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The portal at the heart of Seradane.

Seradane is a secluded region to the northeast of the Hinterlands that houses a portal to the Emerald Dream.

Seradane is immediately visible from anywhere in the Hinterlands primarily thanks to the Great Tree planted by the followers of Fandral Staghelm to stave off the emergence of saronite. It was since protected by the Green Dragonflight, namely Rothos and Dreamtracker. These dragons defended Seradane from any who approached with hostile action, making Seradane a dangerous location for mortals to approach.

Sometime following the Cataclysm, Seradane was emptied. Years later, however, during the Third Burning Legion Invasion of Azeroth, druids revisited the portal in Seradane to open it as an entrance to the Emerald Dreamway. Agents of the Emerald Nightmare later exploited the portal to emerge from it, but were soundly defeated.