Alliance 32-1 Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Aranal
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The Banner of the Silver Hand of Quel'Aranal


Sun's Reach, Quel'Aranal


Elevia V. Highblade

Grand Inquisitor

Serana Dawnsinger


Elevia V. Highblade
Bellaria Sunrose
Dalsaedra Dawnsong
Serana Dawnsinger
Balledor The Lightbinder


NortheldranCrest Allerian Colony of Suramar

Legionfall Armies of Legionfall

Silver Hand Icon Order of the Silver Hand





"On this day, a new order shall be born, one which dedicates itself to purging the evils of the world."
- Elevia Highblade.

The Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Aranal is a splinter order of the Paladin order originating from the Grand Duchy of Quel'Aranal that adheres to a more strict and rigid structure reminiscent of the original Silver Hand as well as the Scarlet Crusade, with both of it's founders being prominent members of the Scarlet Crusade years prior.

History Edit

Founded shortly after the skirmish in Quel'Damor known as the Blood in the Snow, General Elevia V. Highblade alongside the newly "reborn" Serana Dawnsinger wished to found an a new chapter of the Silver Hand free from the more liberal practices of the main branch of the Silver Hand and thus founded the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Aranal, taking from the structure of the Scarlet Crusade in forging their new chapter with Elevia as their Chapter Master or Highlord and Serana serving as the Grand Inquisitor of the Order.

Beliefs Edit

Rank: Description:
Chapter Master/Highlord The highest rank in the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Aranal. The Chapter Master/Highlord is responsible for the knighting of all paladins in the chapter, organizing military campaigns, approving recruit applications and commanding the order on the field of battle. The position is currently held by Elevia V. Highblade.
Grand Inquisitor The Grand Inquisitor is the second highest achievable rank in the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Aranal and can only be fulfilled by an ordained priest or paladin of Quel'Aranal. The Grand Inquisitor is tasked with trialing new recruits of the order, removing heretical members, performing various ceremonies and bolstering the morale of the chapter's paladins. The position is currently held by Serana Dawnsinger.
Knight Champion A Knight-Champion is an exceptionally skilled, honorable and dutiful paladin that has proven themselves throughout a prolonged period of time. To achieve the rank of Knight-Champion the member must be a distinguished knight of the Silver Hand for at least a year. Knight-Champions are given a place in the council.
Knight Knights are the primary force of the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Aranal. Knights are tasked with fighting on large battlefields, training squires and demonstrating themselves as paragons of the three virtues.
Squire Squires are the third most common rank in the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Aranal. Squires accompany the knights into battle to gain first hand experience at warfare. Once a squire is deemed worthy of knighthood by the Chapter Master they are promoted to the rank of Knight and are officially given their tabard.
Aspirant Aspirants are the lowest and most common rank in the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Aranal. These recruits are recently approved members of the order and are tasked with learning the ways of the light and a blade before they can become squires. The Diocese of Quel'Aranal and the Squires of the order are often employed to teach aspirants.
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