Duchess Seriphene Vanyali


Elf alto icon Quel'dorei

Date of Birth

June 5th, -476 L.C.


Nu'elathor, Quel'thalas


Duchess of Quellorian
Minister of The Highguard
Lady Curator of Curators of Thalassian Culture
Archmage of the Kirin Tor


Kirin Tor
Silver Covenant
The Highguard
Convocation of Silvermoon (Reformed)


Malithanore Vanyali (Husband)
Andorii Silverfall (Daughter)
Varo Silverfall (Son)
Jaes Silverfall (Daughter) Cross
Serithon Silverfall (Son) Cross



Military Ranks

Minister of the Magi Circle

HG HeadCuratorRank
Head Curator of the Curators of Thalassian Culture

Lady Seriphene Andorii Vanyali (née Silverfall; born June 5th, -476 L.C.) is the reigning Duchess of Quellorian, a duchy located in an annexed region of Quel'Thalas. She also serves as the Chief Ambassador for the Thalassian Interests Lobby, and represents The Duskfall Collective of The Highguard. She also still serves as a Minister in the Highguard Magi Circle.

Description Edit

Well dressed, intelligent, confident, and even arrogant. These are all words that have been used to describe Seriphene at some point or another. Her icy blue eyes have a certain sharpness to them that work well in tandem with the softer facial features she possesses. Her platinum blonde hair is usually drawn back in a ponytail, preferring a practical hairstyle day to day.

Seri prefers using intelligence to solve problems rather than brute force. She will often choose caution and use her wit and charm talk her way out of a situation or use others to resolve a scenario quickly and quietly rather than outright violence.

Her temper has been likened to that of a firecracker over the years, but this seems to have been tempered as of late. Many attribute this change to her Husband.

History Edit

Background Edit

Born Seriphene Andorii Silverfall, she is the eldest child of Serithon and Andorii Silverfall. Much of her childhood was spent learning and studying. She was mostly homeschooled under private tutelage until her adolescent years, where she continued her studies with the Kirin Tor in Dalaran. She spent a fair portion of her youth in the magical city, working hard to learn as much as she could while there.

In the years following her return to Quel’thalas, her talent with Transmutation, in particular, caught the attention of one of the Magisters in Silvermoon, Sanaron Dawnflare. After seeking out his family and convincing her parents, he took her on as an apprentice. She spent an extraordinary amount of time training and learning under his guidance, both in Silvermoon and from time to time returning to Dalaran.

When her apprenticeship concluded she was immediately raised to the position of Arcanist within the Magisters under her mentor, a stroke that enabled her to continue to flourish and call upon his wisdom in the years to come.

In her opinion life was ideal, but the blissful

state she was in would soon be shattered by the death of her parents. She spent the next few years shuttered away, focusing entirely on her work as both with the magisters and the duties as head of her family.

The Third War Edit

By the time Seriphene got involved in the Third War, Lordaeron had already been ravaged by the plague, and Arthas’ undead army was at the gates of Dalaran. Seriphene decided to send the majority of her house's rangers to aid Quel'Thalas, while she and the majority of her magi set off for Dalaran.

When the tower she was in collapsed during the ensuing battle she was left somehow miraculously alive, albeit gravely injured. When she awoke she found herself in a makeshift triage cot, far away from Dalaran. Upon hearing the news of the direction the undead army was heading, she immediately got up despite the protests of those tasked with her care. She departed for Quellorian, only to find it under siege.

Nu'elathor, the crown jewel of her family's lands, was overrun with undead. With the majority of her house sent away to reinforce Quel'thalas, she was forced to face with the bitter reality that she could do nothing to save her home, especially with the wounds she still carried from the battle within Dalaran. She gave the order to fall back deeper into their lands where she could counter the invading force and save what remained of her people.