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Alliance 32.png Sophia Lightstrider
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Sophia Lightstrider


Lady of House Lightstrider

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Holy Light


Alliance Horde


Human-crest.png Alliance of Lordaeron


IconSmall Human Female.gif Stromic Human


Velenara Dawnsinger (Grand Daughter)
Vera Dawnsinger (Grand Daughter)
Arla Dawnsinger (Daughter In Law)
Berwyn Lightstrider (Son)
Dalren Lightstrider (Son)
James Lightstrider (Son)
Amelina Lightstrider (Daughter)
Dorian Hath (Former Lover)
Harvey Garrett (Former Lover)
Edward Pavos (Former Lover)

Nobody has broken my heart more than her.

–-The Three Lightstrider Brothers

Sophia Lightstrider was a Stormic noblewoman and the mother of three accomplished sons. She is mostly forgotten in history, but her three sons remember the effect she had on their lives. Berwyn and Dalren mostly remember how much she hurt them. James remembers what it felt like to lose her even after being a cultist.

"You were my mother, all I had was you"

To Berwyn, Sophia was a cruel and neglectful mother. She constantly put him down every time he was 'unworthy'. Each time Berwyn attempted to be kind to those less fortunate, Sophia snuffed it out and eventually forced him into learning the art of war. Despite Sophia's greatest efforts, Berwyn never stopped caring for others. But he also grew aggressive, over defensive and self-loathing thanks to her influence.

While Sophia thought she made him stronger, Berwyn always said that all she did was make him resent every part of her being.

"And worst of all... deep down you thought your actions were in our best interest"

While raising Dalren, Sophia was a somewhat more flexible woman when it came to Dalren's career choice. However, just like Berwyn she criticized and bullied him ceaselessly whenever he stepped outside of her iron will. But unlike Berwyn, Dalren had someone rooting for him during his childhood. Often Berwyn interjected himself between Dalren and Sophia's arguments to defend his younger brother. Despite Berwyn's jealousy of Dalren, he loved his brother no matter what. During their childhood the two were the closest friends, and their brotherly bond lasted for eternity. Dalren does not resent Sophia as much as Berwyn, but she wishes she learned when raising him.

"Mother, why did you have to leave me so soon?"

To James, Sophia was everything she wasn't to her two earlier sons. She had time to learn how to improve, and although her relationship with Berwyn and Dalren was damaged beyond repair she didn't think it was too late for her and James. She was kind, understanding and flexible. Although her death led James down a dark path to bring her back, and sealed his fate as a cultist of the damned.