Stormtalon Confederation
Stormtalon Rank6 Matriarch


Alliance 15 Zaria Blackmoore


Grand Alliance Icon The Grand Alliance


Alterac Guild Banner1 The Citrine Eagle
Stormpike Stormpike Clan
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Stormtalon Confederation · Order of Hath's Stand (Silver Hand, Clerics) · Icewing Brigade · Aerie Association · Snowcaps

Notable Organizations

C.A.W. · Citrine Medical · Specialists · Feathertouch Craftsmen · Howling Commandos

Notable Events

Ousting of Kormed Wolfheart · Tribunal: Kormed Wolfheart · Grand Jury of Alterac · Invasion of Tanaan · Assembly Dissolution · Voodoo Debacle · Knights of Perenolde Conflict · Broken Isles Expedition (Stormheim, Highmountain, Val'sharah) · The Granite Campaign · Battle of Briar Pass


Talongrab (Talongrab City, Talongrab Keep) · Bearlands · Owlhearth · Hath's Stand · Eagle's Perch · Kent

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The Stormtalon Confederation is a military union between the Stormpike Guard and the Citrine Eagle. Born out of necessity of the war with the Horde, the Stormtalon Confederation stands at the defense of members of the Alliance in the Alterac Mountains to further the sovereign imperative of the Stormpike Guard. The Confederation has set a standard for Citrine Eagle rankings that place each of the major paths on an even playing field.

After taking on one of the three paths of the Citrine Eagle, or pursue partisanship, a member will receive a Stormtalon Badge. A Stormtalon Badge is representative of general rank within the Citrine Eagle. These badges coordinate with ranks in the Stormpike Guard, those being the following: Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Commander.

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