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"Auntie" Bernice Stonefield to Aldaaros
Aldaren Valmoore to Andrew Bredwardine
Andrew Hallister to Asalow
Asarra Starwhisper to Barbarian
Barbecue to Blackguard Battalion
Blackhand to Captain
Captain-Lieutenant to Codex of Flame
Codex of Hours to Culling of Stratholme
Cult of Belore to Daren Sleght
Dareth'el Dawnfire to Division Eighty Four
Division M to East Lowes
East Watch to Esme Sunshard
Esme Tillford to Flame Vigilants
Flamecaller Ro'go to Glimi Sixpence
Glithander Ej'lahona to HMS Stormbreaker
HMS Stormhawk to Horde of Draenor
Hordefall to House of Murphy
House of Nathair to Ironforge Mountaineers
Ironforge Navy (GAN) to Kaitlin de Vere
Kaitlyn Devinstein to Koah Johnson
Kobel Q. Resmoore to Liberation of Alterac
Libertalia to Ma Stonefield
Maalthiel Shadewalker to Mesenda Dawnfury
Meta-Gaming to Nazjatar Empire
Nazmani Tribe to Operation: Return
Operation: Seradane to Power of the Machine: Hologram Viewers.
Power of the Machine: Legion Gateway. to Red Royal Shipyards Receipt RRS170811-001
Red Royal Shipyards Receipt RRS341202-001 to Ryorith Solaras
Ryorith Solarus to Seventh Legion - Gilnean Liberation Front Coalition Forces
Seventh Legion - Gilnean Liberation Front Coalition forces. to Sladdock Normalson
Slade Harlow to Stormwind Militia
Stormwind Ministry of Magic to Telemancy
Telethus Sin'Dal II to The Goldenblades
The Good Book to The Wulfbane Concordant
The Wushu Dojo to Trueshot Lodge
Truesilver to Versaelyia Alpenglow
Verthill to Westridge Ranger Handbook: Animal Companions
Westridge Ranger Handbook: Animal Tracking to Zundrbarian Calendar
Zundrbarian Church of the Pantheon to Çireila Stark
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