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Sons of Lothar
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Main Leader

Force Commander Danath Trollbane
High General Turalyon (formerly)

Secondary Leaders

Ranger-Captain Alleria Windrunner (formerly)
Thane Kurdran Wildhammer
Archmage Khadgar

Base of operations

Honor Hold

Theater of operations



Alliance of Lordaeron (formerly)
Grand Alliance



"In remembrance of the Supreme Allied Commander, Anduin Lothar: A man who would sacrifice everything in the defense of his king, his people, his home...
Let our enemies know our names. Let our allies honor our passing. We are the Sons of Lothar."

–High General Turalyon

The Sons of Lothar, also known as the Alliance Expedition and the Alliance Expeditionary Force, are the surviving members of the Alliance Expedition that ventured to Draenor during the Invasion of Draenor after the Second War. They named themselves Sons of Lothar in honor of Anduin Lothar, who was considered to be the bravest and most selfless human warrior they ever knew. Following his example, they stayed in Draenor, or Outland as it is now called, to safeguard Azeroth from demonic threats, making the ultimate sacrifice and destroying the Draenor Dark Portal and leaving them stranded on the doomed world as it was about to end. However, they survived the destruction of the land - though Turalyon and Alleria were nowhere to be found. Holding on to their outposts of Honor Hold, Allerian Stronghold, Wildhammer Stronghold and Kirin'Var, they made their best efforts to survive the wastelands of Outland.

After the Dark Portal went dormant, statues of the heroes of the expedition were built in their honor following the reconstruction of Stormwind City, creating what is now known as the Valley of Heroes.

When the Dark Portal was reopened by Lord Kazzak, the Sons of Lothar were reunited with the Grand Alliance formed from the ashes of the Alliance of Lordaeron they left. Now joined with the forces of Stormwind and Ironforge, the experienced veterans led the Alliance's crusade against the Burning Legion, fel orcs, and Illidan's forces.

During the war in Ourland, three of the expedition's heroes - Archmage Khadgar of the Kirin Tor, Force Commander Danath Trollbane of Stromgarde and Thane Kurdran Wildhammer of the Wildhammer Clan - were discovered to be alive. High General Turalyon and Ranger-Captain Alleria Windrunner remained missing for many years, resurfacing only during the Legion's third invasion of Azeroth as the leaders of the Grand Army of the Light, waging war upon the demons in the nether and beyond.

Honor Hold Tabard