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"Auntie" Bernice Stonefield to Alden's Rise
Aldor to Andrew Hightower
Andrew Krighton to Ashamal
Ashamal Shalah'aman to Barnaby Fizzleflash
Barngrim Brownbeard to Blackwall Renegades
Blackwater Stills to Carissa Calburn
Carissa Talroch to Colonel
Colonization of Kalimdor to Cyber Knight
Cynsinorae to Dark Iron (Language)
Dark Iron Clan to Dominion Dragonhawks
Dominion Enforcer to Ecclesiastical Heraldry
Ecclesiastical province to Eve River'Sky Ariel
Evealin Morgan-Adams Van Dalen to Flushbloom
Flywheel Mahoney to Gold
Gold Bullion to Halford Morgan
Halford Wyrmbane to House Grey
House Hastings to House of Shalah'aman
House of Shar'adore to Isle of Tribulations
Isle of Valor to Kari Jagersson (Business)
Kari Jagersson Business to Kul Tiras Navy
Kul Tiras Offensive to Lights Dawn
Lightslayer to Maiev Shadowsong
Maim Blackhand to Minibird-class
Mining Industry in Zundrbar to Newly changed articles
Newstead to Order of the Golden Hawk: Guild Recruitment
Order of the Golden Rose to Proudmoore Pendant
Providence of Lordamere to Reunification of Stromgarde
Revelations of Saint Edelin to Salisborry
Salley's Teas to Shattered Sword Assembly
Shattered Totem to Speculations Upon the Light
Spell-Weaver-class to Subversion Consortium Affiliates
Succession Controversy to Thalassian Cultural Center
Thalassian Interests Lobby to The Lionborne
The Little Goobers to Thonbridge
Thonbridge Company to Ulaine Dracul
Uldanas to Viscount Sutton of Castle Rock
Viscount of Ashwood to Wizard's Sanctum
WoW Adventure Wikia to Çireila Stark
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