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Inv stormswake.png Storm's Wake
Brennadam screenshot.jpg
A monument in Brennadam, the primary location for the Storm's Wake.


Brother Pike


Achievement AlliedRace KulTiranHuman.png Human

Seat of Operations

Brennadam, Stormsong Valley



Proudmoore Symbol Icon.jpg Kingdom of Kul Tiras
Inv alliancewareffort.png The Alliance

The Storm's Wake is a Kul Tiran faction based out of Stormsong Valley, specifically in the market town of Brennadam. Formed in the wake of Lord Stormsong's corruption, the organization rose from the chaos that resulted within the Tidesage order and fought against their former lord.

One of the two leading Kul Tiran houses that stepped up to support Jaina Proudmoore's return and rise, the faction stands amongst a unified Kul Tiras and alongside the Alliance.