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Stormsong Valley
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Major Settlements

Fort Daelin

Minor Settlements

Millstone Hamlet
Port Fogtide
Seabreeze Village






Agricultural, Mineral, Fishing, Timber


Kingdom of Kul Tiras

Faith & Beliefs

Faith of the Tides


Storm's Wake

Known to be the breadbasket region of Kul Tiras, Stormsong Valley is one of the three regions of the kingdom. Situated in the northernmost lands of the isles, the fertile environment is home to a variety of farms and shipyards. The valley is ruled by House Stormsong, and is the primary provider of food for the people of Kul Tiras.

An environment swathed in lush green, the people of the region religiously worship the sea; this devotion is headed by the Tidesages, a religious sect that was led into the valley by an ancestor of House Stormsong.

Not only does the region produce food, but it also produces ships of the utmost quality and largest quantity to Kul Tiras. The Tidesages place an intricate blessing upon each ship, and this process is something revered by all of the region's citizens.

The clocktower of Brennadam in the early morning sun.

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