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The orcish settlement of Stonard.

Stonard is the lone Horde outpost located in the Swamp of Sorrows. It was originally established by the Horde during the First War, along with a nearby base known as Rockard, as a preliminary base for the invasion of the Kingdom of Azeroth. It was abandoned in the aftermath of the Second War, but has since been re-established as an outpost with the formation of the new Horde and the orcs' renewed interest in the area. Regular patrols are sent out, and a number of small orcish encampments have been established nearby to further strengthen the Horde's control over the region.

This southern town lies just off the swamp's only road. While populated mostly by orc warriors, some orcs do follow their calling as shamans. It is protected by 8-foot walls, and sentries watch every gate. Although there is little traffic through the swamps, the orcs must guard against Alliance attacks. They send caravans to their allies in Stranglethorn Vale to trade for supplies twice a year, though the town does boast several weapon-smiths who create beautiful weapons with the ore they trade for.

Stonard is a center of operations for adventurers who seek to enter the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, and one of the closest Horde outposts to the Dark Portal, which is located in Blasted Lands to the south. Until the retaking of Dreadmaul Hold, it was the only Horde outpost in the nearby regions.

Due to its location near the vulnerable Alliance territories of Redridge Mountains, Elwynn Forest and Duskwood, Stonard has recently become the target of a renewed Alliance war effort. In opposition to Stonard, Marshtide Watch was built on the edge of the Pool of Tears to the northeast. As a result, assaults against Stonard by the Alliance are now a common occurrence, with the main field of battle being the Bloodmire.