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Sereli Morsin

"Loyal until the end"

Sereli Morsin in 39 L.C.


Elf alto icon.png Quel'dorei


Nov. 20th, 425 K.C.
Amber Isles - Quel'thalas




True Neutral


Grand Alliance Icon.png Alliance of Lordaeron (Former)
Farstriders.jpg Quel'thalas (Former)
Farstriders.jpg Thalassian Army (Former)
Grand Alliance Army Icon.png Grand Alliance


Ravenholdt - (formerly)
Alterac Flag.pngThe Citrine Eagle - (Retired)
Iceswingswordnboard2.pngIcewing Brigade - (Retired)


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No'thul Dawnheart (Grandfather)†
Tyerea Dawnheart (Grandmother) †
Lomaiel Dawnheart (Father)†
Aliah Dawnheart (Mother)†
Erison Dawnheart (Uncle)
Amberly (Daughter)


Dae'inth Starfeather (Cousin)

House of Morsin

Danath Morsin (Husband)
Daniel Morsin (Stepson)
Elana Morsin (Daughter)
Abigail Morsin (Daughter)
Lillian Whitethorn (Adopted Daughter)

Erin Tarinval (Adopted Daughter)
Nao Skydancer (Adopted Daughter)

Castiel Skydancer (Adopted Grandson)


Alive - Retired

"We all have our demons; I live with mine"

Sereli Morsin (Born Sereli Dawnheart), the daughter of Lomaiel and Aliah Dawnheart, was born on November 20th, 425 K.C. Born into a small and ‘youthful’ nobility; Sereli was raised in a more ‘unconventional’ manner than most. Hailing from a southwestern region in Eversong Woods known as Amber Falls and its small population. She was the heiress of her household prior to the events of the Third War and a ranger for the Thalassian Army. She served within the Thalassian Army from the period of the First War to the assault on Eversong Woods in the Third War by the Scourge where she would defect. Despite her past actions in the decades, Sereli is an avid member of the Grand Alliance and is willing to fight her own ‘people’ should they hinder the goals of the Grand Alliance. While not considered bloodthirsty and will not start a fight, she is quick to finish one.

In the oncoming years Sereli would shift and change, moving from one organization to another. Most of them involved less than savory dealings. However, despite an incident that led to her eyes becoming a fel green. She remained loyal to the Grand Alliance and bears a deep seeded hatred of the Horde. But it is only recently that Sereli has joined the ranks of an organization to prove such loyalties. The Citrine Eagle was perhaps an odd choice for a Quel’dorei to choose to serve under and bear the colors of, but it was out of empathy that Sereli had joined and the need for belonging. She had lost her home of Eversong Woods to the Horde and with the goals of The Citrine Eagle being to reclaim Alterac so that those who were born there may have their home once more had drawn her to aid them in their mission.

She had made the conscious decision of joining the order on September 9th, 37 L.C. after the first attack on the Broken Shore. There she helped the rest of the The Citrine Eagle in their campaign across the Broken Isles and largely the campaigns within Stormheim and Highmountain.

After serving for a period of time after the fall of the Legion, Sereli would retire from service and reside in Rivendale with her husband and children.


Early Life (425 K.C. - 535 K.C.)

Sereli Morsin, the only child to Lomaiel Dawnheart a veteran Ranger for the Thalassian Army and Aliah Dawnheart a practiced Spellsword. She was born into a minor family of nobility but grew up with less of the usual pressure in part of her father. Though she was prepared as heiress to inherit the lands that they owned and the business they tended to should something happen to her parents, it was an uphill battle between Sereli and her parents due to her rebellious behavior. This would often lead the young elf to escape into the woods surrounding Amber Falls before promptly being brought back home by her mother.

It was in the times that Sereli could sneak away and stay away from home that Sereli would venture into the villages. Causing mischief wherever she went, stealing an apple, playing a prank on one of the guards. Such were the things that went amiss within the village of Amber Falls. When the young girl was caught she was promptly returned to her parents after a harsh word from the guards and to the swift discipline of her parents. However the spark of fire within her was nursed in the times of the dotting actions of her father. These moments often happened in the times that Lomaiel taught Sereli various musical instruments. This continued onward to several decades well into her teenage years.

As Sereli was a teenager she would, for the first time, meet her best friend and partner in crime; Sylia Embersorrow. The two were similar in their love for mischief and exploration. However, their looks contrasted the other quite sharply. Already Sylia had more defined and angular features with bright wavy red hair, in comparison to Sereli whose straight blonde locks flowed just past her shoulders. Sereli kept soft features throughout from her childhood into her teenage years. Their eyes were the same azure blue as any other Quel’dorei of the time. It hadn’t taken long for the two to form an inseparable bond as they grew up together. This, of course, led to a doubling of mischief within Amber Falls and built of their own devious reputation amongst the countless villagers.

In this time her parents had introduced her to the baron’s son, Taden Embersorrow eldest brother of Sylia, during the warm summer they would be forced to spend more and more time together in hopes that they might develop feelings for each other before a marriage would be arranged. But on a singular night years later that Sereli would overhear of the plans for the marriage between the two long standing households in Amber Falls that Sereli would lash out at both of her parents. Becoming even cruel to Taden to show her displeasure at the thought of being forced into a marriage. As adulthood approached Sereli’s rebellious spirit only proceeded to get worse as the details of the marriage became heavily discussed despite Sereli’s protests against it.

Thalassian Army (535 K.C. - 613 K.C.)

As Sereli and Taden reached adulthood it would only be two decades before they were politically engaged. For the sake of her best friend, Sylia, Sereli carried a mask about her. Though Taden and Sereli were often found within the village in Amber Falls and despite the lies on Sereli’s part the bitterness and coldness in her azure eyes were profound. In the times when no one was watching she often lashed out at Taden, as if he was just as to blame as their parents. After a while there came no arguments from him as he stopped trying to console her. Even Sylia struggled to do so as time passed and the date drew closer and closer so did her bitterness.

Eventually, in an act of defiance she enlisted herself to the Thalassian Army. Too late for her parents or would-be in-laws to intervene as she was sent away from Amber Falls to train. Though it was harsh and more strict than her parents had been. But her determination to defy her parents pushed her through the harsh training to become a Farstrider. It wouldn’t be long that she would see that Sylia too joined into the ranks of the Thalassian Army unknowing that her own father had asked Sylia to do so to keep Sereli safe. However, during Sereli’s time to excel beyond a Ranger she would be challenged to straighten her loyalties and oaths to the division. Though she would come to pass and become a Farstrider she was often criticized as being reckless and a loner at times, while Sylia excelled in this regard.

She spent her time away from home to visit other parts of Eversong Woods and Silvermoon City. The sense of her freedom was overwhelming and her mischief was stirred once more. Alcohol became something of a friend to her, despite Sylia’s efforts of dissuading her from it. While staying away from becoming an alcoholic, it was something that one could have found her doing during her time staying within Silvermoon City before being deployed elsewhere in Eversong Woods. She was stationed in the southeastern portion of Eversong Woods to deal with the small splinter factions of Trolls, at least what remained of them. Her first taste of combat and her first kills.

It had been a small group of trolls that would spark her personal distaste of trolls, a pair of Farstrider’s had been captured and tortured by the group of trolls. Under the cover of the night, Sereli and her team of Farstrider’s moved to attack the encampment of trolls, daring to rescue the captives. The attack was swift but brutal, the trolls towered over even Sereli and their strength rivaled their own. In the end, however, the trolls would be slain and the bodies of the captured Farstrider’s were found. However, they had acted too late, the Farstrider’s were deceased and their bodies mutilated for the magic of the trolls. With the raid upon the camp ending with the burial of two Farstrider’s that would push Sereli to return to Amber Falls for the first time since her time away; this was only further influenced by the news of what had happened within Stormwind City and the fall of King Llane Wrynn.

Second War (597 K.C. - 598 K.C.)

The reunion was short lived within Amber Falls for both Sereli and Sylia. It had been an uneasy reunion at best as tensions were high due to Sereli’s past actions, despite her accomplishments as a Farstrider. However, perhaps it was a mercy that Sereli and Sylia would be pulled away as the Quel’dorei were pulled into the Alliance of Lordaeron. However, Sereli and Sylia’s involvement in the Second War would only happen later on when the Orc’s and the Amani Tribe successfully penetrated Eversong Woods. Sylia was deployed closer to Silvermoon City while Sereli was sent to help aid in dispatching any and all fleeing enemies.

Sereli showed little mercy to either the orcs or the trolls as they intruded upon her lands, her home. This had proven easier than the attack upon the trolls prior to the Second War these ones she found little hesitation in slaughtering. Her arrows were quick to find their marks and others following shortly after when they did miss. However, it wasn’t always easy as she came into a scuffle with a brave group of orcs who decided to attack instead of retreating. A single misstep and she was tossed around like a ragdoll against the trees and ground. An axe cutting into her thigh before a group of Cavalrymen arrived, led by Matthew Morsin. As she was too wounded to continue her mission and the fight, it was Matthew Morsin who had personally seen to it that she had returned to camp to be seen to by one of the priest’s.

Later she was stationed elsewhere near Silvermoon City where she was reunited with Sylia and together they helped fend off the encroaching Horde forces that threatened their beloved city. But with the aid that Turalyon had provided they obliterated the Horde forces that had dared launch an attack against the elven city. Giving only a short amount of time to recover, Sereli and Sylia would be loaded onto a remaining Orc ship as they were ordered to head to Lordaeron after hearing of Aiden Perenolde’s betrayal to the Alliance of Lordaeron. It was during the attack against the capital of Lordaeron that Sereli and Sylia would be on the battlefield again. The Horde had been splitting to chase Gul'dan but had left their flanks open to a swift response.

There Sereli dueled with an orc warrior, her standard Farstrider bow had snapped in half after taking the brunt of an attack by the orc’s axe. Knocked back, dazed, and weaponless every decision had seemed important. Brute strength would not win her the fight as only her wits could; with such, Sereli spent her movements dodging the orc’s attacks. After time, Sereli had managed to recover a sword from a fallen soldier of Lordaeron. The fight lasted for what seemed like forever as they shared an equal skill almost before Sereli injured the orc severely leaving a large scar from his head to his chest. It had surprised her that he could have survived such an injury but she had wasted not a moment in slicing open his throat and his green blood spilled out. With the rest of the Horde forces defeated and broken and the capital of Lordaeron safe, did Sereli and Sylia return home to Eversong Woods.

Reconstruction (598 K.C. - 612 K.C.)

After having returned from Lordaeron, Sereli and Sylia would head to Amber Falls it had been damaged by some groups of orc marauders that had come through but had been swiftly dealt with. There was still plenty of tension between Sereli and her parents as it often led into an argument with the three of them. This often drew Sereli to spend her times within the Inn’s and various celebration events which involved getting drunk. There was a conflict within Sereli between wanting to do what she wanted in her own life but not to be seen as a disappointment by her own parents.

It was on the efforts of Sylia that she didn’t spiral completely out of control - and the surprising help of Taden who came to help her. He had found a way of forgiving her despite her attitude towards him. Though this would repeat several times before a form of a platonic friendship formed between Sereli and Taden. It would be through both Sylia and Taden’s effort that Sereli would repair her relationship with her parents. It was a slow progress but there were times of happiness between the Dawnheart’s once more as reconstruction began all throughout the kingdoms within the Alliance of Lordaeron. Meanwhile, it was here that Sereli was given her father’s bow, Shan’dalore.

During this period of time, Sereli would travel into the human lands as she had not done so before. It had been a different experience in being amongst the human kingdoms but fascinating all the same. She wandered through the various lands and forests to the different capitals and large towns. However, after seeing what the humans had to offer she would return to Eversong Woods to return to her duties as a Farstrider.

Third War (612 K.C. - 613 K.C.)

It had seemed like time had passed by too quickly in Amber Falls before the Scourge would rear its head within Lordaeron. It was when the word had spread to the other kingdoms about everything that had been happening that and the news of many villages being wiped out were chilling. Then came news of Prince Arthas Menethil's venture into Northrend as daunting as the place had been foretold there was no known civilization that resided there. But during this time, Sereli and Sylia remained in the Eastern Kingdoms. Now they had been sent outside of Eversong Woods as members and soldiers of the Alliance of Lordaeron.

They would be sent on patrols from town to town to ensure their safety. It was in one of the patrols, accompanied by her best friend Sylia, a dwarf marksman, a human priest and Alliance foot soldiers that intervened against a small encroaching group of Cult of the Damned members. A fight ensued between both groups as Sereli fought against dark magic that seeped away some of her life, weakening her. Unfamiliar against such magic it nearly would have proven fatal for her had it not been the intervention and sacrifice of one of the foot soldiers. Most of those that had been within the unit perished and their bodies mangled into ghouls as they turned on their former comrades. It was now their duty to return their fallen comrades back into the peace of the afterlife as they were slain once more, in a final ditch effort by the injured unit that they managed to kill the rest of the cultists there.

They would enter the town they had been protecting and tend to their injuries and shortly afterwards, buried the deceased comrades. This, however, would not be the last of this nightmare that Sereli would witness. Sylia would remain working within Lordaeron while Sereli was transferred back to Eversong Woods it was here where she was fitted once more in a squadron of Farstrider’s. It was here in these periods of months (When Arthas Menethil was gone for Northrend.) that she became close-bonded to the squadron. This would prove to be the first taste that Sereli would get to developing a semblance of romantic feelings for one of the Farstrider's.

Nonetheless, any chance that such feelings could be developed were cut short by the return of Crown-Prince Arthas Menethil and the subsequent murder of his father; King Terenas Menethil II. Amidst the shock that rippled throughout the kingdoms that the traitor prince’s campaign proved to be fatal for majority of those living within Lordaeron and not much later; Eversong Woods as the traitor-prince set his eyes on the elven land. In preparation of an invasion, Sereli and her squadron would be sent an encampment. The tension ran high as word spread that the Scourge had broken past the front gates and were advancing further into their lands.

Led by their Captain, Sereli would face the Scourge shoulder to shoulder with the other Farstrider’s. It had been endless, a ghoul felled by her arrows only for another and more to take its place. Their numbers had truly felt endless, a writhing moving mass of rotting bodies that washed over the lands. Hungry for their flesh, to rip them apart, it sent thoughts of cowardice to many of them but they held as fast and as strong as they could. But slowly, in the unending and unrelenting attack of the Scourge they were pushed back. After the squadron had been forced to retreat to a camp further inwards of Eversong Woods that Sereli would hear word of what had happened within Amber Falls.

Amber Falls had fallen under the assault of the Scourge and there were no words of a successful evacuation. Many if not all had been presumed dead. This news brought a deeply felt pain within her as she heard of the news. She would remain disconnected to many of the others around her as she processed the news that in a most likely case that her parents had been killed and raised into the Scourge. But she wouldn’t have had long to process this news as the Scourge launched a surprise attack on the small encampment, slaughtering many of the Farstrider’s and others of the Thalassian Army. Sereli fought hard alongside those within the encampment but as their numbers dwindled, Sereli was forced to make her retreat.

However, despite her best efforts Sereli would be caught by a small splinter force of the Scourge in her efforts to head north; to Silvermoon City. She had accepted that she would die; she would be raised into undeath and forced to kill her brothers and sisters in arms. The thought tormented her as she wearily tried to fight off the hungering ghouls that had chased and caught her but yet, as an act of fate, an injured Farstrider had come to her aid and slaughtered several of the ghouls attacking her. For the first time since her training it had all clicked. She had always been called a rebel, one that didn’t seem to really fit amongst the Farstrider’s but in the events of the Third War something had changed within Sereli. She wasn’t in it to stay alive but condemn others to die; she had made an oath and swore never to break it.

Sereli, in a valiant effort, pushed past her injuries and the pain as she grabbed her bow once more to send arrows swiftly into the rest of the ghouls. Once they slumped to the ground, deceased for the final time, she had moved swiftly to the injured Farstrider and together they headed to an evacuated harbor town; where Sereli tended to the injured Farstrider’s wounds. Both of them had known that in their state, they could never make it to Silvermoon City, they were cornered and without help. It was here that the Farstrider had confronted Sereli of her loyalties, of her oath, something that had already been struggling inside of Sereli. In the final passing of the Farstrider there was a promise made between the elves.

Sereli mourned for the loss of a fellow Farstrider but held onto the promise with conviction, she would burn the Farstrider’s body to keep them within the afterlife. As the Scourge made their way closer to Silvermoon City she would sneak into the city through another means; armed with her bow and quiver and two swords she had recovered from the fallen Farstrider. She would help those trying to flee to the portal to leave Silvermoon City. Sereli slaughtered any and all cultists who neared the civilians with a newfound fury. As her arrows ran out she would use the swords she had retrieved to keep the citizens safe. What felt like hours she would escort a small group of civilians through the portal, making a stand with the others there to guard the portal for as long as possible.

It was there that the full might of the Scourge was realized within Silvermoon City. But this time, Sereli felt no fear as she stood shoulder to shoulder with the others. Prepared to give her life as others had before her, but despite her strongest and valiant efforts her injuries would become too severe as she would be knocked unconscious. In the final retreat, Sereli was dragged to safety by an injured guard.

Roses and Thorns (25 L.C. - 37 L.C.)

Months after the events of the Third War would prove to be a struggle for Sereli. She had spent the months among her people but despite her own grief and bitterness, she fulfilled her duties as Farstrider to her people who remained. She watched as her people struggled with intense magic withdrawals as the Sunwell had been destroyed, but in Sereli’s connection with nature she found herself not as badly affected by the destruction of the Sunwell though it was only a sharp pain.

As the now named Sin’dorei upon the return of prince Kael’thas Sunstrider, Sereli remained with the civilians rather than on the missions that Garithos had assigned. There she helped tended to and managed the sick and weary. When the call came to return to Eversong Woods and rid their home of the remnant Amani Trolls and the Scourge that remained within their homes. Sereli would fight side by side, viciously in their efforts to reclaim their lands and provide safety to their people once more. It wasn’t long after these efforts were successful that the prince would split and seek out a form of revenge upon Arthas Menethil. But despite her own desire for revenge, a family that suffered badly with magic withdraw drew her attention away as she began to care for them to help them find ways of helping their symptoms.

It was some time after Kael’thas Sunstrider had aligned her people with Illidan Stormrage and his other allies that they learned how to siphon mana from any creature that was imbued with the arcane. Sereli would learn this technique along with many of the others. Soon this became a way of survival for her people and how they managed to have the strength to rebuild Silvermoon City and slowly; the rest of Northern Eversong Woods. While this was beneficial for the time, she couldn’t have helped herself wonder how long this would last. After all there was only so many creatures imbued with arcane magic and many hungering elves that crave daily doses of mana. Over time this question would be answered for as Kael’thas Sunstrider had pledged their allegiances to Illidan Stormrage.

This brought the fel to their people, many had been keen to use it, few slow to and fewer still who refused the new source of magic. When this magic had been brought to them, the fel, Sereli refused at first but it had been her best friend Sylia who had been among those to accept it with time. Her eyes no longer the azure blue, but now a fel green. This brought several bouts of conflict and arguments between the pair as to what was right and wrong. Though in time, Sereli would take in the Fel herself, defiling herself in this way had been sickening and something she bore shame in.

It had been in a mission out into the regions of Eversong Woods to manage the Scourge numbers that seemed to crawl northwards from the south. It had been many days since she had drawn mana from an arcane creature that caused her to falter and become surrounded by the mindless undead. Had it not been for the presence of her friend, Sylia, she would have perished. After returning to a village, it was here that Sylia finally convinced Sereli to take in the fel. Despite her grievances about it, she would continue to serve amongst the Thalassian Army. However, it would be ever since taking in the fel, she had struggled with another form of addiction to it. She perhaps found it ironic that they had taken it in efforts to rid themselves of their past addictions to only replace it with another. Now once more they would be seeking to find a cure and their allies in these efforts were not found amongst the humans or in the new Alliance but rather in orcs who had a similar history with the fel.

However, this led to a detachment to her people as they began to dealt with the orcs and slowly...they would join the Horde. This would prove to be a final straw for Sereli as she would leave the Thalassian Army and her people behind. She would not dishonor her own family name by pledging loyalty to those she had fought and killed on the battlefield years ago. Though Sylia had tried her best to convince her of staying, Sereli would ignore her friends counsel and left to never look back. She would manage her way to sneak through the infested Ghostlands where she made her way south; as far away from the new Horde territories as possible.

The Business Man (28 L.C. - 30 L.C.)

It would be in her travels south that she would come across a man who had been mugged and injured badly. She would take the unconscious man to a small camp she had set up not far within the Arathi Highlands. There she would tend to the man’s injuries as best as she could before he could awaken. In the hours when the man remained unconscious, Sereli would ponder what her fate was to be. Her people had joined the Horde and most of the races of the Alliance would shun her - or worse, kill her simply because her eyes were fel green than the azure of the Quel’dorei. How much of a life would she have, after all, she had defected from her own people, was there any hope for the chance of trust from anyone?

Of course, she hadn’t been left to ponder this question for long when the man had woken up finally, confused as to how he had gotten there she explained fully what had happened, at least when she had found him. The man, in turn, would explain what had happened. He had introduced himself to be Aron Holt, a Kul Tiran Human. He had been on his way to Duskwood to conduct business with his partners when a band that worked for his rivals had attacked and robbed him. It was after some convincing on Aron’s part to get Sereli to travel with him to the north to track the group who had robbed him and retrieve his stolen item.

During their time together, Aron would seek to learn more about the curious elf and once he had learned of her past skills as a Farstrider this curiosity only seemed to get the better of him. Finally they would track down the band that had robbed Aron. Together the pair would swiftly deal with the thieves as they recovered a wooden box that Aron had described. Within it contained several pairs of magical bracers. What they did were unknown to Sereli as he assured her they had been nothing but wares that he was delivering to his partners

There had been a hint of suspicion developing within her at the items and the purpose of them. She would help escort him south as they headed to Duskwood. During their travels towards Duskwood it was made in silence as Sereli pondered and watched Aron, unsure if the man had good or ill intentions for the items contained within the box. This question wouldn’t remain unknown for long as she would meet Aron’s ‘partners’. Who had turned out to be various minor scum lords, some were slavers, others dealing in the black market or worse.

The bracers that were within were to be traded to one of them in exchange for slaves. As soon as this reached her ears she wasted no time in trying to slaughter all of them. Anger over what they partook in, and rage over being used. Though, with being minor scum lords, they still knew for the most part how to fight. Using every dirty attack they could to subdue the former Farstrider as she was beaten into submission. Torn ligaments, dislocated bones and fractures scattered throughout her body left her unable to fight back. They tossed her to a corner of the abandoned house as they discussed what they would do to her. Some suggested just killing her and leaving her in an unmarked grave, others suggested for her to become a toy to be passed around.

It was Aron Holt, an aspiring crime lord, that would request he have custody over her. After a longer discussion, it was finally agreed upon that Aron Holt would have control over the former Farstrider using a pair of the magical bracers. The enchantment, that Sereli would find, forced anyone into submission. Yet they would still retain thoughts of rebellion, the enchantment forced obedience to whoever the enchantment was linked to at the time. Even in her physically broken state, Sereli fought back and writhed on the ground, using whatever she could to fight back. They would subdue her once more as they broke several ribs in several places as they fitted the bracers onto her.

The bracers themselves were uncomfortable and never fitted quite right as they dug into her skin, cutting it over and over. A pain that never left Sereli as she began her fight against the enchantment but with loss of control over her body; she was no more than a backseat driver. Now armed with a guard dog and the leash to control her, Aron Holt would use her skills to further his own business within the underbelly of society. While there was a calm and cold outlook upon her features it was internally that Sereli was tormented by her actions and disgusted in the dealings she was forced into. Every innocent that suffered from an action that Aron had made her fulfill became a strike against what she stood for - and this is what he had wanted.

As the two years went on, part of Sereli had been broken and battered, bitterness and hatred played in her thoughts and in her heart. In the years, she had hated her dealings within the underbelly of society, but it hadn’t just been that that she had wanted Aron Holt dead and all of his compatriots. No, she wanted him dead personally, the feeling of being a puppet with a conscious worth nothing tormented her. Yet, she pondered how she could ever break free of the enchantment. After all she herself could not remove them. She would find an unlikely ally within Derek Soames, a Ravenholdt assassin. He had come into a dealing with Aron Holt within Hillsbrad Foothills to gather weapon armaments and to keep the Syndicate from having a supply dealer. There she had always stood by Aron; like a trained dog by her master’s side.

It would have seemed that Derek, in his cool demeanor, had heard Sereli’s silent plea for release and freedom. Perhaps it was a miracle that Derek had inquired about Sereli that led to his discovery of her enslavement. Though it hadn’t been his face to reveal his thoughts on the matter, it was present within his stormy grey eyes that he disliked the idea of it - despite being an assassin. It wouldn’t be many more months that Sereli’s wish would be granted. In a gamble, Derek and a few of his close associates threatened Aron Holt and his business if he did not release all of his slaves.

If it hadn’t been so convincing as to have a knife at Aron’s throat, it might not have been successful. But in favor of saving his own skin first, Aron Holt agreed and under supervision; released Sereli. Her senses came back to her as her blood turned to a boil as assaulted Aron without mercy. She used one of his own hunting knives to attack him, leaving brutal cuts on the side of his face. Aron only managed an escape by using a small smoke bomb he had on him; escaping barely with his life. With her freedom returned to her, Sereli wandered off to be by herself to get reacquainted with it. It was in the distance that Derek had kept an eye on her. Eventually, Derek would offer to provide her some protection as she got back up on her feet as she took it.

Ravenholdt (30 L.C. - 33 L.C.)

There had been a few months that passed as Sereli would stay with Derek, he provided her with a new outfit so she could disassociate herself from everything that dealt with Aron Holt. During these times Sereli would try to come to terms with what she was forced to do, but in doing so often led her to pick up drinking again. She had become an accessory to crimes, crimes that she could perhaps prosecuted for. Depression filled her as of the current state of things she had nowhere she could go. It would be through the help of Derek that she’d manage her drinking habits.

Eventually with time, the two grew closer as she discovered more about Derek’s past. Having been taken away by a group of thugs at a young age, convinced into the lifestyle of a thug who dealt in getting rid of ‘problems’ the term later used to describe him was an assassin. It had been within this group that he would be recruited by another Ravenholdt member. Who had proposed better dealings, treatment, and payments and a form of freedom. The temptation of the freedom was an easy enough hook. With her life already spiraling, with no family nor friends at her side, the thoughts in the back of her mind that had whispered to her won out. In testing out her new freedom she would train and hone in her skills to become an assassin, rather a better one.

It was through Derek she learned to meld into the shadows and bend them to make things disappear and reappear. If only for a short amount of time. They would practice these skills until she passed out from exhaustion and when she was finally ready, she was introduced into the ranks of Ravenholdt. She would enter Ravenholdt Manor as she met with various other assassins, in most terms she was ‘fresh blood’ and they could see it. In fact they could have almost smelled it. Perhaps if it not had been for Derek who kept her safe from the schemes played upon fresh bloods. For the better part of a year, Sereli and Derek were partners in their business.

Together they handled difficult but high paying jobs of assassinating their targets, they learned various techniques and plans to lure their ‘prey’ out of hiding. Derek would be the one to have Sereli finish their targets, to dull her senses to the killings, and for a period of time she was sickened to her stomach for days at the thought. The look of fear in their eyes as she felt her daggers pierce their soft flesh and all the feelings one could get with killing someone flooded her each and every time. But yet, as time went on, the feeling of sickness and pity disappeared. Becoming dull and detached from what she and Derek had been doing.

A darkness had begun to seep into Sereli, influenced by her ‘friends’ she kept herself in company with. In the times when they weren’t on contracts, Sereli, Derek, and their ‘friends’ would drink and gamble the night away. Sereli would lose her sense of self between the buzz of the alcohol and the pleasure of winning a few rounds of poker. However, during one of these alcohol filled nights, it would happen that Sereli and Derek would spend a night with each other. Though in the following morning, through the headache, this had left her pondering what it might’ve meant. In some way, he had saved her, and yet some part of her had still been resisting what he had brought her into. But this voice, she fought, life had been good, the freedom to not live by any real rule became addictive just as much as the drinking and the gambling was.

Sereli would bury the oaths she had made, the promise to the fallen Farstrider, she made herself forget her past. She didn’t want to face the pain deep down, she chained and locked it away from sight of anyone and herself. Slowly, the Farstrider known as Sereli Dawnheart died. Replaced by a crueler and darker persona as she changed her name to Belle Roseshadow. With time she would take her own contracts, her specialty that had come to flourish in her time was her ability to weave her words. More so than the average assassin, she chose not to sneak through a window of a manor, rather she chose to attract her prey to herself. A carefully weaved web the catch her prey in.

As she built her reputation as an assassin, the rate of offered contracts increased of course. However, in the times that Sereli would spend back near Ravenholdt Manor she would spend this time with Derek as something flourished between the pair. Whether this was of a true pairing or something just fueled by fleeting passions. Whatever it may have been between the pair this lasted a few years while never becoming truly official in their relationship to others, it would end as they could come to several intense arguments that would fuel a betrayal. Such arguments had been brought on by the discovery that Sereli had become pregnant; and had wanted to keep the child. After time, Derek would plan of removing spawn that he did not want and the stubborn woman who had stood in his way.

It had been a clever set up, it had been a simple enough job it seemed on Sereli’s part. As Sereli had been ready to nearly finish it, the trap would be sprung. It had been in her time coercing her target that it was within the wine that had been laced with a poison. Sereli would lose all grip on her dagger as darkness surrounded her vision as she was knocked unconscious. When she awoke she had been tied to a chair, her thoughts fuzzed by an after effect of the drug. Sitting across from her was Derek and another woman, she didn’t need him to explain what was going on; he planned to kill her. After all, bitterness had grown to a breaking point. The house they were in had been prepared to be set ablaze. There wouldn’t be anything to remain of Sereli to be found, which of course had been the plan. With bitter words the fire would begin and they left her tied to the chair.

Sereli struggled against her restraints as smoke began to fill the air, as her senses returned to her as the drug wore off and the fire continued to grow worse and worse; she would break free of the bindings and managed to escape the burning house. Though she was not unscathed as she suffered burns throughout her body from the intense heat. Though her burning desire for vengeance burned inside of her, due to her injuries, she retreated for the time to recover. But despite this, it didn’t halt her planning of how she’d fulfill the very thing Derek had tried to accomplish; the other’s death. She remained unsure if her unborn child was safe after the events of the fire or if injury had happened to the child to cause a complication. The thought that an innocent life not even out of the womb could be taken renewed the fire inside of Sereli.

Finally, she would track down Derek who had escaped her grips several times prior. At last she had him caught in her webs and unable to escape, like a cat playing with a mouse she played coyly with her prey. Fighting broke out between the pair, evenly matched in their skills it hadn’t seem like either could gain the upper hand.  But it would prove to be the slightest slip ups that Derek would make that changed the balance towards Sereli. Without a hint of hesitation in her movements, she took advantage of his mistake and brutally and with cold efficiency attacked him. This was not akin to the maddened rage she had felt when she had attacked Aron Holt. Rather this was the attack of calculated killing, every motion and action was put into play for this moment. The outside noise that filled the air as Sereli brought her swords into Derek’s body. The sight was gruesome and with Derek’s death in its own way served as a warning to others who had been there that night.

Internally she felt extremely pleased, joyous even in what she had done. The only faintest of whispers protested these feelings but in the rush of success she quickly silenced them. Though she would leave Ravenholdt behind and head south once more she wouldn’t choose to live a life in the light as she would take contracts that still came to her. She would reside within Duskwood as a form of refuge away from her time on jobs.

Amber Light (33 L.C.)

Once she was settled, she would seek answers in regards to her pregnancy and whether she had lost the baby. She would find a doctor that would finally give her the answer to these very questions after a few tests. Perhaps it was a miracle, or a door opening for a better life that Sereli would learn that she was indeed still pregnant and urged to take time from work and physical activities. This would leave time for Sereli to ponder what life she could provide for her child. After all, what childhood could one have when their own mother killed others for a living? Perhaps it had been the first knock on Sereli’s consciousness since the Third War that she would consider her child’s fate.

Anxiety grew within her as she contemplated this further. Part of her didn’t want to separate from her child, her own flesh and blood, yet a part of her knew that her child would have no life with her. Under a grieved heart she decided against putting her child through the orphanage and instead surveyed several farms within Elwynn Forest and the families within as she watched to see which one might prove to be a loving fit. Each passing day that she observed the families, sent another pained stab into her. Though she would try and find one that was the best for her child, she would still have to say goodbye, she could never come back. The thought tormented her and sickened her to the stomach, but eventually, one family would be picked.

Sereli would gather her courage as she’d approach the family, less dressed as an assassin but as a traveler. Though at first she held a brave face at the beginning conversations, she broke down as she neared the subject of her unborn child. The family was...more than confused as to why; but Sereli would push for the family to consider taking in her child after birth. After long discussions on this, they would come to agree to take in her unborn child. But they had insisted that she would remain with them until full term and for as long as she needed to recover for. Relieved and despaired at the situation ahead of her, she agreed, as she would have a taste of a simple life. Though some still held the faintest suspicion due to her eye color, she remained safely on the farm perhaps out of compassion for her plight.

It was in this time that she would help in the menial tasks of running a farm and tending to the animals there. The work was a sharp contrast to what her normal job was that she found herself under the guidance of the would-be parents of her child. Of course, they asked about her to want to know more about the mother of their soon to be adopted child, but Sereli refused; insisting that such details would only grieve and disgust their hearts. Sereli had affirmed that though her choices for her own life were those less than savory, she did not want to force such things upon an innocent life. In the coming months, the wife of the farmer would continue to speak to Sereli. As if she had sensed the darkness that tugged and penetrated her soul, she had tried to pull Sereli back to a better life.

It was in Sereli’s hopelessness that she ignored the woman’s words. She was a murderer, there was to be no such life for her other than for to head to the executioner's block. The days and weeks seemed to pass agonizingly slowly, she cried for the time to be over, for the guilt over her actions to end. Finally, she would reach her full term in her pregnancy and begin the process of giving birth. Through sweat, tears, and barely bit back pained screams, came the cries of the newborn half-elf child. A baby girl that Sereli would have the honor to name; Amberly. For as Sereli had rested her eyes upon her daughter, like any new mother to their child, felt a slight lightness pick through her being. Though she was offered to be held by Sereli, she refused in fear of growing attached and bringing something terrible upon Amberly.

Eventually, Sereli passed out from exhaustion as her body recovered from the ordeal. After a few days of rest and bed recovery, she would leave in the middle of the night as she didn’t want to be stopped as she returned to Duskwood. Where she returned to a cottage she had made home and lied down in her bed in grief as she sobbed. Though she knew that this would be a better life for Amberly, she knew she’d always feel a part missing from her.

Dusk (34 L.C. - 37 L.C.)

In the time after Amberly was born, Sereli tried her best to forget what had happened. But despite her success in this in the past, she could not forget her daughter. Her flesh and blood, the innocence she had given birth to. It had perhaps been in some act of willpower she had pushed forward in her career as an assassin. Though she tried to dull her sorrows with alcohol it only seemed to exemplify her suffering. She knew how to avoid most of the guards along the roads and even in the cities most of the time, after all it was part of her job to be able to infiltrate difficult places. The jobs that Sereli would take would have very little thrill for her and she slowly became passionless in it.

Her reputation took a hit due to this but she found herself not caring. Between the dreams and her thoughts of Amberly she struggled to do anything. She often spent her time idly watching the lives of everyone else bustling through the streets of Stormwind City while under guise. Enough years have passed that most elves with green eyes were to be imprisoned or killed. The thought had occurred to her a few times, even if she had never been a part of the Horde she was still a murderer. An assassin who worked for the underbelly of society to just turn herself in and face whatever judgement awaited her for her actions within society. The part of her that was a Farstrider had been brought somewhat back when Amberly had been born. Perhaps it was merely guilt than anything good. She couldn’t have been sure.

Perhaps she had chosen to allow herself to get caught on a mission in the end, the guards had managed to catch her and pin her to the ground. She could feel the handcuffs clasping around her wrists tightly as firm hands yanked her to a standing position as she was led away to a temporary jail. Upon waiting for her trials, which she already knew some of the outcome, she was fitted with more restraints to reduce her movements. However, in her time in the jail, she rarely moved as she accepted her fate whatever it was to be. She didn’t care, the faces and screams of her victims came back from being locked away. From years of being detached from it all; only now was it starting to haunt her thoughts.

Sereli would be brought forth to her trials though many had expected her to fight tooth and nail (Subtlety, of course) but in fact even gave them proof of her actions and all the crimes she had committed over the near decade. At finding the evidence behind her claims the charges against her began to rise steadily. Her punishment becoming worse and a bit short of a death penalty. She didn’t cry for her punishment as she knew she deserved it. At least she had surprised everyone involved with what she had revealed, perhaps she could find amusement in that. But this was not done for her own pleasure, rather an atonement -- penance. As she was taken away to the prison, her thoughts turned internal. She wouldn’t bother to remember the names of the guards, the other inmates as she faced the ghosts that haunted her.

However, such reflections caused her at times to be ignorant of her surroundings. Causing her to miss an order from a prison guard and leading to interactions with the less than clean guards proved to leave their scars on her. Often times they’d choose her out of the inmates not only for disobedience, but also that she resembled a Sin’dorei a traitor to the Grand Alliance as they so avidly proclaimed her to be. These punishments would range from lashings by whip or being tossed to the ground with her ribs kicked in and leaving her wheezing for weeks. An infection would develop in her open wounds on her back that left her in a weakened state to the point of starvation. Had it not been for the help of the kind-hearted priests who volunteered from the Cathedral of Light; she might not have made it due to the infection.

It was under their care that the frail elf would slowly recover, but there was a distinguishable dead look in her emerald eyes that many tried to ease. But there was little hope until she received a certain visitor; Taden Embersorrow. He had heard, through several sources, of an elf vividly matching Sereli’s description and had come as soon as he had heard. Taden’s eyes were still the pure azure of what hers had been and for a moment, she had simply thought him a ghost who came to haunt her; or that she had simply gone mad now. But this was not the case, he was in fact, very real. He visited her as often as he could and they spent this time exchanging stories. As painful as it may have been on Sereli’s part Taden had been willing to listen.

Taden would eventually approach several of the officials to bargain for a bail for Sereli’s sentence. It had taken several months but eventually they granted his request and paying in full for Sereli’s release she was freed from prison and led away willingly by Taden who took her to a place he had been staying at within Westguard Keep in the Howling Fjord. There Sereli would recover from malnourishment and the pain in her back from her injuries. However, a romance would blossom between them as Taden told her of the various tales of his works within the Grand Alliance that had helped with the bitter sting left in her imprisonment. It had put her at ease knowing that one of them had done things right and were held in good standing with others amidst the Grand Alliance.

Countless days and nights, weeks, months and years passed between them before they would become engaged. Losing themselves in what the future would bring and the family they would have, in the briefest of moments; the old Sereli had returned to the surface. Vibrant, happy, and good as they planned out their cottage and ordering the supplies to make it a reality.

But this would not be, it would be on a single night as Sereli had gone for a ride, that Taden would be assassinated on orders of a rival house. A house that was not disclosed to her and remained in the shadows as Sereli would return to their home to find Taden dead on the floor. The crowd that had gathered at the doorway of their apartment had stood with gaping mouths as Sereli clutched her now deceased lover and wept, wailing. It was in his funeral that many could see how much of her had died with him, there was little to no warmth in her eyes as she left the funeral in silence.

It was there on a cliff face she had given up. Her grief and despair over a life now lost tore at Sereli who had opened herself from Taden’s efforts. It was only on remembering a promise to Taden and thoughts of revenge that had stopped her from committing to the act of taking her own life. Forcing herself away from the cliff face she made one promise to herself; that she would never allow herself to be so vulnerable again.

The Citrine Eagle (Present Day)

For a time, Sereli would sharpen her skills as she listened to the news of what had been going on in Azeroth. The Burning Legion was making its return to their world and the stories that Taden had told her of working within the Grand Alliance had been enticing. After all, he held a satisfying amount of pride from his missions and the passion he had spoken of his stories gave only a bare hint of such. In a way to honor Taden, she began to search for an order to align herself with, to stray away from her life as an assassin. She recollected a strange group of orange clad people who had interacted with a few former clients of hers, something inside of her tugged at her to inquire further of the order. Where she learned of The Citrine Eagle, though it was an order based within Alterac it was a familiar story.

A band of those who desired to reclaim their home in the name of the Grand Alliance; but held a besmirched history due to Aiden Perenolde’s actions against the Alliance. Perhaps in a way, she felt a kinship with them and their efforts. She had long forsaken her ties to her heritage as an elf and found the company of humans easier than her own kind. However, she held a deep seeded fear of what they might think of her due to her eye color. In such she hired the services of a rogue mage who crafted an illusionary pendant that changed her appearance to look like that of a human. In such she hid under the name of Clara Asheton, a former Ravenholdt assassin and daughter to a simple family lost to the Scourge in Hillsbrad Foothills.

With an alias set and a background she was comfortable with, Sereli would gather her courage and send her letter of application to Zaria R. Blackmoore, Matriarch of The Citrine Eagle. The time seemed to pass by as she awaited a response, for once, she was anxious to know the answer. Though it had seemed like an eternity, she would indeed receive a reply from the Matriarch herself; detailing her interview and perhaps induction into the order to be in Dalaran. Using what courage she would have, she would meet the Matriarch in Dalaran where she put her skills into her alias to use. Though some parts of her alias held some truth to her and to who she really was it was in equal parts lies.

Sereli would be inducted into The Citrine Eagle as she would receive her tabard, the first since her time in the Thalassian Army and though she could not show it; it had cemented the idea of what she had truly done. This had no longer become something of a simple contract, she was to serve alongside another. Shoulder to shoulder with others, colleagues, and part of her felt a pang of fear. However, despite this it was a new chapter in her life that she gladly accepted. This time, she wouldn’t be chained to serve someone she held no respect for, this time she would serve as she had in the Thalassian Army.

A Valiant Knight

It would be in the deployment to Stormheim that already things had become hard for Sereli to retain her alias. There had been a few within the Eagle’s who slowly wove friendship with her. The first of those being Al Roe Wright who had taken an interest in her and was among the first who willingly spent time with her in Stormheim. Whether it was staying on long watches at night or splitting a tent. Though perhaps it was a rough friendship on Sereli’s part as it was something she had not done in many years; at least developing a true friendship. But the guilt that she lied to everyone she interacted with made her hesitate in making friendships. Though it would be another person in the Eagle's who would pursue friendship with her that would be the very first Eagle to know who she really was: Allse Kerringer.

As the campaign progressed within Stormheim and the Eagle’s would deal with fighting against vampirates, kvaldir, and Forsaken it would be at Hafr Fjall that a Knight of the Silver Hand, by the name of Danath Morsin, would begin to approach her. Shyly at first it seemed which puzzled the disguised elf as it was not usually in their nature for such behaviors. Slowly it was in his comments that weren’t entirely subtle of his intentions for courtship that she confronted him. At first she had been angry, but really she was scared; scared that someone could truly have developed such feelings for her. She had intended to not to fall for anyone in the Eagle’s, or anyone, but something in her couldn’t follow through with it. As they spoke through the confrontation some part of her realized that she had been in some way flattered by the thought.

Sereli would cave in and agreed to a courtship, even if perhaps there was a laced warning of not to lead her on. Though she had agreed to it, it took time for her to bring her walls down enough to let herself develop feelings for him in turn. Even if she had inquired into his past to know more about him, feelings of affections took time to develop and didn’t fully flourish until the Eagle’s would leave Stormheim after the Shadows of Valor Conflict, from there they left towards Highmountain. It would be due to these feelings that Sereli would lead Danath Morsin to a vacant tent to reveal to truth to him.

Though she expected this to mark the end of their relationship, Danath Morsin would choose to console the shaking elf and to allow their relationship to flourish more now based on the truth. Now freed from the guilt at least to those who were very close to her which allowed a sense of security for her during her beginning months

The Highmountain Heist

Though the Eagle’s would continue in their campaign within Highmountain it had been notably upon Pilgrim’s Bounty that an incident would prove to be interesting in the campaign there. In a drunken merriment and showing thanks to each other when a band of Feltotem Tauren had interrupted the festivities and kidnapped a few of those attending: Vivian Tapp, Issabeia Heartsong, Zaria R. Blackmoore, and herself. It had not been the night she expected, especially being trapped inside of a cage after all! With nothing to do but sit bound and trapped she focused on keeping herself…mostly calm.

Though the cage bothered her as it restricted what she could do, controlling in a way, it was the same feeling she got in her time within the prison and what Aron Holt had put her through. Needless to say she spent her time counting the patrolman's footsteps to keep herself sane enough until rescue or an escape plan could come to mind. However as time drew to its climax and the confrontation that would come from their rescuers and their kidnappers, she would have her first…unpleasant encounter with an Inquisitor demon. Who pierced into her mind and learned of her secrets, perhaps it was to her luck that it had not revealed her secrets to everyone. But finally a few of the captives would be rescued after they would slaughter the opposing demons.

However, Issabeia Heartsong and Zaria R. Blackmoore would remain missing and set to be sacrificed. Despite being malnourished, Sereli would push herself to aid the Eagle’s to rescue both of the remaining captives. Through the efforts of everyone involved, they would succeed as the remaining Feltotem Tauren would be slaughtered and the Eredar aiding him would be slain as well. Finally upon seeing the Matriarch safe and sound she relented to Danath Morsin’s requests for her to rest and recover. Knowing at least the threat was over and all the Eagle’s were reunited.

Mother and Daughter

It would be the following months after when the Eagle’s returned home to Talongrab and she had settled in with Danath and his son Daniel Morsin that she would sneak time away to go to Elwynn Forest to a familiar farmstead. She had not visited her own flesh and blood since she had given birth to her. This simply due to the feeling of guilt within her for what she had been but it had been in her thoughts ever since joining The Citrine Eagle if perhaps there might be a chance she could redeem herself in her child’s eyes. If there could be a chance of relationship between them, it had been a long shot and a distant dream to her knowledge.

But during one of these days, Sereli could wait not longer as she revealed herself and for the first time; spoke with Amberly. She hid her sorrow as Amberly, in no fault of her own, didn’t know who exactly she had been speaking to. In her innocence she had brought Sereli to speak with her ‘mother’. Which drew upon a conversation between Sereli and the farmer’s wife about Amberly’s affinity with shadow magic, which even grew out of hand at times. The conversation went back and forth as the farmer’s wife reluctantly asked Sereli to take guardianship over her to teach her how to control her abilities as they weren’t prepared for such.

It had been bittersweet as she would have a relationship with her daughter but it would be ripping her daughter out of her home and relocating her to a place completely unfamiliar. They would further discuss this within Talongrab as Sereli could hide the truth not from her daughter that she was in fact her mother. As she would speak with Amberly, a part of her that had been missing was filled and brought back to life as she spent time reconnecting with her daughter.

A Dark Haunting

There would be something dark ahead in Sereli’s future when an Eagle, Kimmi Reaves, would report strange activity of a woman who had been following her around in Stormwind City. Though it wouldn’t only be Sereli to investigate this claim for the safety of an Eagle as Allse Kerringer would also offer help to gather intel on the individual in question. However, perhaps in Sereli’s own arrogance, as she would be scanning the streets of Stormwind for any sign of this individual; it would be in the graveyard that Sereli would encounter the witch. However, left unsure if the woman was simply crazy or a real threat she fought any urges that implicated to fight or harm the woman.

But before Sereli could realize the woman was a threat, she had moved quickly to disable Sereli via paralysis and fear magic. Against her will her body trembled and collapsed to the overwhelming waves of fear that caused her body to shake. Fear of her own making began to take hold as she couldn’t will herself to fight back as her body refused. It was at this point that the witch would interrogate her on information about Kimmi Reaves. Sereli fought back in the only way she could, by offering nothing to the woman even though her body proved to be nothing but a cadaver for the witch to play with. In an effort through pain to extract this information she would use a scalpel to leave a mark on Sereli’s cheek and a torn out fingernail in such efforts.

Of course when such efforts proved fruitless the witch began to probe into her mind, tearing her apart as she was forced to relive painful memories. Eventually she was successful in dragging the information she wanted out of Sereli and implanted a corruption spell within her that would latch onto the young monk. This however, left Sereli in a vulnerable and weakened state and unable to warn her young friend of the danger. She laid in the infirmary after being tended to as her physical injuries healed quickly but it was her mental injuries that took longer to recover.

Yet these scars would not be allowed to heal for long as even in Talongrab it proved to be unsafe for her as the witch would find her again; having found her amusing enough to torment the last time. Perhaps she had been lost in her own thoughts that the witch had been able to sneak up on her to entrap Sereli in an embrace with a scalpel to her back. Fear swelled inside of Sereli’s chest as an act of desperation to get away took a deep cut into her back to get away. Though this would prove to be more of a struggle it was when the witch had summoned a Felhound that proved to gain the witch the upper hand as it clamped down hard upon her thigh. Though Sereli had chosen to deal with the Felhound first she wasn’t left with any time to stop the approaching witch who weaved a spell that twisted her memories. Every good one that she cherished was twisted into one of despair and grief but was believable as Sereli was washed over in an overwhelming grief as she fell into the grasps of the witch; who used another spell to render Sereli unconscious.

The witch would take Sereli to an abandoned house in the Alterac Mountains where Sereli was chained to a stove so she couldn’t move or make an effort to attack. The witch would verbally assault Sereli as she began to remove the ‘human’s’ armor to expose her chest area; where she began to carve words that would leave scars. Though Sereli would find the strength to bear words against the witch, in the end the witch slit open her left arm and left Sereli barely able to call for help from the Eagle’s. Sereli would be found in a pool of blood as the Eagle’s would come to her aid and take her back to the infirmary. Though her physical injuries would be healed and was able to clutch her daughter in her arms; Self-loathing started to form within her as she chastised herself for not being able to save herself. But there was a developing fear and stress disorder as she was left paranoid of that not even her own home was safe for her. However, the name ‘Rae’ was etched into her flesh and her mind.

Though fate would have one more encounter with Rae before she would disappear for several months. This would prove to be the most scarring for Sereli as she had been returning home after a frustrating mission in Pandaria. There had been an injured girl who limped along the road that she had taken pity over and had been tending to the injuries of. The young girl had been clutching to Sereli as she tended to her injuries and listened to her story. It had only been when the girl had lowered her clutch to around her hips that something began to feel off about the situation.

But it would prove to be too late for Sereli to get some distance between her and the young girl before a rune would trigger that forced Sereli to her knees. Rae had laughed as she had Sereli trapped -- for the third time. Tricked through a compassionate heart, Rae rested her head on Sereli’s lap who struggled against the trap but to no avail. She tormented and teased Sereli to kill her, no matter how much she had willed it; her hand wouldn’t move to snatch the scalpel from Rae’s hands to slit her throat. Instead she watched as Rae would remove her pendant to discover her secret as she was an elf. Though Rae weighed the options of taking the pendant away she left the pendant at Sereli’s feet as she would take something from Sereli as a trophy. Sereli would watch as her head was leaned by Rae as she extracted her right eye. For the first time, Sereli screamed as the pain jolted through her brain.

With the ‘trophy’ now secured Rae disappeared, the trap disappeared and Sereli was left with a badly bleeding injury and only half her sight. She reattached her pendant for her disguise as she made her way back to Talongrab pale and weak as she had lucked out that Al Roe Wright had been there to tend to her eye injury. But the echoing promise that this would not be the last time that Sereli would see Rae terrified her and for once; she was afraid. Though she would not meet Rae again until months later she would be plagued by paranoia.

A Knight for a Month

Months passed since the incidents with Rae, still the fear and terror lingered inside of her but she kept it hidden from view of others. Though she became thankful for a distraction when Danath Morsin had decided to set in motion to reclaim his home city, which was occupied by both the undead and Scarlets. Together along with a representative from Lady Claire Le’cainte and two assassins, they scouted into the city now named Blackheart Citadel. They would discover that it was now led by the man it was named after: Lord Blackheart.

After the scouting had been finished, Sereli would offer to infiltrate the ranks of the Scarlet Crusade as a way of poisoning the ranks from the inside to make the assault easier. However, she had not expected to take the place of a Scarlet Captain, though she adapted as she took the name of Nyah Altham. Though she would be tasked with bringing the heads of traitors to Lord Blackheart she would spare these traitors and bring the heads of loyalists. Through this she earned the aid of a rebel group within Blackheart Citadel that helped her plant evidence to further aid her stories. However her cover would nearly be blown as she was called upon the Bishop of the citadel, who sifted out her lies and discovered her.

Nevertheless, she was able to reach Lord Blackheart first before the Bishop could and convinced him that the Bishop had betrayed him and was leading a band of rebels to overthrow him. Having convinced him of this he promptly had the Bishop executed. With the Bishop disposed of, she was able to organize the rebel group within the city to further influence and poison the ranks of the Scarlets as she moved to pass the trials that Lord Blackheart had set out before her. She passed each one while not defiling herself to pass the alias and even saving the life of a young boy forced to work for bandits. Sparing his life who would later work within Rivendale City.

Though she would spend the last few weeks as Knight-Champion an effort to push the remnant Scourge back from the lands would nearly prove fatal for Sereli had it not been for the rescue of Danath and his forces. For a brief time they were able to spend time together as a couple before she returned to her duties before the assault began and the final efforts of reclamation began for the city which proved to be successful. After the rest of the Scarlets were rooted out of the city and things became secure within the city itself her mission was complete and she was able to return to her normal duties as an Eagle and spend time with her family.


As Sereli would spend her time to get reacquainted with the Eagle’s and have the freedom to her own thoughts she would begin to weigh her decision of revealing the truth of herself. Though she knew well enough that revealing herself en mass might prove to be a fatal decision she would come to the conclusion to reveal the truth personally to Zaria R. Blackmoore. There was much suspension in Sereli as a part of her fought against telling the Matriarch as the shame was nearly crippling. But in the end she willed herself to reveal the truth to her.

Though disappointed, Sereli was in part surprised as she was not thrown into the dungeons to await her trial. Though only asking for honesty in the future with all things it was an easier promise to keep than to keep deceiving those around her. Perhaps there had been a brief breach of trust between the two of them and that had been guaranteed she knew but aimed with hopes to rebuild that trust.

Pirates, Pirates Everywhere

Sereli would have the chance of rebuilding that trust as Talongrab would be invaded by Sky Pirates. The invasion came quickly and well executed as bombs had been planted throughout the town that caused Zaria Blackmoore to order the Eagle’s to stand down and surrender. Though it was an invasion of her home, Sereli complied as she would go to help with the injuries sustained by the other members. The zeppelins overhead proved to be another difficulty to overcome as she would retain a bit of fear as she would venture out with Arlena Dubois and Zaria Blackmoore to find her daughter in Talongrab. Once found, Sereli would use a portal stone to send Amberly to Blackmoore Manor where she would be escorted by Sylia who had reunited with Sereli months prior and a friend of Zaria.

During this time Sereli would be ordered to infiltrate the ranks of the pirates which she had agreed and attempted to comply with - However, when her efforts to do such damaged her relationship with Daniel Morsin she faded away from such goals and would help the Eagle’s in other ways. She found no heart to pursue a goal that would cause her to sacrifice the family that she had to cherish. Yet in this time something would spark inside of Sereli that hadn’t been ignited in some time as a certain pirate would bring out a sense of rivalry and hatred in her. Despite the circumstances there was a part hidden inside of Sereli that had a hidden excitement at the prospect of a rival.

Sereli would stifle her anger and hatred that built as she learned of what the pirates did within Talongrab. But when the mission to destroy the zeppelins had been successful there was a sense of murder within the group that was flowing through the Eagle’s as they charged into the keep to kill the captains there. Blood lust was winning in the group as there was a certain amount of ruthlessness not normally present. However Sereli would be heavily injured in her fight with one of the captains and would have been severe had she not been tended to by a priestess Elestri Bloodrose who mended her injuries. Though a captain would be spared; despite the protests of several members calling for her death. Sereli followed orders as the living captain would offer a way of finding the fleet captain Jack Titan.

But this would take a great amount of time to follow through, Sereli would converse with Allse Kerringer during this time as frustration grew and grew within her over Taden’s death and the still-living assassin. With time now open for the Eagle’s while the hunt continued, Allse would track down and arrange a meeting with the assassin so justice could be served onto her. However, it had been Allse who had consoled her to consider less brutal methods of death, even the possibility of letting her go instead of killing her. It was in the final confrontation that Sereli flickered between lawful and evil, every part of her screamed to make the assassin suffer. But another part of her knew that was wrong and that it wouldn’t be possible for her to leave it without it changing her.

However it would be an aggressive attack from the assassin to Allse that would be the swift death of her. This would tie the final loose end to Taden that Sereli would have. There was closure and a slight fear of the unknown. But there’d be little time to ponder as the fleet captain would be found and the final hunt and killing would pursue and for a time afterwards; there would be a sense of peace and reconstruction to go on throughout Talongrab.

A Promise of the Future

The Pirates were gone and dealt with and there was an era of peace in the Eagle’s as everyone was given time to recover and rest from the excursion that had happened over the months. Danath Morsin would surprise Sereli in a vacation that had long since be forgotten by Sereli as he would take her to Pandaria. There they spent time exploring the Jade Forest as they traveled north to the monastery there. Where they would spar amongst the monks there and finally relax. After a few days of enjoying their time in the Jade Forest they would travel south and head into the Valley of the Four Winds where they would make their way towards the Tavern in the Mists.

Taking the stairs with relative ease and the pathway up they would find the tavern. But before dining into the luxeries of what it had to offer they explored the area surrounding it. It was there on a beautiful view that overlooked the Jade Forest and part of the Valley of the Four Winds that Danath Morsin would take a step in their relationship that she hadn’t expected. Before the beautiful view, he would ask for her hand in marriage and she would accept. Together they walked back down the path to the tavern not the same as they had when they were first walked up. In the buzz of the new milestone between them they enjoyed the spa there.

Sereli had wanted the moment to last forever, and it felt like it had as her gaze couldn’t leave Danath. In the following day they left the tavern and would travel into Kun-Lai Summit. Where they would make their way towards Mount Neverest the tallest peak in Kun-Lai Summit, where they would encounter remnant Mogu that they swiftly dealt with before continuing their climb up the mountain. It was at the peak that they enjoyed a wonderful view despite the biting cold.

That was until a planet appeared in the sky, a fel torn planet: Argus.


Sereli and Danath Morsin would return to the Eagle’s to learn of what news there might be and what the plan could be. Anticipation hung in the air and tensions rose as it was argued of who would be allowed to go and who wouldn’t be. It would be decided that they would be amongst the secondary wave of reinforcements on the invasion of Argus. But Sereli would find herself working along the outskirts of the invasion. Hidden out of sight. Yet it would be not long after the invasion was finished that she would feel something tug her away from the main surface of Argus. This tugging would lead her to Mac’Aree.

A Shadow under the Light

Sereli found herself on Mac’Aree a place that seemed untouched by the fel and the demons for the most part. There was a small feeling of beauty and tranquility here but that was upon its surface. As even this place held its issue as she discovered that parts of it was corrupted by the void. Though she had heard of it, most information in regards to it had been sparse at best for her. Though she would come to regret this as she encountered watched the void-insane Krokul who wandered about the southwestern portion of Mac’Aree.

A part of her had felt sadness for what the Krokul were going through, but she knew that many of them were lost to the void. Even those who weren’t, she couldn’t wield the Light nor could she offer them hope. She would continue her scouting throughout Mac’Aree as she would come across the Void Ethereal’s. It was in an encounter that left her injured for several days that she managed to snag a tome from one of them. It was in her time recovery that she spent her time trying to decipher the texts. Learning what she could, anything that might tell her why she felt pulled to this place. However while not entire unexpected she hadn’t figured that the void imbued tome would affect her so quickly in the regards to the whispers she heard.

After a period of time and with the Eagle’s planning to return home soon, she tossed the tome aside and would return to them. However, never making any further mentions of what might have been in the tome.

Death of a Witch

Once the Eagle’s had returned to Azeroth to celebrate Brewfest it hadn’t been long until Sereli had gotten word of a familiar face stalking the roads heading to Talongrab. First fear and dread had filled her chest that her tormentor was still alive after all the months of silence. Yet another part of her was filled with hatred and anger as she desired to hunt Rae down and end her once and for all. A darkness stirred inside of her as she let hatred fuel her thoughts; thoughts that she pushed away she embraced this time. She would arrange for her second-in-command to take over until she returned and to not tell Danath of her plans.

Though as fate would have it, Danath would indeed discover Sereli’s planned departure and would join in her quest despite her wishes that he didn’t. Perhaps she had turned more sour than she had been at the time. But the afternoon would come as they set out from Rivendale that they would find Rae walking along the roads muttering to herself. It would be that Rae and Sereli would exchange a few words before Sereli had made her attack against Rae. A final battle between the pair as things seemed to go well until Rae was forced onto Sereli by a blow from Danath. It had been Rae who had taken this offered opportunity to envelope the pair in fel flames, causing a scream from Sereli as Rae pushed them onto the ground with herself atop her.

Though Danath would sacrifice to take the flames for a moment, Rae would cease the fel flames to stab Sereli in her gut and twisted the scalpel around. Sereli would manage to stab Rae in turn with one of her daggers and from a blow of Danath’s hammer she knocked off of Sereli. However, this was not good enough for Sereli. Even while Rae had been down she had brought a swift kick into Rae’s abdomen and proceeded to choke her, slowly. It was only after Danath begged her to end her quickly that she did in a begrudged manner. The witch was dead, vengeance had been filled but a part of her still wanted more. Together they would return to Rivendale.

A Growing Family

(Coming Soon!)

Physical Description

Sereli Morsin in her Eagle attire

Upon looking on the woman's face they would be greeted by a soft features that usually carry a mischievous smirk. Though anyone could note that her eyes were that of an emerald color than the blue of most Quel'dorei. Amidst those green eyes, along with her mischievous smirk, was a glint of her mischievous side. Her hair was mostly blonde for the most part, but if one could really look at her they would note there were a few strands of white hair showing. Normally her hair is done up in a high ponytail. As a elf, she had normal length ears that moved and flicked depending on her mood and usually serve as a decent indicator of her thoughts.

Another quick detail most could see at a glance is that she stands among the tall for the Quel'dorei. Her build was athletic and particularly muscled around her core frame and legs hinting to either being a sprinter or someone agile. She carries herself with confidence in a reserved fashion. Often reserving her actions even off the battlefield.

Her armor consisted of heavy duty leather and medium leather. However she prefers wearing a black scarf that covers half of her face, though it provides little to no protection she has a hatred of anything that covers her head fully. But on her shoulders were heavy duty leather shoulder-guards that resembled a bird of sorts. Buckles attach from underneath each shoulder guard to her underarm as to allow mobility but giving an added feature of being taken off quickly should one become snagged on anything. The rest of the armor strictly itself was designed to be slim and allow for mobility. Underneath her tabard around her vital organs, back, and upper thighs are reinforced leather padding to prevent or lessen injuries to these areas. But around her boots specifically are small ringed dull bronze jewelry around her ankle and cloth that connected from the knee guard and wrapped around the outside of her boots to above the back of the ankle.

Largely her armor bore the colors of the order she represented, a darker orange and brown with dull bronze accents throughout it. She bore a tabard on her chest that she wears always with pride, orange and black with an eagle and its wings spread out was the tabard of The Citrine Eagle.

Underneath the armor she is riddled with scars that seem to center around her chest and back area. Though she has scars around her fore arms completely. What anyone else could note of her body underneath her armor was that she had two tattoos; a dragon hawk on her left shoulder, and roses and thorns that went from her right shoulder all the way down to her upper right arm.


  • Rose & Shadow - The former 'twin' swords of a Farstrider who had succumb to her injuries in the Third War. Sereli has since taken them up as a reminder of her oaths, though having fallen to an assassin and engraved in them their distinguishing marks of roses on one and shadows on another, she seeks to renew the oath these twin blades once stood for. These swords are layered ontop of each other on her right side and the hilts angled slightly outwards.
  • Bladeless Hilt - A silver hilt this is rarely seen and few knows what it does or what it really looks like. This was a gift from Allse Kerringer.
  • Revolver - A black six-chambered revolver rests itself in its holster on her left thigh within easy reach. Each chamber contains an alternating ammunition that had been supplied by her adopted daughter. The revolver is kept in good condition.
  • Bone Dagger - A bone dagger, Sereli's first gift in her time among the Eagle's. This was given to her by Al Roe Wright and is sheathed on her upper right arm in its own sheathe. Legends say it curses the souls of its victims to face Goldrinn in the afterlife, however, this is unproven. Sereli makes sure to keep this one well taken care of.
  • Throwing Knives - These knives are littered throughout the tiny slots built into her armor and remain hidden from sight. If she doesn't have the ammo in her revolver she will throw these instead. They have no particular design on them.
  • Enchanted Dagger - A gift from her Stepson, this dagger is enchanted with a fiery enchantment. Not often used as a means of killing anyone this dagger is used in extracting information.
  • Shieldcrest Rifle - Forged within the city forge in Rivendale it is often what any cinderblade guard will use if bows prove to be inefficient. This weapon will usually replace Rose & Shadow depending on the circumstances. Upon the wood stalk of the rifle is the Rivendale crest.


Sereli can often be considered one who adapts to her surroundings and circumstances and thus her personality can 'change' or 'shift' depending on what is required of her. If happened upon during a mission, she is often straight-forward and focused on completing the mission. However in circumstances when things are relaxed; a different side to her can show as she can prove to be mischievous and someone who can enjoy a good laugh or conversation when she can find it. Despite appearing as someone who would loathe conversations could find that it was quite the opposite as it is something she desires but struggles to initiate it.

However, though she tries her best to maintain a more 'lawful' personality there is the briefest of moments of darkness that can seep through her and take hold of her for a few moments. These moments can prove to be very scary as it is almost as if a switch has been flicked. These moments of darkness have varying triggers, a loved one getting hurt, being good hurting more people than helping, or being pushed over the edge. Though she is not without control during this period of time, her thoughts are usually calculated but nothing is held back in what she says nor does.


While it is a little known fact that Sereli does carry a form of faith, it is very much true, though her faith of recent is still in its youth and one that must be tended to consistently. Finding no comfort in her past faith that lied within the Light, Sereli has drifted into a faith to Elune, the Moon Goddess. While she could not be ever considered a fanatic it has helped to even out her temperament and help give her an extra sense of hope.


  • Danath Morsin - A Knight of the Silver Hand and someone who had shown a great deal of interest in her when she had first joined the Eagle's. Sereli loves this man with all of her heart and soul and would do anything to make sure he returns home safely. Recently they have become a married couple.
  • Daniel Morsin - The son of the man she loves very dearly, she loves Daniel as much as if he was her own flesh and blood. Though in past experiences, Sereli holds a fear that their relationship will be torn apart and does what she can to ensure that it won't be.
  • Amberly - Though the daughter of a man that she still holds a hatred of, the young half-elf that is her own flesh and blood is someone she loves very dearly. Whenever together they are at each other's side with an arm wrapped around each other.
  • Lillian Whitethorn - A recent addition to the family, Lillian had been assigned to Sereli as her mentee, but the two quickly became friends and even further than that; as mother and daughter. She would do anything she could to make sure Lillian is safe from harm.
  • Allse Kerringer - This man was the first to learn of who she really was and the first to have her complete trust. Sereli views Allse as a form of father figure - despite the age difference between; as she regards his advice as such.
  • Zaria R. Blackmoore - The Matriarch of the order, Sereli always held Zaria in a form of the highest respects due to this. But over a period of time this would change as the two conversed and a friendship formed. Sereli trusts Zaria with anything in regards to her past and considers Zaria one of her only closest friend outside of her family.


In-Character Trivia

  • Sereli has a fear of being enclosed in cages or anything similar; feeling as though someone is controlling exactly what she can do as Aron Holt did.
  • Though she is often very serious in missions, if one spent the time to converse with her they would discover that she is actually friendly.
  • She suffers from a form of PTSD and depression, both of which have the occasional flare ups which leads to her being more negative that normal.
  • She has a few white streaks of hair, this due in part caused by some previous events in her life from the extreme amount of distress and grievance.
  • Sereli's voice is similar to that of Lucy Lawless during her time as Xena.

Out-Of-Character Trivia

  • Sereli's story has gone through three major reworks in her story; originally being a gilnean half-elf.

Musical Influence