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Shattered Hand
Shattered Hand


Kargath Bladefist (formerly) Gordul


Fel Horde, New Horde


Orgrimmar, Hellfire Peninsula, Spires of Arak (formerly)

The Shattered Hand Clan is an Orcish clan founded by ex-gladiatoral slaves, named for its practice of self-mutilation amongst clan members. This practice stems from the self-amputation practiced by the Clan's first members to escape their bonds. Ever since the Second War, the Clan has been divided between Azeroth and Draenor. Part of it has joined the New Horde, but the majority served Illidan, under the Fel Horde.

In the modern day, the Order of the Shattered Hand (or simply the Hand for short) refers to a secretive multi-racial Horde organization of spies, assassins, and rogue trainers seemingly fulfilling a role similar to that of the Alliance's SI:7.