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The Sigil of Faol

The Sigil of Faol is a famous religious symbol which is commonly identified towards the Church of the Holy Light. While commonly the main insignia for the Church of the Holy Light, the Sigil is also notably found with other church organizations such as the Scarlet Crusade, College of Canons and most Dioceses.

Other uses

The Sigil of Faol is a popular item of jewelry for many adherents to the Faith. For instance, the Clergy of True Light instructs all ordained members to wear the Sigil around their neck or a wrist as a sign of dedication to the Light.

Additionally, the Sigil can often be used in large tapestries, ornate carvings and symbolism among churches and monasteries around Azeroth.

While most organizations known to use the Sigil have direct ties to a form of church, many charity and even some small theocratic political parties are known to use the symbol from time to time for various uses.