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Siege of Boralus
Siege of Boralus
Conflict: Blood War
Place: Boralus, Tiragarde Sound
Outcome: Kul Tiran victory.
  • The lost Kul Tiran fleets are brought back to Boralus.
  • Priscilla Ashvane surrenders and is taken into custody.
  • Boralus is heavily damaged during the siege, Unity Square is destroyed.
  • Jaina Proudmoore is named Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras.

Kul Tiras Icon BFA.png Kingdom of Kul Tiras

AshvaneIcon.png House Ashvane

Commanders and Leaders:

Kul Tiras Icon BFA.png Katherine Proudmoore
Kul Tiras Icon BFA.png Jaina Proudmoore
Kul Tiras Icon BFA.png Taelia Fordragon
Kul Tiras Icon BFA.png Tandred Proudmoore (late battle)

AshvaneIcon.png Priscilla Ashvane


Kul Tiras Icon BFA.png Proudmoore Admiralty

AshvaneIcon.png Ashvane Company

  • AshvaneIcon.png Irontide Raiders
  • AshvaneIcon.png Scrimshaw Gang
Casualties and Losses:


  • Boralus is damaged.
  • The First Fleet takes heavy losses.


The Siege of Boralus was a battle that took place when the rogue Lady Priscilla Ashvane attempted to subjugate the people of Boralus and take the city by force after her plot to become Lord Admiral had failed and she had been outed as the conspirator behind the many pirate problems plaguing Kul Tiras. Assembling what was left of the Irontide Raiders and their Azerite ordnance, she sailed into Boralus Harbor and unleashed her endgame on the city. The Ashvane forces overran the city, and the gangs of Boralus rallied to her to engage the Boralus City Guard.

A small force under the authority of the Proudmoore Admiralty took to the streets to defend Boralus. Taelia Fordragon handled the defense of Tradewind Market while the Proudmoores fought in the streets of Upton Borough, just below Proudmoore Keep. The Proudmoore forces pushed the Ashvane forces through the streets, eliminating Lady Ashvane's chief lieutenants and removing most of their presence. However, Lady Ashvane had one more trick up her sleeve and summoned the kraken Viq'Goth to bear upon what remained of the defenses of the city. The giant kraken destroyed many ships of the First Fleet and created a breach in Unity Square, destroying it in the process.

Despite the fall of Ashvane's pet, the rogue noble brought her fleet in close to destroy the city with her Azerite cannons. Concluding that the harbor's meagre defenses and the remains of the First Fleet wouldn't be enough, Katherine Proudmoore handed her daughter a pendant formerly belonging to Daelin Proudmoore, which she had taken from her upon her arrival in Boralus. Using it, Jaina was able to guide the lost Kul Tiran fleets back to Kul Tiras, trapping the Irontide fleet between Boralus' defenses and the fleet led by Captain Tandred Proudmoore that now outnumbered them. As the Kul Tiran fleet moved to engage, Lady Ashvane ordered for a white flag to be raised and surrendered.

In the aftermath, the damage done to Unity Square by the kraken was repaired, after which a formal ceremony took place in which Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore pledged Kul Tiras to the Alliance before abdicating, naming Jaina as her successor. High King Anduin Wrynn was in attendance to formally recognize Kul Tiras' re-entry in the Alliance.


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