Solomon Amanemodas



Year of Birth

587 K.C.

Place of Birth



High Sorcerer
Battlemage Commissioner


Commander of the Blackguard Battalion
Commander in the Alliance Military
Alliance Battlemage Commissioner
Magus-For-Hire in Gilneas (Formerly)


Grand Alliance
Alliance Military

  • Regiment Zero: Blackguard Battalion

Stormwind Battlemage Corps
Noble Houses of Gilneas (Formerly)




Davian Amanemodas (Father)
Giradella Hathaway Amanemodas (Mother)
Gehlnarine Liridian (Half-Brother)


Lawful Neutral



Solomon Amanemodas is an Alliance sanctioned warlock and the Mage-Commander of the Blackguard Battalion. Despite his proclivities for darker magics and the near daily demands for his dismissal as Commander by those of more traditional beliefs, Solomon serves the Alliance as a faithful servant and protector.


The aura of the man is that of an everyday sorcerer. His ornate robes hang about his form, curling around him like an embrace of silks and embroidered runic patterns. His fingers bear several rings, all adorned with various runic and sigilic markings.

At his side is a hide-bound tome, seemingly attached to his belt by a sturdy chain. The tome itself is also bound shut with what appears to be a slightly ethereal chain, glowling faintly with a violet hue.

At his other side is a scabbard housing an ornate blade, the smithwork on the pommel denoting his station as a Commander in the Alliance Military.

His long, well trimmed black beard accentuates a chiseled jaw and sharp cheeks. Cold, grey-blue eyes threaten to freeze your very soul as they peer searchingly, curiously, almost like a cat seeking prey.


Solomon typically wears lightly armoured robes, runes etched into the fabrics. The robes attach to a long, deep blue cloak; high collared and clasped by leather pauldron pieces. His hood is typically down unless traveling.

The armor pieces also are etched with very faintly glowing sigils, presumably wards and other such magical effects.


The blade at his side is ornately formed and a well trained eye could easily discern the craftsmanship as that of the official blacksmiths contracted by the Alliance Military. The blade's pommel denotes a detailed likeness of a lion, and the markings where the pommel meets the blade bears the indication of his rank as a Commander in the Alliance Military.

As is common with battlemages, the blade is also etched in a number of simple runes and sigils designed to aid in the casting of spells, much like a staff.


The Amanemodas family linneage is, surprisingly, not one of nobility. While not a noble family themselves, however, the Amanemodas line was well known within Gilneas for aiding the local noble houses in areas of magic in addition to acting as magical enforcers for said houses. They came to be known as the Hounds of the Nobility; a name spoken in fear and disdain across the lands of Gilneas.

It is into this household that Solomon Amanemodas was born.


Solomon grew up as the youngest of two children. As such, the boy and his elder brother Gehlnarine were raised by various maids and governesses. This all changed, however, around the time that Gehlnarine turned ten and Solomon had turned five.

Davian (their father) began to take a more personal approach in the upbringing of Gehlnarine, preparing to groom him as the future patriarch of the household. This planted a seed of resentment in the young Solomon, who now was forced to see the more sickly, weaker child treated with so much more attention by his father. Whereas the young Solomon was left alone with the maids and governesses, only seeing the imposing figure of his father from a distance and during specific moments of judging the young boy's progression half-heartedly and during special occasions.

As Gehlnarine grew, Davian became increasingly suspicious that Gehlnarine shared characteristics with his mother and none with him; also sharing some characteristics with the former retainer of the House. It was shortly after the death of Giradella in a riding accident that a rival party had uncovered letters passed between the late matriarch of the house and the former retainer and the truth came out: that Gehlnarine was, in fact, an illegitimate child; injuring the pride of the sorcerer beyond repair, even despite his swift action in silencing the threatening rival with blackmail funds.

Fearing for his own life, Gehlnarine fled Gilneas, never to return.

It was not long after Solomon's elder half-brother's exile that Davian fell ill and the viewpoint that young Solomon had of his once imposing father vanished, replaced with the image of an ailing and sickly man. It was a long illness, lasting a number of years before the patriarch was irrevocably bed-ridden. Upon the man's deathbed, Solomon sat at his side, gazing into his father's eyes. But, in the moments before the elder sorcerer passed away, his son's eyes shifted from respect to cold satisfaction. The boy, now nearly thirteen, leaned forward to kiss his father's cheek and whispered in his ear. "In the end...we are strong...or we are fuel..."

It was claimed by household servants that Davian's final moments were filled with naught but the delusional screams of a senile and dying man, though they did not see with their own eyes the image of Davian's soul being forcibly ripped from his body and entombed in a now glowing purple shard, held in the hands of the new head of the household.


After the death of Davian Amanemodas in 10 L.C., very little changed for the household in general for many years. The young magus continued the family work of enforcing the will of the nobility and investigating magical disturbances of any kind within the confines of the relatively new Greymane Wall, under the care and wisdom of a number of advisors from within the house's mages.

However, things began to change years later, when the undead scourge besieged the Wall. Under the command of King Greymane, Archmage Arugal summoned beasts known as the Worgen, throwing them at the undead. Solomon and his mages aided the kingdom in repelling the attack by the scourge, successfully defending the kingdom.

Not long after, the Northgate Rebellion began, seeing the Amanemodas mages standing against their fellow Gilneans. As a loyalist household, Solomon led his household into battle against the rebels, aiding in the defeat and capturing of the dissidents.

Just as Solomon felt able to relax, the worgen invasion began. Despite the efforts of the people, the worgen ran rampant throughout the nation. Countless citizens were turned into slavering beasts, including a great many of Solomon's own house mages. While the Amanemodas household gave all they could to the defense of the people, eventually, the events took place that led to Forsaken forces marching into the now broken Greymane Wall.

Upon the re-joining of Gilneas with the Alliance, Solomon saw opportunity. With his household all but wiped out, he offered his services to the kingdom of Stormwind. He was enlisted as a battlemage within the Alliance military.

Military Service Edit

In the years to come, Solomon worked his way tirelessly up the ranks within the military; proving time and again his worth and prowess in affairs both magical and mundane when regarding combat and tactics. As the years passed, he began to notice the increasing use of various darker forms of magic by the enemies of the Alliance and by rogue elements within that were tenuously tolerated. A spark of passion was ignited within the sorcerer and he began petitioning Alliance High Command for the creation of a Battalion specialized in the use and protection of magic within a military and combat based setting. This Battalion would be closely monitored and regulated to ensure that no lines were crossed while being given an opportunity to prove the value of such knowledge to the Alliance when used responsibly.

For years, Solomon was ignored, denied, swore at, and even threatened by various ranking members within the Alliance military. During those years, Solomon could do little but continue petitioning and following orders as a battlemage lieutenant in the Alliance military. He fought among a great many during the invasion of the Burning Legion, aiding in the war and eventually seeing a hopeful end to the threat.

The Fourth War was greatly attended by the now middle aged Solomon; his spells and prowess used to aid in winning no small number of conflicts between the Alliance and Horde forces. Eventually, upon the ending of the War and the fight and subsequent defeat of the Old Gods, his petition was finally granted and he was given his Battalion along with a promotion to Mage-Commander to accompany it.

And thus begins the next chapter of the Military Service of Solomon Amanemodas and the Battalion named to reflect the poor outlook many of the Alliance High Command hold towards even the sanctioned use of dark magic: The Blackguard Battalion.

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