The Blade of Promised Victory
Shari,dal The Highblade.jpeg
Shari'dal upon it's altar. Art by Omar Atef


June 20th, -100 B.S. Zin-Azshari


Synesse Highblade
Lithandriel Palemoon
Aluathore Ravensorrow

Current Wielder:

Elevia V. Highblade


The Highblade
The Blade of Promised Victory
The Golden Blade of Quel'Aranal
"Holy Sunlight Blade"
"Elevia's Promise"
"Yellow Stabby Stick"

"It can be like no other, it is like no other. My symbol, my legacy, my soul. Shari'dal, The Promised Victory."
- Synesse Highblade

Shari'dal meaning "Heaven's Fury." in Thalassian is the ancestral family rune-sword of the Highblade family, forged by Synesse Highblade and her most trusted companions Amastriel Silverglory and Aluathore Ravensorrow 100 years before the War of the Ancients. The symbol of the Highblade's power, influence and legacy. It laid on it's altar at the shrine of Synesse for 8,000 years before being lifted from it's pedestal at the Tourney of the Sun by her reincarnation Elevia V. Highblade. Inscribed on the blade reads...

"Shari'dal An Quel'Serrar No' Shanal Ezalor."

"Heaven's Fury, The Highblade, The Promised Victory."


Work in Progress.


Work In Progress.

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