouched by death and the plague of Undeath during the rise of the Scourge of Lordaeron, the lands were taken by the Scarlet Crusade, who settled the area.

The calm and peace was disturbed by the arrival of the necropolis Acherus and the Lich King, Arthas Menethil. The Scourge laid waste to the Crusade and destroyed the two towns as they left for Northrend, renaming themselves the Scarlet Onslaught. Despite the destruction of New Avalon and Havenshire, Tyr's Hand was never sieged by the Scourge, as they moved on to attack Light's Hope Chapel.

Today, Acherus remains above the ruins, and banners of the Order of the Ebon Blade fly across New Avalon and Havenshire.

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