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Epicbase-g.png House Kessler
Legioniconnew.png Burning Legion
ShadowCouncil.png Shadow Council


Thrugg Wrenchfist (Brother)
Janara Kessler (Master)
Darshanna (Former Master)



Skelminul is a Felguard minion whose triumphant marches of conquest have long since diminished to traipsing about in the derelict corridors of the Kessler Estate.


Many demons are long-lived conquerors of countless worlds, and each memory of a mortal world set aflame can often blur quite easily to immortal specimens who treat life so callously. Skelminul is no exception, and moreover, his memory is particularly calcified, as he sees no reason to ruminate or recollect on past defeats or victories; only the present demands his narrow focus. This was something his newest master, Janara Kessler found admirable, and precisely useful for her needs. While she was made aware of an unpleasant encounter with brazen crusaders, she made sure not to dredge up sour defeats only until it is merited--more specifically in the case that he balks at his master's command.


Janara's penchant for disguising her demons in plain sight has brought forth a riskier gambit in the form of simply strapping an extremely oversized coat over Skelminul's immensely broad frame. Even bearing in mind his unnaturally burly build, his towering height of nearly three meters is as conspicuous as it gets, but Janara insists that this flimsy alter-ego be maintained, and he is to be referred to simply as "ERIC".