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The Shadow Council



The Shadow Council is a group of mortal warlocks dedicated to serving the Burning Legion. Founded by the Orc warlock Gul'dan, the Shadow Council has for genertions stood at the forefront of Burning legion activity, acting as their mortal eyes and ears upon the worlds of Azeroth and Draenor. Though not all warlocks an other servants serve the Legion out of ideology, but rather desire for personal power, the power promised to the Shadow Council by its demonic masters ensures that the Shadow Council remains a powerful and devoted force.

Organization and sub-groups

The Shadow Council operates on a cell-based structure, each cell of warlocks isolated from the others while answering to a central authority. This prevents the breach of one shadow council cell from compromising the entire organization.

Burning Blade

Region: Central Kalimdor.

Though primarily composed of Orcs, the Burning Blade cult is a far cry from the Clan which it takes its namesake from. The Burning Blade is the most well-established and far-reaching of the Shadow Council's many cells. The Burning Blade's primary objective is undermine the New Horde and return the Horde to its days of bloodlust and demon worship.

Searing Blade

Region: Ragefire Chasm.

The Searing Blade cult is composed largely of younger, impressionable Orcs who have been recruited by Shadow Council agents to be used as an inexpensive horde of rabble-rousers aimed at destabilzing Orgrimmar. Many of their members believe that they are rising to fill the power vacuum left in the wake of the Shadow Council. In reality, they can be charitably described as fodder, being nothing but pawns in the real Shaow Council's games.

Cult of the Dark Strand

Region: Northern Kalimdor.

The Cult of the Dark Strand was founded by the Highborne Warlock Athrikus Narassin, who served Queen Azshara and the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients. The Cult incorporated many races from high elves to forsaken, and were a nuisance alog the northwestern shores of Kalimdor to the Kaldorei. Though the cult was sizable, Narassin himself was the only actual member of the Shadow Council, the others being nothing but Narassin's servants. The cult was wiped out by the Alliance and Horde prior to the cataclysm.

Argus Wake

Region: Lordaeron.

Unusual among the Shadow Council for being primarily composed of Humans, the Argus Wake was one of the Council's many arms and posessed sizable influence throughout the Lordaeron subcontinent. Most of this influence came from their alliance with the infamous alterac Synicate, who came to control many of the subcontinent's former cities. Much of the real power among the Argus Wake lies with Orcish representatives who oversee the actions of both the Argus Wake and Syndicate in Lordaeron.


Region: Blasted Lands

The Shadowsworn Cult was a cult of Demon worshippers operating out of the Blasted Lands. Though nominally a branch of the Shadow Council, their creation was overseen by the Dreadlord Razelikh the Defiler, and their influence did not extend beyond the Blasted Lands. The Shadowsworn had powerful allies within the Demon-tainted blasted lands, Including traitors from the Kirin Tor and most notably, the Dreadmaul Clan of Ogres. Each leader of the Shadowsworn's factions was granted eternal life so long as they remained in the Blasted Lands. The Cult was wiped out to a man by the Iron Horde invasion.


Region: Outland

The Cabal is a large faction of the Shadow Council that mainly consists of forces from the Old Horde and original Shadow Council. Based inside the burial city of Auchindoun, the Cabal operates all over Outland and oversees all Shadow Council activity on the shattered world. Smaller groups such as the Deathshadow and Kil'sorrow clans all fly the Cabal banner, and should be considered extensions of such.