The Sons of Strom

Coat of Arms:

A white banner bearing the fist of Stromgarde, tabards are that of Trollbane.

Organizational Type:

Paramilitary; Political

Current Head:

Marshal Heinran Chapman


Marshal of the Sons of Strom

Secondary Leaders:

Daniel Geritain


Arath'al, Arathi Highlands


Germain the Deft Handed




To reclaim and rebuild the Kingdom of Stromgarde while also maintaining a presence in Alliance affairs.

The Sons of Strom are a re-establishment order based out of Arath'al, a large fort town in north western Arathi, whose goals are to keep the ideals and culture of Stromgarde alive during the trying times of their Kingdom. With their mountain fortress having fought off several Horde invasions, Arath'al stands as one of the few bastions of Stromgarde that has not seen war soil its holdings.

The Sons of Strom are led by Marshal Heinran Chapman, a veteran of the First, Second and Third War and the lord of Arath'al. Vastly decorated in his time of service, Chapman was able to hold Arath'al during the fall of Stromgarde to the Syndicate and has been known to be a major benefactor to the League of Arathor. Having formed the Sons of Strom as a more personally managed group, Chapman has assigned his son in law, Daniel Geritain, as his successor and second in command. The Sons of Strom themselves take from a knightly order of legend, having been formed by one of Ignaeus Trollbane's commanders following the Troll Wars as a border patrol legion, and was known to have lived in and constructed Arath'al. It is from that bloodline that Chapman is stated to have come from.

Geritain himself is a veteran of the Third War and aided with the breach into Outland and Northrend. Having returned home to his wife, Heinran's daughter, he quickly joined his father-in-law's cause and put his years of experience to use.

Currently, the Sons remain based within Arath'al, having led several failed attempts to cleanse the lands of Arathi of the Horde and other threats within and have remained a shield for the beleaguered people of Strom. They support the claim of Danath Trollbane as the King of Stromgarde, with Galen's death, and have remained otherwise divorced from other parties aside from the League of Arathor; seeing autonomy in their mission as an easier to manage ideal. Following the end of the Legion invasion, they played an instrumental part in the reclamation and restoration of Stromgarde. Danath Trollbane has seen it fit to reward them, and the group now actively leaves Arathi to bring Stromic vengeance against their enemies; rather than have them remain trapped at home as they have been for years. Danath has renewed the ties of Stromgarde firmly with the Alliance, and now the Sons of Strom honor that promise at home and abroad to battle the Horde and free the North. In addition to their base of Arath'al in the Northfold Mountains, they now have the war galleon Blackstone's Fury at their disposal.

Aside from the Marshal and the Commander, there is also a smaller council of advisors that helps lead the Sons, primarily one of which being Tyria Chapman, Heinran's daughter, who acts as the high priestess of the order.

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