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Sonceri Vousineau



Year of Birth


Place of Birth



General of Mechanized Forces


Horde Centurion
MagiTech Arcanist
Exterminator (Formerly)
Duskguard (Formerly)


The Blackhand Battalion
Waning Crescent, Suramar
Ashes of Al'ar
Argent Advance




Mailden (Father) protected
Ahlan (Mother) deceased


Neutral Good



Sonceri Vousineau has had many names over the ages, typically due to boredom or the company she kept in Suramar. Once leaving the grand dome of a magical fishbowl, she has stayed with this one without much frustration.

She remembers little of her earliest years, burned by withering, imbued fixes, and time. For true friends weaseling for details, she may hint at memories before the dome came. So far, those friends are long dead.

Most folk know she has a snarky tongue, keen wit, an arsenal of weapons, and a depth of engineering knowledge in magitech and weapons.

So what could you know of this crass Nightborne? Let's take a walk...


  • Height: Tall for a Shal'dorei, touch over 7'
  • Weight: "heavy"
  • Hair Color: Cropped lanky mess of bad hair
  • Eye Color: Lavender hued glowing eyes
  • Build: Strong, broad, pure muscle
  • Distinguishing Features: Lingering marks from near withering, the lines and wrinkles deepen from stress, addictions, and exhaustion. Her hands and forearms have old scars of cuts and burns from working with arcane materials and tech systems.

She has a dark, violet skin color, easily lost in the deep night. Crappy greying hair leaning on the dark side of mushy charcoal.

Marks of near withering still cut into her skin, about eyes and mouth making her look every bit of those long millennia. The healing fruit did work wonders, but addictions are far more difficult to kick. Her tattoos are vibrant when on the juice, and dim when running low.

She might have been pretty a few millennia back, but she is definitely nothing to write home about. Sonceri smokes, drinks magically imbued liquor, and does not care what you think. When relaxing, she enjoys worn old silken pjs and stolen clothing with a few large brimmed hats.

She burns arcane hard and fast. As a magitech engineer, Sonceri handles essences, dusts, motes, and shards within wiring, engines, cores, and the like. Licking, snorting, and rolling around in this stuff does not always give Shal'dorei the boost you need, but she has tried.


Her armor has evolved with her skills, layers of leystone alloyed with azure ore for nigh indestructable light plating. Inlaid into curling designs is arcanowire drawn from empyrium infused with leylight shards. The armor has numerous connections for adding crystals and materials to boost its capabilities, from aiding breathing in deadly gases to injecting health elixirs through an injector.

Her left arm has a heavy bracer with numerous dials to sync sensors for farsight, setting off detonations, and syncing her goggles to weapons for enhanced line of sight. Over the many centuries, she has crafted and refined various sets of goggles, each with specialized uses from differing types of vision, piercing lifeforms and auras in dark or enchanted places, following enchantments on buildings, and keeping her head clear when hung over.

Sometimes she has additional options added to her boots, backpack, and belt to kick off rockets, extended gliders, and inject potions.

She keeps an arsenal of junk at all times in her packs. Flip out bots and portable message drones keep life circling an ever filled storage unit. She bought an old Jeeves and has taken to equipping him with bombs to keep looters out of the unit.



Her favored forms of battle tend to guns with various kinds of ammunition, bombs to throw or set, missiles strapped to mechanized vehicles, and so on. She has worked on a few bows for a more silent approach. She keeps a hunting blade in a boot.

Beyond the personal weapons, Sonceri enters the field with magitech trike and leads deployments from ship and tank.


Beast Companions

Tyden - Ghost Fox (spirit beast pet) - She came across this fox from a litter being sold. They wandered together until old age took him. His heart gave out during a fight, and when ended, she used arcano-jumpers on him. He did not resuscitate, but he did...come back as a ghost!


Some pasts are interesting, some sketchy, this is a bit of both.

Birth and Beginnings

She was born in the back of a Suramar caravan wagon. Suramar on a cliff overlooking the land, held up by a priestess while they sang something that was a story at some Highmountain Tauren storytelling. She was not born, but was built from spare parts. She is a clone, totally, a titan clone, who has an aversion to socks. Lethal. In truth, she had a simple birth to common folk.


Her father Mailden once was a spellbow and member of the guard, working in the country-side then the city in stints. He lived for the wilds, seeking and aiding beasts, keeping a form of balance between overgrowth and beast populations. He met Ahlan in taverns, enjoying her company at times, nothing serious between the two. When the guard busted a few of the gambling dens, he fell for her wiles and saved her from charges. Her mother Ahlan was a kind woman, until someone did not pay up their gambling debts. She worked her way up from a pretty face to running a gambling den for a noble owned syndicate. Sonceri was their love child, bouncing between them both. They never married.

Living In Suramar

With the risen dome, live abroad with her father in the countryside ended. She tended to live far more with her mother, then set out on her own. Those years were spent working within the same syndicate until she finally walked away.

Skilled in tracking from her father and sly deals from her mother, Sonceri moved from one profession to the next, always a dirty job few wanted including the following:

  • Exterminator Unit - Hunting and disposing of vermin (beasts and aberrations)
  • Magi-Tech Arcanist, 3 Star - Repairing and installing magical tech, illusions, lighting, and leyline conduits
  • Bounty Hunter, Duskwatch - Finding and dragging in wanted criminals on the lamb
  • Bouncer - Speakeasy in Crescent district


When the rebellion formed, it moved quietly through the Crescent district. She helped get arcwine to the withering, helped hide people from the Duskwatch, and began feeding information. Working for the city, she could enter houses and overhear conversations, a few details important and helpful in the movement. As Horde and Alliance arrived, she gave a couple of them a place to hide as they worked, overwhelmed with the news of what laid outside of the dome and in Azeroth! She rebelled against the magistrates and Queen Elisande far more to escape!

Joining the Horde

She followed the rebellion, which meant joining the Horde. Her father had more connections among the ancient Kal'dorei than her mother. Sonceri wants to see those far lands, but with the recent warfare of the Horde, that's no longer possible.

The lands and people of the Horde were new, different, and completely alien to her. And finding a place within the people's and cities proved frustrating.

The Blackhand Battalion

She may have come across the Battalion after a bender or time off from one job to the next. Knowing she needed some coin, a place to keep herself, being aimless was fun but not a legit way of life yet. She sought meaningful, real work. The Battalion sought to aid and protect the Horde. The very thing that broke through the politics holding her and the Shal'dorei back, regardless of a dome being pierced, was warfare. Her folk had been in a jail of their own making, still hiding, still sitting. The Battalion gave her freedom, choice, and opportunity. She fought in their ranks, amazed at the levity and capability Orgaz could proclaim sentiments that would have earned exile or reeducation. She continued in those ranks, rising to Centurion and battling against all manner of Alliance...until a tragic twist.


Old habits die hard, and she found herself quietly supporting a rebellion from within. Sonceri played a careful game of chicken, aiding in extreme warfare with the Battalion while providing information and support to those no longer loyal to the Warchief. For every attack, she smuggled people and information. For every scouting mission, she left updates and gathered requests. No one was the wiser. Her reasons remain behind tight lips, never spoken of or traded.

The War Ends

As the loyalists were chained, she took oath as the Battalion stood forth, pretending still to be a loyalist but in truth not one of them. Still it remained painfully secret, the way she needed it. She joined the Coalition, pushing forward with her engineering skills and capabilities to deal with rising threats. For many of the Alliance, she is still a terror that aided the Battalion in war and destruction of the innocent. Regardless, she supported efforts fighting N'Zoth and much smaller problems for coin or something else.


Sonceri has joined the Coalition of Alliance, Horde, and Neutral forces to protect Azeroth. She tends to lead Horde ground forces in stealth warfare missions, claiming battlefronts, holding the line, and extreme ammunition. She has a mech, bombs, and a number of small to military grade artillery. In the past, she has captained a ship and pursued experimental tank engineering. This affiliation is Warcraft Conquest and Coalition of the Horde.


Despite an aversion to rules and rebellious nature, she knows when to shut her trap and accept how things are. But, she will act. She always acts.

Her humor can be snarky and a bit dark at times, not welcomed at finer tables and peoples. She enjoys storytelling, sharing ideas, and seriously enjoying downtime. Being off the clock means indulging in imbued magical liquors, good books, gambling, and friends. Maybe she gets that from her mother. Secretly, she hates it.

She has no issue doing the dirty work of a people, a commoner far more than a grand warrior or magister. Nobility annoys her, few if any proving they were of worth. Her experiences with the ruling elite tended to frivolous torture. With the sudden emancipation and leveling act of the Horde, she garners more respect in these trying days. It's refreshing and sobering.

Most folk that spend time around her may think she's a flippant revolutionary speaking for the sake of shock value, in truth she cares far too much. She knows the dangers of complacency age brings, of corruption within a system, and the hell ravaged on those considered lower in caste or mongrel. The Shal'dorei refuses to let those evils claim more lives and hearts.

At first she dove into the warfare of Alliance and Horde. Now? She weaves the battlefields in a far different method, perhaps more neutral or mercenary, or just well-intended.


Sonceri herself and people. She does not have a devotion to higher powers, Elune didn't help their plight and the Grand Magistrix was insane with powermongering. The light, arcane magics, dragons...they are all nice. But at the end of the day or night, people make the difference. A grand holy power did not come down and stop someone bleeding out or save a group of refugees...people did. They made the decisions, placed their lives on the line, and took initiative to safeguard the world. She does not need holy windchimes or galactic demons to feel self-assured in her capabilities to kick ass.


She tends to enjoy magically imbued liquor in flask. Her knowledge of history after leaving Suramar tends to be from cheap books and paperwork she finds, more the remains of old tax law and old journals for sale in Gadgetzen by questionable purveyors.


She has thoughts and feelings about MANY she has met over the years after leaving Suramar. This is just a few.

Maxen - She smashed him with fencing. He whacked her over the head with a 2x4. Despite being enemies once, she's come to like the man. They've been on the battle field against each other and together against overwhelming forces. By now, they have found a better understanding and footing between them.

Mirchea and the Argent Advance - When it seemed she just might lose herself to a battle she didn't want to fight, she met Mirchea and his crew. He showed her another path, something in between the warring for the sake of land or grudges, but to protect the people. It's made quite the impression, sending her down a far more open-mind when considering a battle.

Tyrinade - She has a love hate consideration for the Blood Princess. Part of Sonceri is disgusted by the blood and battle hungers in the San'layn, only because she fears seeing an echo of what she could become in herself...old ghosts. In battle and the Coalition, she has come to respect her path and authority.

Algrubel - She rarely spent time with the Tauren. Al is an interesting lady, fierce in battle yet calming after. She learned of her past in Pandaria, which left her thinking about her own. Now she consider Al a good friend and ally.

Orgaz - The Warlord...his brisk, overwrought approach gives her hope the world has not folded in on itself. The heat of his expectations and opinions of others is refreshing, if it costs a ton of money in guard bribes. But she also sees him as a blunt weapon, a tool, not truly a force of change and leadership. He's more a pawn of another hand...

Torzax - She has an interest in his engineering and analytical mind. But it has ended right there. She sees him as the hand directing Orgaz, at least as best he can.

Gooldaro - She has a deep respect for the monk, and finds his conversations humorous...especially when he suddenly blushes and stammers. He's down to earth and a good guy. At one time, she felt the flutters of romance, but relationships are hard.


OOC - Sonceri the player creates numerous resources for roleplayers available at Some of these she RPs the crafting and selling of at faires like TOA and World's Faire. You can find wax seals, event cards, guides for planning and running many kinds of campaigns and events, and Warcraft Conquest information.