The Stormpike Clan
Stormpike Battle Standard


General Vanndar Stormpike

Secondary Leaders

Captain Balinda Stonehearth

Base of operations

Dun Baldar, Alterac Valley

Theater of operations

Alterac Mountains

  • Alterac Valley
  • Gavin's Naze
  • The Headland
  • Corrahn's Dagger
  • Sofera's Naze


Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Ironforge



The Stormpike Clan is a clan of mountain Dwarves that reside in the Alterac Mountains. Ever since the Orcish Wars, the clan has been embattled with the Frostwolf Clan of orcs who seek to claim their lands in Alterac Valley as their territory.

Stormpike Dwarves are known to be dwarves of very discerning taste, as quite a few of them are accompanied by great riches. The Stormpike clan is best known for their renowned raising and breeding of Rams.

The Stormpike Clan has taken a great interest in the Alterac Mountains, and dwell within the reaches of Alterac Valley. They have sought to defend the valley fiercely from the orcs and trolls of the region, and after taking the heads of some trolls have quickly befriended the Wildhammer Clan.

The efforts of this clan in Alterac Valley have found the support of more than just their fellow dwarven counterparts, as the captain of the Stonehearth Bunker, Balinda Stonehearth holds command over a large human force within the Valley which reinforces the Stormpike Clan.

The Stormpike GuardEdit

The Stormpike Guard is an expeditionary force of the Stormpike Clan that was sent to Alterac Valley who were supposedly native to the "valleys of Alterac". The Stormpike Guard was sent to look for relics within the area, and extract resources from the region.

After running into considerable aggression's from the Frostwolves and Winterax Trolls, the Dwarven King Magni Bronzebeard declared sovereign imperialistic imperative upon the region, stating if the dwarves defend the area against the Orcs and Trolls, they shall have divine right over the region. The Stormpike Guard now exists to fulfill this declaration.

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