The Light Blessed


The High Elves of Quel'Thalas


34 L.C.


Diocese of Quel'Danas


Chapter Master:
Belethial Dawnsinger
Lysander Reinhart (Formerly)
Alwynen Dawnwrath (Formerly)
Bellaria Sunrose
Fiona Vynam
Round Table of Knights


Knights: 22
Squires: 6


Light's Accord


"Sic semper tyrannis."


Reorganized into
Thalassian Silver Hand

The Order Edit

The Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Thalas is an elven chapter of the well known Order of the Silver Hand. Based in Quel'Thalas and garrisoned by members of elven decent, the order strives to fight for the light and for the people it represents. The order is directly connected to the Highguard, and is a member of the Light's Accord. Serving in several campaigns over the course of its upbringing, it most recently took part in the Grand Alliance Siege of Antorus.


Having not been seen nor heard from since her injuries sustained in the fall of Theramore, Alwynen Dawnwrath was a mystery until news reached her - hidden away in the Hinterlands - on Tenevus Stromheart's plans to unite the Silver Hand Chapters of the Alliance-loyal kingdoms. While Quel'Thalas remains allied with the Horde, Dame Alwynen and all that follow her - as well as the other chapter allies - believe the Kingdom to be under hostile occupation, and such being a temporary thing.

The Chapter of Quel'Thalas represents those who did not lose faith during the sacking of their city, and refused both the path of the Blood Knight and the taint of demonic energy. Those of the Chapter follow what was brought to their Kingdom by dignitaries from Lordaeron and do not waver on the path that Saint Faol set when he established the Clerics of Northshire. Their education and upbringing within the Order of the Silver Hand is strict to the Orthodox teachings of Saint Faol, and despite any 'racial barriers' that members of the Alliance believe are in-place, strive to and have succeeded in forming very strong bonds of brotherhood with the other chapters.

Ranks Edit

Symbol: Rank: Description:
SHCOQTChapMas Chapter Master Fulfilling the role of administrator and leader of the Chapter, the Chapter Master keeps the order involved with the current events and organizes the chapter into assisting with conflicts all over Azeroth. It is this Chapter's take on the traditional Highlord.

Dame Belethial Dawnsinger oversees the Chapter and aids with administration, but the decisions on the Order are made by the body of Knights that resides within it. The Chapter Master does not hold a vote unless a tiebreaker is needed.

SHCOQTKnight Knight Knights serve a much greater role in this chapter, serving anywhere from trainers in swordplay to commanders in the field, these anointed brothers and sisters serve as a collective in making choices using a round table of voting, with ties broken by the Chapter Master. These knights traditionally may hold different positions that they are specially trained for. They may also take on squires and assist them through their knightly trials.

Knights are the primary body of the Silver Hand’s leadership, a community effort at a round table that focuses on the upbringing of the next generation along the Three Virtues, over politics.

SHCOQTSquire Squire Squires accompany a Knight in battle, shedding the robes of Aspirancy for training in the martial aspects of life, and defending the Faithful. They are very much still students, but not in the way Aspirants are.
SHCOQTAspirant Aspirant Aspirants are new to the Order of the Silver Hand, and spend their time diligently seeking, absorbing the knowledge of those great in the Light before us. They are not yet ready to Squire to a Knight, and follow the path of the studious Clerics of Northshire.
EducatorKnight Order Lector Order Lectors are in charge of the education that Squires and Aspirants receive at large, and are responsible for coordinating with the Quel’Danas clergy, arranging lessons, administering rites and playing a part in ceremonies.

Current Roster Edit

(Subject to constant Change)

Current Roster of the Silver Hand of Quel'Thalas
Name Rank Position Status
Belethial Dawnsinger Chapter Master Leader (Current) Alive
Lysander Reinhart Chapter Master Leader (Retired) Alive
Alwynen Dawnwrath Chapter Master Leader (Retired) Alive
Ailos Lightsworn Chapter Master Leader (Retired) Alive
Lynnesta Dawnblade Knight Commander Alive
Alenore Manawhisper Knight Lieutenant Alive
Teig Dawnclash Knight Lieutenant Deceased
Elhanan Lightmender Knight Round Table Alive
Nesterin Dawnsorrow Knight Round Table Alive
Arianiie Andros Knight Round Table Alive
Vera Squire Round Table Alive

History Edit

Passing of the Mantle Edit

After the renewed assault upon the Broken Shore, Alwynen felt her soul was restless and dispatched upon a pilgrimmage to Uther's Tomb, to seek guidance from the Light. It was in that deep meditation that she understood such restlessness was due to the subconscious feeling that she had not been serving to her fullest capacity. It was not leadership the Dame wanted, and she saw the Light in Ailos Lightsworn after his own similar feelings lead the now Bishop-Emeritus to seek her out. She knew it was the Light's work after the two of them spoke at great length of their shared lamentations, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was meant to succeed her, and that she would be at peace returning to a more humble position within the Silver Hand.

The Return of Dawnwrath Edit

After great trials of spirit and might, Alwynen returned to lead the Chapter as Ailos was afforded a vision in similar to she. With a renewed sense of brotherhood throughout all within it, joined together they set their sights to joining the Army of the Light.

The Age of Dawnsinger Edit

After the disappearance of Lysander Reinhart, Alwynen briefly returned to pass the mantle of Chaptermaster on to her llast squire, Belethial Dawnsinger. She continued to hold the chapter in safe keeping through the dissolution of the legion forces. Dawnsinger and the Silver Convocation were pivotal foundation of a secondary safehold in the Redridge mountains following their initial expulsion from the Isle.

Efforts in the last year have been geared towards affording those who need it refuge, guidance and training. Although the sanctuary has suffered several burnings down Oakbrook and its Bishop have given aid to many in the last year. Belethial has named a replacement Commander to the forces following the resolution of the war with the Horde.

Currently Edit

The Silver Hand banner is raised once more to herald recruitment of all quel'dorei who would apply themselves to the studies of the silver hand. Those interested in applying or being brought into the ranks as a Squire may contact Belethial directly. Those interested in signing on as a pre-existing already knighted member of the Silver Hand who meet the racial requirement for the chapter may do the same.

In Game Name: Bélethial

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