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The Shattered Hand
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Primary Leader



Primary Roles

Espionage, Assassination, Information Gathering and Assessment


Shadowswift Brotherhood



The Shattered Hand's influence dominates these lands. We are the veil which covers Kalimdor: The protectorates, the police, the judges, the jury, and ultimately, the executioners. We see all, we know all.-Shenthul
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In the modern day, the Order of the Shattered Hand (or simply the Hand for short) refers to a secretive multi-racial Horde organization of spies, assassins, and rogue trainers seemingly fulfilling a role similar to that of the Alliance's SI:7.

The members of Hand's specialize in special operations, espionage, assassination and stealth tactics. The test to prove one is able to work as a member of the Hand, has proven to be the death of many. But after they successed in their trails, they are sent on missions across Azeroth.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to gather and share intelligence to protect the Horde from threats. Our highest principles guide our vision and all that we do: integrity; service; excellence; courage; and teamwork.

Shift in Mission

Due to the constant changing of the Hordes leadership, the Hand has sense started to reorganize how it operates. Forgoing the old ways en lue of newer methods as the older methods become less effective in operations.



The vast majority of the work of the Hand, is collecting information from inside sources. The farmer across the field, or the drunk at the bar. Information flows everywhere, and these individuals are the vast majority of the eyes and ears of the Hand. With the secretcy of the Hand, these individuals are rarely privy to the mission or details simply in the event of capture they will never divulge critical information.

Field Operatives

Field Operatives are the lowest level of the Hand the individuals sent on missions. How to become one is not known publically, they are simply chosen and tested before they are even approached for the position. These Operatives make up most of the Hand numerically. From Spies, to Assassins they are the boots on the ground that accomplish the mission.

Special Operation Raiders (SOR)

SOR are a special group amoung the Hand. These are individuals trusted by the Hand that are used when a blade in the dark can not accomplish the mission, but a warrior weilding an axe can. To become one is rare, but the ones that do aren't in it for the glory. They slaughter everything in their path leaving no witnesses.


Skullhunters are the division specifically for assassinating High Valued Targets. They are the strategic strike against an enemys command, and hunt down their prey with such a fury it's frightening. By the time the target realizes they are near, it's already too late.

Covert Agent (Rename needed)

Covert Agents, are the specialized spies that work in deep covers, or situations that call on an individual with more tradecraft than the average source. They maybe called upon to infiltrate a known hostile terrorist cell, or maybe the Alliance Military itself.


Shadows are the Division that works solely in the background, they do not operate in the field usually. They work within the Cleft of Shadows, from Intelligence Anaylsis to Operational Planning. They are the inner workings on the Hand.




The Hand is broken down into different sections, each with their own objectives. Each one runs independently but maintains the constant flow of information upwards and assignments downward. Unless it is absolutely necessary the other sections will not be given details of the other sections to maintain a level of compartmentation is always maintained.

Central Headquarters

A very small group of high level officers, their sole purpose is to organize the Hand across Azeroth ensuring that the Organization is always accomplishing its mission. It is headed by Gordul with a handful of trusted Officers that operates out of Shadowswift Brotherhood in the Cleft of Shadows, Orgrimmar.

Known Members:

  • Gordul
  • Gest
  • Ormok


The middle man, these agents work under Headquarters overseeing each operational area. They have positive control over the Cells in their assigned areas, and ensure that reports are sent to the analysts and recorded. They will never be used in the field directly, and are rarely seen outside of their areas Headquarters.

Known Members:

  • Broken Tusk


The lowest level of command for the Hand. Cells are indepent of each other and have their own Handlers, but each Cell still fall under a Management team for their area. There maybe more than one Cell in a given Operational Area in the off chance one cell falls, burned, or destroyed. Each Cell usually constists of Handlers, Operatives, and Sources.