The Skyfire during her deployment to Pandaria.

The Skyfire was a large and well known gunship which most notably served during the war in Pandaria. She has completed several deployments including deployments to Northrend and Pandaria. She was based in Stormwind and was the largest vessel within the Fleet Air Arm.

The Skyfire was first commanded by Sky Captain Swayze during the assault on the maddened Dragon aspect Deathwing. Following his presumed demise, Sky Admiral Catherine Rogers succeeded him as commanding officer of the ship. Sky Admiral Rogers is also similarly well-known as a decorated senior officer within the navy.

Capabilites Edit


The stern of the vessel.


And the bow.

The Skyfire held a variety of capability, but excelled in aviation combat which included the use of gyro copters and elite divers.

  • 8-12 gyro copters (Depending on deployment)
  • 5 Siege-o-matic remote-control sabotage machines
  • Crew capacity of over 100 sailors and thirty officers
  • Extra-ordinarily large hull, effective for support methods
  • Powerful propulsion allows the gunship to travel at a higher knot speed
  • Numerous heavy-duty gunnery

While the capabilities may differ depending on the deployment and age of the gunship, most will typically hold up to eight gyro copters and an array of gunnery.

Currently Edit

The Skyfire was deployed in the Battle of the Broken Shore, during which it was damaged by a Fel Reaver of enormous size in the midst of the Alliance's retreat. Heavily damaged, it succeeded in escaping the Legion forces thanks to the sacrifice of King Varian Wrynn, who leapt off the gunship and destroyed the Reaver with his sword. Regardless, the Skyfire has taken heavy damage and has returned to Stormwind for repairs.

Skyfire Crash Site

The final fate of the Skyfire.

It was later redeployed to the Broken Isles by King Genn Greymane on a scouting mission following at the behest of the newly-crowned King Anduin Wrynn, following suspicious movements from the Forsaken Navy in Stormheim. Though officially tasked with tracking them down, the Skyfire engaged the Forsaken fleet in the Maw of Nashal, bombarding them from above. Fighting off defenders, the forces on the gunship boarded the Forsaken vessels in search of the Warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner. However, during their attack a Forsaken boarding party headed by Nathanos Blightcaller infiltrated the Skyfire, overrunning the lower levels of the gunship and set to sabotaging it by setting the ammunition on fire. Blightcaller personally engaged in combat with Greymane on the main deck, the latter shifting into his Worgen form mid-fight. The gunship went down into flames shortly afterwards, resulting in it crashing in the Weeping Bluffs region. A triage camp was set up near the crash site by survivors.

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