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Southshore prior to its destruction.



Last Known Population



Magistrate Henry Maleb (Formerly)
Serge Hinott




Grand Alliance (Formerly)



Southshore was an Alliance coastal port town located in the region of Hillsbrad Foothills that was destroyed by the Forsaken with the onset of the Cataclysm.


The Second War

Southshore used to be part of the Kingdom of Lordaeron as a small fishing village. The survivors of Stormwind arrived at Southshore after fleeing the Horde, which had destroyed their kingdom during the First War. Southshore was transformed into a busy seaport during the Second War. It was attacked and burned to the ground by the rampaging Horde, though it was later rebuilt.

During the Second War, Southshore famously operated as a Royal shipyard, constructing a variety of vessels, especially the Darrowmere-class, which was designed by a local lord who worked in the shipyard.

The Third War

Before the onset of the Third War, when rumors were circulating about the nature of the Plague of Undeath, Highlord Alexandros Mograine, Isillien, Fairbanks, Brigitte Abbendis, Arcanist Doan, and Tirion Fordring, met within the tavern of Southshore, it was here that the blade Ashbringer was created. Around the village before the Third War other humans who'd affect history one way or another lived or visited the village at the sametime when the forging of Ashbringer happened. These included, Herod, Sally Whitemane, Renault Mograine, Little Jimmy Vishas, Kel'thuzad, Helcular and more.

Southshore was not yet touched by the Plague of Undeath and survived the Third War and the destruction of Lordaeron by the Scourge. After the war, its main enemies included the Syndicate from Durnholde Keep and the Forsaken which inhabited the former human settlement of Tarren Mill to the northeast.


Southshore remained a part of the Alliance, until it was destroyed by the Forsaken, who used their Forsaken Blight on the town. The town leaders led those who could escape to the town of Hillsbrad Fields, but some other inhabitants weren't so lucky as the residents were no match for the Forsaken's chemical weapons. The sanctuary found in Hillsbrad Fields proved short lived as that town was eventually assaulted by the Forsaken as well, forcing the survivors to flee once again. Southshore was rendered uninhabitable after this, as highly toxic blight remnants were left spread throughout the ruins. It is now known as the Ruins of Southshore, and is partially controlled by the Forsaken, who are attempting to render it habitable for them.

Ruins of Southshore.jpg

The surviving residents of Southshore and Hillsbrad Fields have taken refuge at Fenris Keep.

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